Thursday, April 13, 2017

Charleston Spring Break Day 5

Friday, our last day! We stopped to see the amazing Angel Oak, drove to the beach for one last beach fix before we left, and spent the remainder of the day driving.

All the oak pictures are from Ben's phone because it was just too huge to take any with my narrow lens! There are a lot of pictures for one tree because I really liked the tree :)

This tree was stunning. I kind of have a thing for trees, I love unique trees. Well, this one took the cake, it was a wonder to stand under. It's 400 years old, and covers 17,200 square feet of shade, which is NUTS! It's 28 ft in circumference and it's longest branch is 187 feet long.

I took a panorama to try and show the length of the branches, but it didn't work great.  You can see those two branches on the right though, I didn't even get to the end!

The branch they are standing by here is about twice as long as you can see. It also dips down under the ground a little bit, which I thought was interesting. 

There were a few dead jellies on the beach. Luckily, they were very easy to spot and therefore avoid, and they are also not a real dangerous kind. We were told you can pick them up and it won't bother the thick skin on your hands, but it might bother more sensitive areas of skin a little bit. We didn't test the theory :) 

Charleston Spring Break Day 4

Day 4- The day of tours. We started out heading to Fort Sumter. Ben loves going to forts and checking them out. While walking around the historic area taking pictures is my thing, forts are his. The only way to get out to the fort is by boat, so we bought some tickets and took a boat tour out to the fort. We were a bit worried about Aiden on the boat just because it was a CRAZY windy day and we knew it would be so much worse on the boat but we decided to go for it anyway. Luckily, the boat was actually quite large, and there was an inside portion. Yay! Ironically though, Aiden really liked going back and forth out to the deck(and into the wind) to watch off the back of the boat.  It was pretty cool to see the fort and learn some of the lesser-known history that goes with it. Ellie really just liked seeing the cannons. 

When we returned, we went to this, place for lunch. Persimmon Cafe. It was actually inside of a college laundromat, talk about your hole-in-the-wall! They had really delicious paninis and cookies and creme custard :)  Then it was on to the next tour, the carriage tour! It was an hour long, and the kids had fun at first, but after 40 minutes they got REALLY squirmy and just were done so that last part was tough. It was really great to see some of the historic area we hadn't seen yet, and to also have the history narration along with it! We toured down Bay street to Rainbow Row and then down the Battery, through the south of Broad neighborhood , and up Church street.

A lot of my pictures look like this, with the carriage roof at the top and some lady's profile

So this long thin layout is what they typical Charleston house looks like. They built them that way to keep them cool. Between the directional breeze and the shade they provide each other, the houses were up to 25 degrees cooler than a normal style house.

I've seen these curved railings a lot, but I had no idea why they had the little curve in them. I thought it was just for looks. Turns out, they built them like this so women in hoop skirts could go out on the balconies and watch the gentlemen come in from the port. Who knew?

(this one was just when we were walking to where we met our carriage tour)

Rainbow row. Called that because of the 13 pastel colored houses all in a row. The purple one was my favorite.

Ellie had me take a picture of every single pink house we saw. Just on the tour I took probably 20 pictures of different pink houses! This one was her favorite.

King street. A really cute retail street we drove through on our way home.

Charleston Spring Break Day 3

The third day we went to this breakfast spot we had heard of called Early Bird Diner. Now, ever since I moved to the south I have been wanting to try chicken and waffles. It's been 2 years and I still hadn't had them! None of the breakfast places I've gone have had them! Well, lucky for me, Early Bird Diner is known for their chicken and waffles, so I finally had some. They were definitely worth the wait, yum!! Ben had a MASSIVE stack of Oreo banana pancakes and the kids got french toast :) 
After a lovely breakfast, we headed out to Folly beach. We heard Folly was really good for beachcombing, and that if you went to the ends of the island you could find sand dollars, starfish and shark teeth. Ben has wanted to find a shark tooth on the beach since he was little, it's definitely on his bucket list :)  Well, we found starfish (we even found one that wasn't live that we could take home!) and the same story with sand dollars (we found three whole, dead sand dollars, which is amazing! However, we accidentally broke 2 of them). There was another lady beachcombing with a little girl near us, and we were talking to her. She's a local, and she had a hand full of shark teeth! We asked her where she found them and she told us her tricks to finding them. She had literally found half dozen right as we were there but we looked and looked and looked and never found one! I have no idea how, we looked forever and she was finding them in the same places we were looking. Ben was not surprised at all, he said that always seems to happen when he looks, I guess he has a shark tooth repelling nature about him :)  We also found some beautiful whelk shells. When we were on Tybee Island last October, we found a ton of whelk shells but most of them were inhabited! Here it was the oppisite. We found lots that were empty and only one that was inhabited. Score!  Ellie's favorite part of teh beach was the hermit crabs. She found a bunch and created a little pool for them to collect the ones she found. Aiden mostly liked running through the pools of water and covering up the holes in the sand. 

Itty bitty hermit crab

Ellie's hermit crab pool