Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Charleston Spring Break Day 2

The second day we went into town. We drove around for quite a while just enjoying the houses/buildings and uniqueness of every single structure. It's such a fun place to drive around! Then we stopped at waterfront park for a bit and played in the pineapple fountain. A quick change of clothes, a stroll through the art museum, walking the city and delicious sandwiches at Brown Dog Deli completed our day :) 

There were leaf blowers all over cleaning the park up and Aiden is rather sensitive to loud noises so he played the entire time covering his ears. Silly man :) 

The details are what I love about Charleston. And Savannah, it was the same when we went there. The details are what make it so unique and charming. The brick. The cute courtyards and gates. The planterboxes under the windows. The gorgeous ironwork everywhere. The foliage creeping over every surface. LOVE it all. 

 Charleston is nicknamed the "Holy City" because of it's concentration of churches. I can't remember the exact number, but there is somewhere in the ballpark of 150 - 180 chapels in the city. Crazy. This one is the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist 
 Inside the cathedral

A very typical house in Charleston. The doors were interesting. That door you see leads to an open front porch and then on the porch is the real front door. So many of the houses had these

  Just walking through the city

So many of the churches had really old grown over cemeteries. It was pretty cool to wander through them and check out some of the headstones.  

Plus, it was so serene and beautiful!  I think the oldest headstone we found was someone who died in 1740! 

The one was getting over grown by a tree

Ellie was so funny, she wanted to keep this leaf she found so she stuck it in the back of her pants for storage and carried it like that all day. 

This building we stumbled across happened to be a library so we went in. It's a private membership library so we couldn't check anything out, but they said we were free to wander around. Gorgeous, gorgeous building. 

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