Sunday, March 6, 2016

Ellie Lately.

Just wanted to document this little cutie. I have gotten a lot of pictures of her in the last 2 months that I love, so I'm sharing them all in one place.  We'll just consider this a mini Ellie update.

This girl has the craziest hair! I pin it back and re-do her hair about a million times a day but it always looks like this. It's always falling out. It's just so fine it stays in nothing!
Anyway, she does this graceful swipe it out of her face thing a lot, and it's just so cute. Plus, she's really REALLY into dress up lately, so that aspect of this picture is perfect too. This picture is EXACTLY what Ellie looks like as a three year old :)

Her space. 

Her beautiful smile. 

" Mom, this is not a very pretty color. It doesn't look very nice. " Haha :) 

All week we've been playing "birds". This is a game in which we re-enact Dr. Seuss' "Are you my Mother?" book over and over and over and over. Ellie's version of the book at least :) Ellie will be the baby bird in the nest, and I am the mom who leaves to find food. She "hatches" while I am away and she walks around the house asking things "Are you my Mother?" Then, suddenly she spots me and runs towards me saying "Mother, Mother, Mother! Can you teach me how to fly?" Also, in her world, baby birds LOVE giraffes and so she has all her giraffes in her nest with her . I love watching her little imagination develop :) 

Here she is in her "eggshell" waiting to hatch

Another thing she LOVES (still) is cooking! Most of the time I am in the kitchen cooking, so is she. Last Saturday morning she wanted to make waffles and I couldn't resist the chance to document my cute Saturday morning bed-headed girl in her element :) By the way, she makes REALLY good waffles :)