Thursday, April 13, 2017

Charleston Spring Break Day 5

Friday, our last day! We stopped to see the amazing Angel Oak, drove to the beach for one last beach fix before we left, and spent the remainder of the day driving.

All the oak pictures are from Ben's phone because it was just too huge to take any with my narrow lens! There are a lot of pictures for one tree because I really liked the tree :)

This tree was stunning. I kind of have a thing for trees, I love unique trees. Well, this one took the cake, it was a wonder to stand under. It's 400 years old, and covers 17,200 square feet of shade, which is NUTS! It's 28 ft in circumference and it's longest branch is 187 feet long.

I took a panorama to try and show the length of the branches, but it didn't work great.  You can see those two branches on the right though, I didn't even get to the end!

The branch they are standing by here is about twice as long as you can see. It also dips down under the ground a little bit, which I thought was interesting. 

There were a few dead jellies on the beach. Luckily, they were very easy to spot and therefore avoid, and they are also not a real dangerous kind. We were told you can pick them up and it won't bother the thick skin on your hands, but it might bother more sensitive areas of skin a little bit. We didn't test the theory :) 

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