Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Suprise Trip to Utah

We found tickets for ridiculously cheap, so Ellie and I decided to fly to Utah and surprise Grandma.

and Grandpa!

Ellie was so excited to ride the train!

I've never seen anyone look so comfortable in the airport!

She did amazing on the plane ride, it was so easy traveling with just one child!

Since my parents didn't know we were coming and my siblings were working, my bestie picked me up at the airport :) Thanks Jenelle!

We headed over to meet up with Brooko and went to Jamba and went shopping, and then Jenelle dropped me off at my parents house to surprise my mom when she got home from work. It was fantastic, we got her pretty good!

Then we spend the rest of the time having fun! Picking the garden and watering outside with grandma, collecting fall leaves, eating Cafe Rio, shopping for Christmas presents, etc.

We scheduled the church gym one night so eveyrone could have space to play! Kim and Sully came, Bri and family, Ty and Monica, Nicole, Danny and Emily. We had pizza, played on Kims virtual reality set, played beanboozled, shot each other with blaster guns, and ran around being silly. It was a blast!

We had a lot of fun, I'm so glad we had the chance to go!

I had planned on covering the rest of November in this post, but between my Utah trip, Ben's NY trip, and and going to Charlotte for Thanksgiving, that pretty much covers it! Also, my camera phone broke and so the usual day to day pictures are nada this month.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Ben's Travels

So shortly after we got back from Savannah, Ben left to travel for work. He went to New York for a week! He started traveling for work about 6 months ago, and that has sort of been a big part of our lives lately so I thought I'd blog about it.

He's usually just gone 2 days, so it's not too bad. New York was the first long trip, because he had his usual meetings, but then on top of that a 4 day conference to attend.

Here are the places he's gone so far


(this is the ONLY picture he took in Dallas. It was a taco shop inside a gas station, and he said they had the best tacos he's ever had in his life!)


In Chicago, he spent the one morning jogging in the city along the river and then he also had a good long afternoon/evening free so he was able to do a lot. He saw the bean, went to the park (Millenial/Grant park), Saw a concert in the park, got deep dish pizza and saw fireworks over the lake.

He has no pictures from here

(pictures of inside his hotel, and Fort McHenry, which he had a chance to visit)

New York
New York was a cool trip for him. He was there by invite of Blackstone ( the company of all companies in his world) to go to the conference they were putting on. They payed for him to stay at the Waldorf-Astoria! Mr. Fancy pants! He also had amazing food while he was there. Between business lunches, breakfast at the hotel, and the conference, he only had one meal all week that he had to go get himself. Crazy! One night, he went to a private event at the Natural Museum of History. The whole museum was rented out for the evening, and David Cameron (the just-barely former Prime Minister of the UK)  came to speak. He had a little exploring time, but not a ton. Luckily, he's been there a few times before so he's seen a lot of the sites already :)

He also soon has trips coming in the near future to Hartford, Stamford, Boston and LA.
Whew, there has been a lot of traveling the last few months in this house! SO glad we are not going anywhere between now and January!!!


Well, we sure have a lot to be grateful for.  We are blessed beyond measure. We had a fantastic Thanksgiving this year in Charlotte, NC. Ben's uncle lives up there, and usually we switch off so we only go up there every other year. We went up there last year, so Fred and Toni were going to come down this year, but just the week before we switched plans. Their dog had recently had puppies (6 of them!) so they couldn't come down, and also Fred ended up actually having shoulder surgery on Wednesday so yeah, we went to them :) We were totally fine with that, we had tons of fun last year! We decided to go up a day earlier than we did last year so that we could explore the city also, which was great.

We first started out by going to the discovery nature museum. The kids had a lot of fun there seeing animals and doing interactive learning activities. There was a butterfly pavilion and some great play areas as well.

Hanging out in the butterfly pavillion

Then we went downtown, which in Charlotte is apparently Uptown. So we went Uptown planning to drive around and see the city, and then go to a park. Well, the park we had planned on didn't look very impressive and it was $15 for parking so we decided to skip that part and just drive around :) We also went to lunch at this Peruvian place called Viva Chicken. My favorite part was the sauce!I'm a nerd and I took pictures of the sauce signs so I could remember what they were. One was aji amarillo sauce (made from mild yellow peruvian peppers, the staple of Peruvian cooking) and one was hucatay sauce (black Peruvian mint, fresh cilantro and jalapenos). YUM! 

 I think we hit Charlotte at the peak of fall, the leaves everywhere were gorgeous! 

Ellie had SO much fun playing with Ari! We are so glad she was there this year! She also loved playing with the puppies, especially trying to get them to chase her in the yard :)

I took some pictures of the girls and puppies playing outside, and I feel like the pictures just OOZE childhood! Silly Ellie was running around all over the place and it was hard to get a picture of her.

Seriously, isn't this the ultimate picture of childhood?

The girls helping make the pies for Thanksgiving

Black Friday ad perusing and shopping

We also took a few family pictures while we were there. We just needed one good one for a Christmas card, and then we took a few others too. Not many though, because it was FREEZING outside!

What a great week :)