Monday, August 17, 2015



Well, we should be closing on our house on Wednesday, so WAHOO!!! Now comes the craziness.....before we move in, we're painting the entire house, putting in hardwoods in all the main areas, re-carpeting the master bedroom and knocking out the brick fireplace and replacing it with tile. Should keep us busy, eh? But, when we move into it it will be ours...our style, our space, our home!

Here are our wall colors

I'm really excited to decorate it. Currently, it's painted brown, red and blue. Not my favorite.

Yesterday we went to the park that's closest to us and took a few family pictures, so that was fun. The kids weren't super cooperative (surprise!), and we got cut a little bit short when Ben got stung by something in the grass, but we got some good ones still.

We also have been on a dinosaur kick at our house lately. Ellie and Aiden are both really into them right now. Here's what bath time looked like today.

That's it! Happy Monday!

Butterfly Festival

This last weekend we had the chance to go to a butterfly festival at Dunwoody Nature Center. It's about 5 mintues from where our new house will be, which is awesome, we're going to be spending a lot of time there I'm sure.The festival was lots of fun, they had crafts for the kids, we got a yummy snowcone, played in the river, saw some cool animals,  and we got to spend some time in a butterfly tent. We had a great morning spending time as a family and learning about nature.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Kennesaw Mountain

Yesterday the weather cooled off about 20 degrees, and we took full advantage! We headed over to Kennesaw mountain to go on a nature walk! Kennesaw mountain is a National park/battlefield that's really close to us and the great thing about it is that you can access it from several of the main roads around here, so it's easy to stop by on the way to/from other things.  It's a gorgeous place. We spent a couple of hours just mozying around and exploring, and it was really nice day, especially since we were in shade the whole time.


We spent some time spelling with nature. And by "we" I mean Ellie and I. Aiden played with rocks. We did his name for him. 

Found these hanging about. I'm really excited for fall if the leaves are this color!

She fell and scraped her arm and spent several minutes just sitting here looking at it. 

We found a turtle on the trail. And by found, I really mean I almost stepped on it. 

So glad I have nature-loving kids!

Marietta Square Farmer's Market

So the weekend after Ellie's birthday, we spent a wonderful Saturday at Marietta Square taking pictures of Ellie, wandering around the farmer's market and playing in the fountain. I'm finally getting around to adding these cute pictures to a post!

We had a really great day, Ellie and Aiden both LOVED the fountain. Ellie loved the flower booths at the farmer's market, and Aiden enjoyed just chilling in his stroller and taking in all the hustle and bustle. At the market, we bought a delicious pesto baguette and some limeade (the lemonade at the lemonade stand was all out! How sad! The limeade was pretty good too though)

Aiden really wanted to climb in, he just loves the water! 

Friday, August 7, 2015

Catch Up, July Edition

Here are a few things we've been busy with!

We found a frog on the deck one day when papa was out grilling

The deck is not normally blue. They're painting it, but knew it would soak up quite a bit of paint, so they used a random color they had extra of as a base coat so when they use the color they want it won't all soak in and be wasted. 

Every now and then you see a sunset. Not nearly as often as in UT though, the trees are always hiding them. 

We went blueberry picking. It was hot, and we didn't find many berries,  but the kiddos loved it. 

There have been many a day when Aiden could be spotted walking around looking like this.......

Lots of reading. 

Cow Appreciation Day! (Ellie is saying "moo" in this picture) 

Her face as they brought the food. Silly miss. 

Cute little cow. 

Ellie working in her art journal, something she's done an awful lot of over the last week. 

We've gone swimming at the pool, and in the backyard a bunch

Had several play dates at the beach (lake) 

Gone exploring in parks and on battlefields 

We spent a Saturday up in Dalton, GA  (one of the big hubs for floor manufacturing in the world) to buy a cheap carpet remnant) and on the way we stopped at this roadside market. 
As I was walking around, I couldn't help but think every 5 seconds  "You know you're in Georgia when....You know your'e in Georgia when....." Let me just tell you what was at this market and you'll see why. LOTS of peaches, pecans, vidalia onions, sweet potatoes, and confederate flags.  

And we've had our fair share of summer storms. 

I had a great day celebrating my birthday. In the morning Ben took the kids so I had the morning to myself. I slept in, watched a chick flick, and went to breakfast at my favorite place (Stilesboro Biscuits) with my sisters-in-law. At Stilesboro, Nicole was teasing me and telling me she was going to tell them it was my birthday (something I hate!) and the guy behind us heard that it was my birthday and he bought my breakfast! It was so sweet. Then, I came home and was surprised by THIS! Ben got me a car for my birthday! 
Well, sort of. We had been planning on getting one because we REALLY needed a second car so the kids and I weren't stuck at home all day every day but it was a BIG surprise to have one sitting there all ready to go.  Then in the evening, Ben and I went on a birthday date to Scalini's, a delicious Italian restaurant.  Great way to celebrate. 

Think that's it. 
Oh no, wait. There's one more thing. 

WE FOUND A HOUSE! WE'RE BUYING IT! Closing is in about ten days. 
After hunting and hunting and hunting, and going to see a ton of places, we narrowed our search down to two in our price range. Did I already blog about this? It's feeling familiar typing it. Oh well. If I did, here goes again. The two we found couldn't be more opposite. 

 One was a condo in a pretty busy area of town. Not downtown, but still definitely in town.  Nice place, very similar to the house we came from in Provo. Biggest plus side? Ten to fifteen minutes away from Ben's office.  The other one was in the suburbs, and was GORGEOUS as can be. Seriously. You get  A LOT of bang for your buck in the suburbs down here, and this house was PHENOMENAL. It was just being built (so we could have picked out all of our finishes!!!), 4,000 sq ft, 5 bedroom gorgeous amazingness. We're talking DREAM house here people. IN OUR PRICE RANGE! 


 So it had all the pros. The only con? Location. Fifty minutes from Ben's office. 

So, we had no idea how we we were going to decide between the commute/dreamhouse with a yard and lots of space house or the nice/no commute/condo house. NO IDEA. So, we prayed our hearts out. We woke up in the morning feeling like the Condo was the right choice, so we went with it. can I tell you how hard it was to give up that house???!! Hard. It was hard giving up a yard, and a beautiful spacious house where the kids could spread out and run around. It was hard giving up the privacy for somewhere we will have someone living above us and feet you can hear through the ceiling. BUT....we KNOW it was the right decision and we feel the hand of our Heavenly Father in our lives. 

 SO....We're excited! HERE is where we'll be living!!!!

(At least, what it looks like now. We're going to do a good bit of  changing to it........). 

 Now I think that's it!