Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Ellie's giraffe drawing


He wanted to shave like dad :) 


Ellie and her art

Finished product. It's a tree with branches and flowers

 Selfie with the chameleon at the zoo

Zoo trip! 

We went to the Mayfield dairy because we heard you could tour the ice cream factory. Turns out, they only bottle milk there so we took a tour and watched them bottle milk. Not quite what we were expecting, but the kids still had fun and we did get ice cream at the end :) 

As always, we spent lots of time at Lost Corner. It's amazingly beautiful in the spring

Aiden had a scooter before, but now Ellie has one too. We go over to the high school parking lot next door when it's empty since there's no where to ride at our complex 

This one cracks me up...Dad stole the scooter and Aiden was NOT thrilled.  

Just wanted to take some pictures of them each  playing in their room doing their thing

He's all about bandaids lately. He seriously wants one(or ten) on ALL the time. 

We also finally got around to getting up Aiden's  pallet wall! 4 hours of squatting to stain boards, and let me tell you, my legs were dying! Totally worth it though, it came out great! We used the old hardwoods that we tore out when we moved in. The front was an ugly orange-ish wood, so we turned them around and used the back :) Once they were stained, the putting the wall up part was easy thanks to a tablesaw and nail gun. I'm so glad it's done, it makes his room look so much more complete! 

Well, that's March for ya! 

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