Sunday, May 15, 2016

Strawberry Pickin'

We're definitely making Strawberry picking an annual spring tradition. How can we not? The kids love it and the berries are just SO DELICIOUS! We went to a different place this year than last year, and I think we like it a little bit better. It's a smaller farm, and the experience is just less commercialized because it's not such a huge operation. Plus, the fresh strawberry ice cream at this year's place was WAY better than it was at last year's place. Oh yum.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Lost Corner

Okay, so I may be blogging AGAIN about the same thing I blogged about last time I blogged. BUT, this place is where we've been spending all our time. I found the name of our little exploration haven, and it's called Lost Corner.
We LOVE this place.
We spend several hours a week here. There's just something about it. Aside from the great exploring possibilities, it's just a COOL place! My nature-loving soul is happy every time we're at Lost Corner :) It used to be someone's house and land, and the city bought it and added the trails and community garden. Whoever used to live there was a lucky, lucky person, it would be a fantastic place to spend your life. We're greatful it's so close and we can spend so much time there....until it gets to hot and summery, that is. It kind of is already getting too hot and summery (the past few weeks have been 80-90 and muggy muggy muggy) but it's cooler there than most places because it's so shady.  Anyway, I took my camera along this time again and took a zillion pictures, including one of my favorite pictures I've ever taken. We'll start with that one :)

This sweet, happy girl makes my heart sing :) 

Okay, lots more pictures

It's pretty green here in our neck of the woods. Not sure if I'll ever get over just how green it is. 

 We love to wander the gardens and see how all the veggies are doing each week. Ellie loves learning about them all and watching them grow. 

There are lots of people growing strawberries in their gardens, and there are also wild strawberries all over the property

Aiden's favorite spot of Lost Corner: the greenhouse. 

Lunch on the swing

This is Ellie's favorite bush. The flowers that were on it look kind of like spiders, so she goes over to it every time we go and looks for the spiders.  Sadly, she discovered this time that the blooms are gone. They really were cool flowers. 

They had a nice little chat with the bug on the door. Aiden even offered to share his water with the bug. 

Leaf races in the stream

Okay, maybe I'll blog about something else soon. Our pool is open now, we've been in a few times and I have a feeling we'll be living there this summer so I'm sure I'll have some pictures from that soon. We're going strawberry picking again this year, and strawberry season is here and I have a bunch of random backlogged pictures so as soon as I find a chance, I guess I'll sort through those to blog :) Until then, we'll just keep hanging out at Lost Corner :)