Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Boy is TWO!

Sweet, Sweet Boy.
If I could use just one phrase to describe Aiden, that would be it. He is SO sweet. So loving. SOOOO polite. He's just SWEET! Aside from the terrible two's hitting, that is :)

Some things we love that Aiden does at this age:

- Run up to us and say "HI MOM!" or "HI DAD!"  like every five minutes. Every time he sees us, he can't help but say hi enthusiastically
-dragging his blanket around EVERYWHERE
-Says "uh oh" and "oh dear" a lot; also says "uh-oh yeh-yo" which is "uh oh, spaghetti-o!"
-likes to sing
-Can recognize all the letters in the alphabet, and knows about half their sounds
-Can count to ten!
-LOVES slides...the bigger the better :)
-Loves to explore
-Loves rocks and making piles of rocks
-Loves seeing stop signs
-Every time we drive up to our house, he shouts "we're home!"
(I'll have to come back and keep adding as I think of things throughout the week)

Food: pizza, oranges, yogurt
Game: red light, green light
Toy: train table....he can sit and play independently with that thing for an hour at a time. He loves it :)
Song: Old McDonald, I Am a Child of God, several of the jingles from Daniel Tiger, Twinkle Twinke Little Star
Things: bulldozers/construction equipment, trains, dinosaurs, balls, slides, reading,
Animals: zebras and monkeys

(he makes this face a lot ) 
Length: 36 1/2 inches (89th percentile)
Weight: 28 lbs 3 oz (51st percentile)
Head: 49 cm (57th percentile)

( a boy and his rocks) 

For his two year post, I wanted to take some good "2 Year Old" pictures of him. I was really good at doing these regular picture/stat update posts with Ellie but I've been sadly lacking with Aiden, so I figured I at least needed to get a good one in at 2. Well, it took us several weeks to find a time we could take him out and do pictures, but finally we found a day! Yesterday we went on a walk at this trail near our house, and I decided it would be a perfect time to do them. The trail is near the Chattahoochee river, and we found a little side trail that went over towards the river. We took it and found the AWESOME little spot off the river where the kids could play in the sand and water. At first I was trying to keep him clean, then thanks to Ben's reminding realized that a messy boy playing in the water was actually PERFECT for his 2 year old pictures, because that's pretty much who he is right now! He LOVES water. He always has, he just gravitates towards it when we're anywhere out exploring. He got ridiculously dirty, but had loads of fun and then we cut our walk short so we could take the boy home and get him some new clothes :)

Haha, so glad I got this picture. When he's upset about something he usually takes himself to a corner and cries. It's sad and adorable. He also does this little squat/sit and mope sometimes and again , sad but adorable :) In this case, mom wouldn't let him touch the thorny bush, how mean!

He also will hang his head as he walks towards his corner, as demonstrated in this one 

The cool spot we found on the river

Stomping in the puddles

The back middle of his hair grows WAY faster than the rest, so he always has a little tail :) This is even after a pretty recent cut, it just grows so fast!

Another thing he says a lot "Right thew!"

His hands,  they're chubby but oh-so-delicate all the time! 

At first he was sitting on the log next the the water with his feet in, soon he just sat right down in the water

As I took this picture, he was saying "uh oh yeh-yo" 

He says "Red light!" and puts his hand up every time he wants someone to stop something. 

And these last two pictures sum the little man up perfectly. 

He's sweet, sweet, sweet. 

But, he's also two :)  
We see this little grumpy face a lot. 

Love this little man! 

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Birthday Boy!

Alright, catch up time!

Aiden, Aiden, Aiden. I can't believe this little man is two years old! I'll do a "2 year old" post another day, but this one is solely birthday stuff!

I'd say Aiden had a pretty good birthday :) His birthday was on a Sunday, and we sent Ellie to Grammy's for a weekend sleepover on Friday night and the little guy had the whole weekend to himself with mom and dad. He LOVED it :) He hasn't really ever had time without Ellie around like that, and he took full advantage. It was pretty funny. It took a while for him to realize he had us all to himself, but once he did he wouldn't let either of us out of his sight. Everything we did had to be with all three of us. He didn't waste a minute! Saturday was actually a freezing day here in Atlanta (it snowed!) so that cut out our plan to go out exploring but we still went out and about. We took Aiden to the pet store, which he loves. Let me just tell you about this pet store, it's loads of fun. So they have open-topped cages of bunnies, hamsters, parakeets and other birds that you can just reach in and hold the animals. The bunnies are his favorites :) He hasn't braved letting one of the parakeets on his finger yet. The owner also has a giant tortoise that is his personal pet that wanders the store. Aiden loves watching the "nuh-no" (turtle). Also, they have puppies there, at any given time they probably have 25 different ones. They have these little cubicles you can pick a puppy and they'll take it out and let you play with it. We had lots of fun at the pet store! After that, we went for pizza and ice cream for lunch.  On Sunday, his actual birthday, Grammy, Papa and Nicole came over and we had a little woodland-themed birthday party.

Cold, wintery view out Aiden's window on his birthday.

The bunnies were all huddling together to stay warm

The best part about having a woodland party is that the decor is free and EASY! Just walk outside and pick up some stuff off the ground and you're good :)

I was pretty proud of these cookies, they took a long time to make! Moose, fox, bears, squirrels and hedgehogs.  

Opening presents/playing with the goods

Haha, this was the cake. So I made it Saturday afternoon, and Saturday night we walked into the kitchen and it has this HUGE crack down the middle of it and it was totally falling apart!!! Yeeks! I tried to smooth it out, and filled it with toothpicks hoping it would hold together to the next day.  Sunday morning I was kind of expecting to see a pile of much in the cake dome, but luckily it only had one more split than before and had 't completely fallen apart yet. Anyway, it was in pretty sad shape by party time but at least it was still standing! (sort of!) 
This was the good side of the cake. The back was a mess! You can see the huge chunk falling off the side, and the gaping hole/crack in the back half. Whoops! :) 

Aiden REALLY didn't want to blow out his candles, he got mad when we said "Blow them out buddy!" So Ellie did it for him :) 

Enjoying his new pjs and book :)