Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Charleston Spring Break Day 1

We knew we wanted to do something for spring break, but we weren't sure what. We wanted to hit the beach definitely, but there are so many options here and they're all about the same distance (5-6 hours). We considered going back to Savannah, going down to the panhandle of Florida to Destin (or there are several other options near there!) , Hilton head, or Charleston. We decided to go for Charleston. We wanted to get an Airbnb (where you rent someone's house) rather than a hotel, but we discovered the occupancy taxes were crazy in the city of Charlotte(you'd pay half again the price of the rental in taxes per night) so we ended up getting one just outside of the city. It was SO nice to have separate rooms for the kids to sleep in, a kitchen to prepare food and a normal sized fridge! Here's what our vacay looked like!     (I'm splitting the posts up into days because I have so many pictures!)

Day 1- Drive!!!!! Beach. 

The beach was an extra 35 minutes from where we were staying and although we didn't want to drive anymore, we decided it was worth it to hang at the beach after a long day in the car. We went to Sullivan's Island, and just as we parked at the beach it started raining! We sat it out for a few minutes in the car and after about ten minutes, it turned to a sprinkle so we went for it! Aiden did NOT like it, it was super windy and he HATES the wind. Once we got him playing though, he started having fun and was fine with the wind. It was a beautiful place and the sand was SO ridiculously soft! If felt so good to just run around with our hair blowing in the wind being silly and play after all that car time. 

Oh that lip! 

His "I'm happy, I think" after being sad about the wind face. Hesitant happy. 

Such a fantastic portrait of Aiden at this age. Always jumping, and always has such dainty hands

She dove right in and just sat there staring at the ocean for sooooo long

Again with the hands! Always the hands. 

All the rest of these photos I took with Ben's phone. It takes surprisingly fantastic pictures! 

We stayed there for a while, and then headed to our place for baths, dinner and bed. Ben and I ordered burgers from this place called Charleston Burger and man was it good!! Best burger I've ever had.  These are what we got and YUMMMMMM. 
THE KITCHEN SINK lettuce, tomato, pickle, sauteed onions and mushrooms, fried egg, griddled ham and applewood smoked bacon smothered in American, provolone and cheddar cheeses
THE KILLER BEEHIVE lettuce, tomato, pickle, applewood smoked bacon, American cheese and a tower of our double-battered onion rings drizzled with honey BBQ sauce

Ben took a few of his onion rings off so he could actually eat it and put the sauce on the side so it wasn't a total disaster :) 

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