Thursday, July 21, 2016

4 Years Old

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who was both sweet and fiery. Who loved with her whole heart. Who was strong and passionate and determined and more stubborn than anyone you've ever met. Someone who experiences feelings deeply, someone who wears her heart on her sleeve. Someone who is silly with a capital S and who has the most joyful smile. Someone who loves to twirl. Someone who loves to create. Someone who loves flowers and gardens. Someone who loves Costco. Someone who would live in an entirely pink world if she could. Someone who LOVES marshmallows and chocolate but hates s'mores. Someone who thinks faster than she talks. Someone who always has something to say. Someone who loves painting and crafting. Someone who hates bedtime because she doesn't want to miss out on a minute of life. Someone who is loved by her friends. Someone who is learning to be brave, to do hard things, and to show kindness to those around her. Someone who is enthusiastic. Someone who sings off-key in the sweetest, softest, squeakiest voice. Someone who gives the best hugs because she squeezes SOOO tight and you can feel her little soul bursting with love for you. Someone who loves her family. Someone who loves church and someone who is learning just how much her Heavenly Father loves her. Someone who is starting preschool in a few weeks!  Someone who came to our family four years ago and forever changed it. Someone who is special beyond description.
Her name is Ellie. 

She is beautiful. 
She is ours. 
And we love her. 

Doctor stats: 3ft 3 1/2 inches, (21st percentile)
29 lbs (5th percentile) 

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Happy Birthday Ellie/Happy 4th of July!

A 4 year old post about Ellie will be coming as soon as I get out and get some pictures taken of her. This post is all about her actual birthday.

So in the morning Ben, Emily, Grammy and Papa ran the Peachtree 10K so they were gone most of the morning. Ellie, Aiden and I played like usual, but she requested that we go to Chick-Fil-A and get a milkshake so off we went to get the birthday girl a milkshake! By the time we got back, the rest of the crew was back and the party started. We snacked, went swimming, opened presents  and then had dinner together, then cake. 

She wanted her hair curled for her birthday, so we put in some curlers in the morning. It didn't last long, her hair is just like doesn't hold curls for very long plus then we went swimming. 

Ellie wanted a mermaid cake, and she picked one that looked like this
little mermaid birthday party cake and cupcakes:
(picture from pinterest) 

but as it turns out our frosting was too soft to hold it's shape. You can see we did the rosettes on the top, but they just flattened out with the thin frosting. We also tried putting them on the side, but they just was a mess so we smoothed out the purple and teal rosette attempts and smoothed them together. Then Ellie decided she wanted to put marshmallow "bubbles" all around the outside rim and one in the middle :) So TADA! Here's what her mermaid cake looked like :) 

We weren't planning to go see fireworks that night (because the kids never do well staying up late) but it was 9:00 and they were still up and kicking so we decided to go for it. I'm so glad we did!! 

 We looked up firework shows and found that there was one in Buckhead, at Lennox Mall. Well, that's convenient because Ben's office overlooks Lennox Mall, plus we knew we could park at his building and have no trouble with parking (crowds wise or money wise--other parking lots were $20!) It was a fantastic thing. Because we didn't have to fight the crowds, we left our house pretty late and avoided traffic (seriously, there was NONE because everyone was there already!) Parked in his building lot, took the elevator up to his office, and used a conference room. We had 2 full walls of windows overlooking Buckhead and the fireworks were just across the street.  We also had a quiet place to ourselves which was great since we didn't know how the kids would do. In here, they could curl up on the couch if they were tired, run around if they were hyper, whatever. No worries about noise or crowds! We could also see the downtown fireworks in the distance, along with a whold bunch of others. At one time we counted 13 different groups of fireworks in the sky. When we were done, it was great, we just took the elevator downstairs and drove away beating the leaving traffic. Definitely doing it again this way next year!  It made for a magical way to end a birthday :) 

This is her self-picked "firework outfit", long sleeved, green striped shirt and green shorts. 

Also, on Saturday we had a birthday party, mermaid themed of course! We decorated cupcakes and then the rest was a pool party :) Ellie had lots of fun

I didn't get hardly any pictures of people actually swimming, this is all I got! 

Monday, July 11, 2016


Well, here it is. YOSEMITE! 
What a beautiful place. We had a lot of fun exploring Yosemite, I'm pretty much just going to let the pictures tell the story.