Thursday, September 22, 2016

September, September

Well, We've had a great month! We've gotten a TON of our house projects finished (another post on that coming soon) and we've stayed busy with other things. Ellie is still loving school. She has a best friend at school and she's learning all sorts of fun things! We were out driving the other day and she pointed to something out the window and said "Look Mom! It's an ABABABAB pattern!" 

 Ben has a ton of business traveling coming up, so that combined with our own coming vacation, family coming in to town and holidays coming means our busy time starts NOW! I'm excited for it all though :) 

So, here was September
Ben got tickets from work at the very last minute to a Braves game, so impromptu family date night! Since he had 4 tickets, we called his parents and invited them along. 


Mr. I-love-numbers was tickled to find giant numbers to hang out by. He stood there for a while just saying "number one" over and over and over

 And Ellie was tickled to find a 4 since she is 4 years old! "It's the same as me mom!!" 

Ellie loved the "taco" chairs :) 

We spent some time Labor Day weekend doing some exploring downtown, starting out with Centennial Olympic Park and the surrounding streets

Once we were all done walking around the area, we let the kids play at the splash pad. Ellie LOVED it. 

Aiden didn't. He's been really sensitive about noise lately, and he freaked out every time the fountains shot up because they were so loud! He'd cover his ears and run. He much preferred playing in the puddles outside of the fountains

Next stop was one we just happened to spot as we were driving around. It's a place called Woodruff park. We loved the cool fountains and playing on the "ATL" playground.

( I didnt' get a picture of the playground, but here's one I found online, it's a cool playground)

Image result for woodruff park

Aiden was NOT in a picture mood, so these are almost all Ellie pics :) 

He wasn't fond of the sound of the fountains here either


We asked a random person if they could take a picture of us, this is what we got :) 

Bahaha, I have no idea where this face came from, but that lip! Look at that lip!

For lunch we went to Arepa Mia, a place that we've been wanting to go to for a while. They sell Arepas, which are something Ben's mom makes sometimes.  She served a mission in Venezuela, and we love the Arepas she makes, so we were anzious to try this place when we heard of it. It more than lived up to expectations, it was seriously AMAZING. Best food I've had in Atlanta yet by far. And as a bonus, it's located inside of Sweet Auburn Market, which is an indoor farmers-type market I had been wanting to go to. 2 for 1 deal :) 

This was just a fun wall outside of the market  :) 

On Labor day, we spent the day with Grammy, Papa and Nicole at the lake for Grammy's birthday. 

And here are our everyday, around the house, whatever pictures. 

Car races

Family date to IKEA

Decided I'd like to take my good camera out and get some pictures of swimming (rather than just my phone pictures) since that was such a big part of our life this summer.  This first picture is Ellie all ready to do a cannonball into the pool :) 

She loves to do "pool ballet". She'll go over to the bar and use it to hold onto to do stretches and a "warm up" and then she'll burst off into the water and twirl and twirl and twirl. I don't really know what pool ballet judgins criteria is, but I'd say she's pretty dang good at it! Maybe she'll turn it into a sport someday! Or maybe she'll end up being a synchronized swimmer, it's not far off  from what she does :)

Yeah, Aiden definitely snuck up behind Ellie as she was getting ready to jump in and totally pushed her in. It was one of those parenting moments where you're trying REALLY  hard not to laugh because you don't want to encourage it, but it truly was hilarious :)  Ellie did not agree.

SUCH a brother thing to do :)

 Getting ready to dive. Love her little hands in all of these

Dad teaching Ellie to dive

Also this month, we went to this really amazing international market with a friend, and we found some awesome stuff! The place is HUGE, and I was in heaven just exploring the produce section! These are a few of the things we got. Not on here, but we also got a vanilla empanada, some yummy varieties of apples, and my favorite kind of curry! I was thrilled to see that they had Bounty bars. These have been my favorite candy bar ever since going to Austrailia as a teenager but they're REALLY hard to find in the states. I've only had 2 or 3 since finding them in Australia, and I thoroughly enjoyed it :) 

You know the produce section is a fun place to explore when just the banana section looks like this! There were 10 kids of bananas

Aiden likes to give the other floaty animals "rides" on the sea turtle

Every once in a while, we get this view! Maybe only twice a year, but I'll take it! 

Mom+Ellie date to IKEA and the park
She let me take a few pictures of her at the park, yay :) 

Ellie's Train

Before we finished the flooring in the hallway all the way, we signed the floor  and left our mark :)