Friday, August 26, 2016

Second Half of July+August

Well, here's what we've been up to lately

Lots of playdates and pooldates, but somehow this is the only picture I have from one. 

I just loved these pictures of Ellie in her room. This is what it always looks like, it's just something I want to remember :) 

Some outside exploring, as always

Ellie is really good at writing her alphabet

Haircut for this little missy! 

I got a haircut too, and this is our silly "after" picture

This little feller is getting TALL

We went to this fun ice cream place

And it started pouring. Because there's no indoor seating, the parking lot at an ice cream place is pretty empty when it rains. We decided to embrace it and let the kids jump in the huge puddles in the parking lot for a while.  
Then, since we were already soaked, we stopped at the high school parking lot that's next door to us on our way home and played tag in the rain. We had a BLAST! Best game of tag ever! 

Ellie is becoming quite the little yogi. We do lots of yoga around here. This is her saying "namaste"

Cow Appreciation Day!!! A very important day on our calendar, and one of our favorite traditions :) This is our 6th one since we've been a family :) 5th one since Ellie was born. She was born just a few weeks before Cow Appreciation Day, so she's been every year since she was a few weeks old. Aiden's third :) 

We've also been playing outside with water and bubbles on the day it's bearable to be out. 

Did a little blueberry picking. Our Relief Society President has this giant and gorgeous backyard, and SO SO SO many blueberry bushes! She let us come over and pick pick pick. We had a few gallons and we didn't even finish an entire bush! (There were at least 25 of them!) 

Ellie got to go on a daddy daughter date to her favorite buildings, the King and Queen. She LOVES these buildings, and she looks for them every time we go out and about. There are walking trails all around them, so she and Ben went and walked around them for a few hours and stopped in to see the lobby :) She was just tickled :)

On the day of the olympic opening ceremonies, we had a little olympic party. We made a bunch of olympic crafts, we made Brazilian food for dinner (Coxinhas and limonada and sohnos for desert), and we had our own mini-olympic competitions when the ceremonies started. It was a blast! 

(Ellie's note, written from the bottom up,  says: Dear Dad, it's olympic day! It's a special day." I took the picture before it was finished. 

                                                                                                Aiden's olympic rings

Our olympic wall of glory


Ellie on the podium after she won her event (diving) 

A little summer storm

We went to the lake to go paddle boarding a few times.  One time it was just a girls date and Em, Ellie and I went. Another day we all went and enjoyed a relaxing Saturday at the lake. 

Aiden got brave and FINALLY stood up on the paddleboard! 

Just chillin' with Papa

This little missy started preschool this month! Yeeks! She has really loved it so far, but it's a big adjustment for a little body so she's been pretty tired. It's a big adjustment for this mama too! It was hard to send her that first day :( Now I'm getting used to it and I kind of love it! It's great to get more time with Aiden and just to have quiet mornings together. 

(On her way to her first day of preschool!)

She looks so stinking cute in her little uniforms!

One of the days her first week, one of the teachers carried her out of school. I saw her coming and I was worried she was hurt or crying from a bad day or something like that and that's why the teacher was carrying her. Nope! Turns out she had just tied her shoelaces together :) She thought it was pretty stinking funny :)

Some pictures from our mom and Aiden morning time

This picture is a funny story. We were having a terribly hard time getting Aiden to bed one night not too long after we switched him to a big boy bed. We finally got him to stop crying and stay in bed by telling him he could snuggle with his letters. His face lit up, he hugged them tight, and fell asleep. (There's a C under his arm and then the A cut out) 

I actually took my camera to the park! We go to this park all the time, but I never take my camera. I thought it would be fun to for once since it's one of our frequent spots. 
The playground at this park is AWESOME, and then we always wander down to the river to see the ducks/throw rocks in to the water. 

Running up the ramp to go re-fill on rocks

There's also a water spigot at the park, and every once in a while I'll indulge Aiden and let him get as wet as he wants. 

Also, we were playing hide-and-seek and she thought this spot was genius because her dress blended in with the wall so perfectly. Much to her dismay, we found her :) 

Whew! I think that's about covers it! Happy Friday!