Monday, October 31, 2016

Tybee Island

On the third day was spent in Savannah/on Tybee island. The first half of the day was pretty rainy, so we worried it would spoil our beach fun! It did cancel our dolphin cruise, but they said the weather would be cleared up by evening so they rescheduled us for a sunset cruise.  On the way out of Savannah, we headed to Wormsloe Historic Site. I've been wanting to see this place and of course, we got there and it was closed (Thanks Hurricane Matthew!) not to reopen for almost a week. Bummer! I did hop out and take a few pictures though, and we saw the groundskeeper who had just come out to get the mail. He did say the trees and the house were spared damage from the storm, so that's good.

After Wormsloe, we stopped at lunch to give the rain a bit more time to finish up. It was supposed to be done about noon, and we were pretty close to that time so we were just hoping to wait it our. We ate at this place called Kayak Kafe, and if you ever go to Savannah, I would highly recommend it. They had about a million things on the menu I REALLY wanted to try, it was so hard choosing! Yum. Turns out the rain did stop, and so we were off to Tybee! We started by heading to the lighthouse and lighthouse museum.

I guess the Tybee lighthouse is the 5th tallest lighthouse in the world, it's 178 stairs. I am proud to say Ellie and Aiden both made it to the top(and back down!), and Ellie did it all by herself! She was rather proud of herself, and rightly so! We couldn't go outside the top of this one, it was too windy so they closed it up right before we got there. Bummer. After we got down, Ellie kept sticking her arms out and shouting, "I did it! All by myself! I did it!" There were lemon trees all over the property and they were dropping lemons like crazy, so we might have picked one up and taken it with us. Later after getting back to the hotel, we used the sugar packets and cups they leave you for coffee, made homemade lemonade in our hotel room :) We also enjoyed seeing the lighthouse keepers house, and several other little historic houses on the property. Across the street, the lighthouse museum was pretty cool too! It actually filled with water during the storm, and the floors of the museum were still puddle-y in some places. We went out on the roof, and it afforded us quite a nice view of the lighthouse, surrounding complex, and the beach of course. Next we headed down to the beach! It was really windy, but not cold at all so we still had a lot of fun :) There was TONS of sea foam on the beach, and the wind would send it blowing and the kids had oodles of fun with that. There were puddles higher up on the beach, Aiden liked to spend his time there. He would just lay in the puddles and bury seashells, then find them, then bury them over and over and over again. He also really liked the little "rivers" flowing down the beach into the ocean. Ellie, Ben and I had a  blast digging our own river bed and then re-routing the existing one to flow through ours. Aiden just jumped around in them the whole time we were doing that.

Jekyll Island

The second day of our vacation we spent on Jekyll Island. What a fun place! And man, the trees here were my FAVORITE. They were gorgeous everywhere, but something about the ones on this island was just so captivating.

First off, we went to the Tidelands 4H center. It's a sea-life education type-place run by the University of GA. It's only a few bucks to get in, and we enjoyed it! They have tons of turtles and alligators to see and learn about, and normally they have touch tanks with fish and crabs and such, but I they didn't have those when we were there. They had to let the stuff in the touch tanks go because of the storm( they said because they didn't have power, but not sure why that would matter?) Anyway, there wasn't anyone else there and they were just about to feed all the animals, so they let us help them. I think feeding the turtles and alligators was one of  Ellie's favorite parts of our entire vacation :)

After the 4-H center, we drove around to the  historic district of Jekyll island. The island has a pretty interesting history, you should google it :) Anyway, it made for a great drive just to mosy (if you can mosy in a car!) around the historic district and soak in the ambiance of those beautiful historic buildings and the fantastic trees :)  After, we went and did a bit of shopping at the couvenir shops and git some delicious BBQ for lunch at a place called Love Shack. YUM. Their pulled pork sandwiches and sweet potato fries were amazing!

Next came the BEACH! Great Dunes Beach is where we went. This beach was great for beach combing and building sand castles :) There were live sand dollars everywhere, which was cool. We also found a huge whelk shell, which is probably the coolest and largest intact shell I've ever found on the beach, so that was neat.

After great dunes, we hit one more beach, driftwood beach. Man, what a cool place! I'll let the pictures tell the story of driftwood beach for me.


Historic District

Jekyll Island Club Hotel

Great Dunes Beach

Ellie picked up a shell and a tiny tiny crab had been hiding under it

Look how teeny it is compared even to Ellie's tiny hand

This beach was also loaded with live sand dollars, which was cool. The beach combing was good, I even found a whelk shell that is probably the largest, coolest intact shell I've ever found

Ellie protecting her sand castle from the big bad waves. She was a pretty valiant protector. 

Driftwood Beach

The kids playing "elephants" on the beach. Silly littles :)

(once again, pictures out of order, but the next few were from right as we were leaving when the gorgeous evening light came out. I wish we could have stayed longer in the yummy light, but the kids were SO done)

There were a TON of cool birds this trip. We saw a bazillion hawks, lots of egrets, blue herons, and roseate spoonbills. Obviously this isn't a great bird picture, but it's a hawk. The trees are the cool part of the picture. 

Aiden was pretty much a puddle-dweller this whole trip. He loved to just find a puddle, plop, and stay there for a while.