Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Photo dump for February

On Valentine's Day, Aiden and I went to a Valentine's party with friends. It was so cute! There was cookie decorating, a coloring station and the kids made valentine wands and exchanged valentines. Of course, Aiden chose to give out Thomas and Friends valentines :)  

 Ben and I went out celebrated Valentine's at Texas Roadhouse and then went and wandered Target for a while. It was a great date :) 

We also got zoo passes this month, so we visited the zoo for the first of MANY times! 

 Aiden LOVES the zoo map. He spent the whole time looking at it and naming all the animals and directing us around. Even after we left, he held onto it all night repeating everything we saw and he even slept with it that night and hung it up on his wall the next day :)

February was basically spring here in Georgia so we spent a lot of time outside, on walks, and admiring flowers :) 

Even the gardens at Lost corner were growing like crazy already!

And here are a bunch of random picture from my phone. 

Ellie made herself wings. I just LOVE that she taped them to her armpits!!! 

Yearly long to short haircut. Cut 12 inches off and now I can curl it in 5 minutes! Goodbye mom bun! 

Building a nest in Grammy's backyard 

Bonfire in Grammy's backyard 

Date night to the international market! We got 8 different peppers we had never had before and made a delicious salsa with all of our mixed peppers :) 

The salsa was pretty hot, but the kids still devoured it. They both loved it. Ellie probably ate more than I did! 

 Ellie's art. The mouse is sharing her carrots with the Lion. 

She dressed up every single one of her animals in pajamas! 

Spring decor :) I should take a new picture because I've changed it since this.  
Haha, we peeked in to check on Ellie one night and found her sleeping like this. I turned on the light to take a picture, and she didn't move even a teeny bit. She was just OUT ! 

These first two pictures are  Aiden's "I'm cool" face. He makes this face every time he looks in the mirror with sunglasses , which is frequently because he likes to steal mine all the time at home and run the bathroom to see them. 

And we've been doing lots of dancing! Lately, Aiden likes to join Ellie by running to her room with her to get a dress on before they dance their hearts out. 

That about covers it for February!


So near the end of February,  Ben and I participated in a 24 hour adventure race. We left the kids with Aunt Nicole for the weekend, and started the race Friday night. The starting point is downtown, and once it begins, you have 24 hours to complete as many challenges as you can. Each challenge has a point value, and the more points you have the higher place you're in. There were over 500 teams participating. We didn't expect much place wise, we just wanted to have fun and see new things, both of which we accomplished. At the end of the first night, we were up in 5th place, which was surprising and awesome! After that though, we decided to sleep and many other teams did not so we went down significantly in ranking :) We ended up completing 183 of the 267 challenges, and we were pretty proud of that. The challenges came in all sorts of categories: Hiking and Travel, Service and Environment, Community and Cultural, Sports and Fitness, Camping/Survival, Food, Quirky and Adventure, and some surprise challenges that popped up along the way. All in all, we ended up in 30th place, which we were pretty happy with!

Some of the highlights/things we did:

Met new people while camping at Stone Mountain. Sang around the campfire and cooked together. Crossed a state line (Alabama), jumped into a waterfall fully clothed (that one was BRRRRR!), following part of the trail of tears, finding and drinking from a natural spring, finding some amazingly cool nooks and crannies in Atlanta, seeing some really cool street art, eating new/scary foods, foot races with strangers in Centennial Olympic park, walking a mile in each other's shoes (literally), arm wrestling strangers at Target, donating time and money to nonprofits, watching the sunrise and sunset, trading shoelaces with a stranger, lots of car karaoke, giving flowers to a stranger, leavning kind notes in random places, playing hard boiled egg roulette( 6 eggs; 5 boiled one raw, slam them on each other's head, you have no idea who will get the raw one. Ben did :) ) bouldering, meeting an olympic athlete/former NBA player/owner of the Atlanta Hawks, performing random acts of kindness, and lots of other stuff.

It was such a fun event :)

Good morning Stone Mountain! Camping was definitely my favorite part. Our tent is mesh on the top so we had a clear view of the stars and it was beautiful.

(I just realized most of these pictures are me. I did a lot of the picture, Ben did a lot of the videos :) )