Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Photo summary of January

we had oone COLD COLD day that it snowed a tiny bit but mostly we had freezing rain. We walked outside in the morning and all the trees were coated in ice and glittering in the sun. Very cool. 

Ellie really wanted to re-create this old picture from her photo album, so we did

Bahaha, Ben pretending to be asleep while taking a selfie cracks me up in this one :)

"dinosaur ballet" has been a popular activity at our house lately, they each grab a dinosaur in each hand and dance around to their hearts content :) 

 Family hike on MLK day

International market with friends :) 
 Piedmont Park--our favorite :) 

 Tree climbing 101 :)

Ellie's people-watching face

Picnic time!

So the weather is AMAZING! Aside from a few random cold days, the whole month has been 65-75degrees, and it's been amaizng! Everything is in bloom! I'm not sure what that means for spring, but I'm enjoying it :) 

We've been out walking a lot. Also, Nicole is living with us now so she goes with us usually :) 

Nicole and I went to see "The Little Mermaid" at the Fox, which was so fun, and SOOOO good! 

Ellie's writing. Her R's are my favorite because she puts smiley faces in them :) 

Aiden's Birthday!

3 years old. Yep. I can hardly believe it myself. 3 whole years have passed with this little fellow in our lives, and how grateful we are! 

At this age, here is what Aiden is like. 

So many of his favorite things haven't changed, but he's just learning so much more about them. His favorite things are still trains, dinosaurs, the alphabet and sea turtles. 

He loves to sing, can carry a tune VERY well, and he learns lyrics quickly. 

At his 3 yr old check up, he came in at 35 lbs (80th percentile) and 40 1/2 inches (95th percentile). He's at least a head taller than everyone else in nursery, and he still has a full year in there! 

He can spell probably 50 words, he can read a little bit because he's really good at sounding out short words. He knows a ridiculous amount of dinosaur names. He sings the dinosaurs A-Z song constantly And why wouldn't he? It combines 4 of his favorite things...trains, dinosaurs, singing and the alphabet!  🎜🎝A- Apatosaurus, B-Brachiosaurus, C Corythosaurs, D-Dienonychus, and on and on! 🎜🎝

He's ridiculously ticklish :) Especially his neck. He also loves to tickle other people and he'll come at you with the cutest wiggling fingers saying "tittle tittle tittle" :) 

He is the world's biggest tease! He teases us constantly and he thinks he's totally hilarious :) 

When he says prayers, he says them in the tiniest, quietest whisper. He also likes to say the prayer for every meal, and so we often have prayer two times, once so Aiden can say it and once so other people get a turn :) 

His favorite books are his alphabet books (surprise!), The Little Engine that Could, his Thomas books, and our Usborne 1001 Things to Spot books. 

His favorite foods are berries, pizza, smoothies, cheese, chocolate, pretzels, snap peas and cereal. 

He's quite the gentleman. Every time we go out, when we come home he runs ahead and opens the door for me, then holds it open and waits. When I come in and say "Thank you Aiden!" he replys with, "No pwobwem (problem) mama!" 
fav shows
favo foods

Some of his most commonly used phrases: "Hey! That's my line!" and "I'm yoouper(super) fast!" 

My favorite moment with him lately was one Sunday after Church. We were walking around the temple grounds and he was just loving the flowers. I said "Aiden, did you know that Heavenly Father created all these flowers?" His response, "Hmmm...I know! Let's say prayer {to} Heavenly Father. Dear Heavenly Father, thank you flowers. They beautiful. Amen."  My heart melted by his sweet example of gratitude. 

He LOVES to roughhouse with dad. And jump. He could jump all day, and the boy has got a pretty decent jump height for a little fellow!

He HATES bedtime. No matter what we do, he still hates going to bed. Every night the last phrase in his prayers is "Don't want to go to bed, amen." Silly man! 

For his birthday, Ben took the morning off so we could all ride the trains together. We took MARTA downtown, and then we took the Atlanta Streetcar in a loopo around the city. We stopped at the park to play, stopped for some yummy lunch, and stopped to see the Martin Luther King sites along the way )just because we hadn't done that yet and wanted to) but mostly we went just to ride the trains. 

Later in the day after Ellie got home, we had cake and opened presents. He got lots of train stuff, dinosaurs and a scooter, so it was a good birthday :)