Tuesday, July 28, 2015

3 Whole Years

Oh our Ellie Bean!
We love this little sweet, unique, passionate, happy, determined, silly, intelligent,  creative little soul!

Ellie at this age:


Things to do:  play dolls, twirl, tease mom and dad, read ( Little Critter, If you give a Mouse a Cookie, I Spy type books, Bernstein Bears, Chrysanthemum) . She loves to craft with mom. Recently, we've been making a zoo full of toilet paper animals, making paper mache bowls, and painting/coloring anything and everything. She loves exploring outside. She loves puzzles.

She also LOVES being out and about and would prefer to be out all the time if she could. Even after long days of running errands or tiring days of adventuring, as soon as we get back in the car she'll immediately say " I want to do momo (one more) thing. I want to go to momo place."

She loves to play doctor and invite people into her office for a checkups. She carries her stethoscope on her hips and delights in giving people shots that "hurt just a little bit". She thinks giving shots is hilarious :)

She loves to make-believe. The other day Ben was watching her play with her dolls and she was pretending that a babysitter was watching her. She had three dolls; herself, the babysitter, and me. Apparently, I told her to we were going out and would be back, then she said "Okay, bye mom" and chucked me (the doll) across the room. It made Ben and I chuckle :) Apparently we aren't missed much when we go out :)

Movies/Shows: Sofia, Daniel Tiger, Veggie Tales, Rio, Frozen, Tangled and Nemo.

Toys: Dolls, stickers, blocks, puzzles, books, train table, dress up items (her tutu, fairy wings, apron and cape especially)

Color: Pink. In every shade on everything, she LOVES pink.

Song: I am a Child of God, Daniel Tiger jingles, and Happy Birthday. She loves to sing Happy Birthday, and she sings it like this: "Happy birthday to all of us, happy birthday to all of us, happy birthday to all of us, happy birthday to all of us." Silly girl.

Foods: If you ask her, she says, "Everything is my favorite food" but that's just not true. I'd say her favorites are pizza, smoothie, "sketty", nachos, cucumbers and carrots with ranch.

"Why not?" - She asks this to almost everything you say these days.
I wuhwuh woo- I love you
probably, just- She uses one of these words in almost every sentence.
Thank you momma bear. - I have no idea why, but the other day she just started saying this. It's the sweetest thing. Anytime I give her something, or help her with something, or give her a compliment, she says so sincerely "Tay-too momma bear"
"Mom, you are my baby girl and Dad is my Jelly Bean"
"That is a/not a good idea!" Everything I say these days either gets validated or rejected. It's pretty funny. The other night I told her I was going to put Aiden to bed and then it was her turn. She promptly said, "Mom, that is NOT a good idea."
"The Amen"- AT the end of prayers, instead of simply saying "Amen" she says "The amen". A combination of amen and the end. We've talked to her many times about how she only needs to say anem, and how the end is for books, but she doesn't care. For her, it's "The Amen." Pretty funny and adorable.

Ellie has speech difficulties, and definitely has a way of pronouncing things that's all her own. She's pretty darn hard to understand, but it's also pretty darn cute how she says things.

Other things:

Ellie has freckles now! I love it. She has a few little cute ones on her nose and several on her cheeks. They're stinking cute.

She loves to cook(still). I mean REALLY loves it. Muffins are (still) her favorite. She loves making muffins and taking them to her friends.  She also loves making strawberry pancakes and cookies.

Finally, after potty training three times, it stuck for longer than a month. Ellie is potty trained! In all fairness, the other times we potty trained we were going through some pretty big changes and it made sense that after being trained for a month or so, she would revert.

The other day I was cutting a grilled cheese sandwich (really tough right?) And Ellie pounds her fist on her hand and says " U your muh muh mom!" (Use your muscles mom!). The way she said it was rather hilarious, she sounded like a drill sargent. Silly miss.

When she's tired or upset , she gets mad at Aiden for EVERYTHING. Baby don't talk. Baby don't growl. Baby don't sneeze. Baby don't touch. Baby don't move. Baby don't eat macaroni. SILLY!

Her logical thinking is REALLY impressive. More and more we find her reasoning things out and cleverly problem solving.
The other day we went to the grocery store and her cute little logic made me smile. We were going to Aldi. Aldi is a great little store with great prices and a few things about it that are different than the grocery stores I'm used to.  One of those little things is that you have to pay a quarter to get a cart. Another thing is that they don't have bags when you check out, so after you check out you take your cart over to the counter and load it into a box so you can take it out.  Well, we always have a quarter in the little compartments between our seats, so I never think about taking one because there's always one in the car. This day, however, I had Ben's mom's car. Right before I got to Aldi, I thought "Darn! I don't have a quarter." I was stopped, so I started looking for a quarter in the car. Ellie asked me what I was doing. I told her I was looking for a quarter. Then the conversation went like this:
 "Mom, you don't need a quarter."
"Yes, I do. I need a quarter so we can get a cart at Aldi."
She paused and then said,
"Mom, you don't need a cart because I can walk and you can use a box."
I was so proud of her little problem solving skills!

Every morning she wakes up early to have breakfast with Ben before he leaves for work and every day she is awake, she is SO excited when he comes home!

She misses our "red" house (our old house had a red door). She loves to hang up on people. She loves to play I SPY. She loves wearing dresses and earrings. She hates having her hair brushed. She  LOVES nursery. She is super ticklish. She loves flowers and picks them everywhere she's allowed. She loves to run around with a cape on yelling "Super Ellie!" (pronounced youp-youp yeh yeh). When she is in her "Super Ellie" mode, she will walk around talking in the third person. Super Ellie is hungry. Super Ellie needs to go potty. It's great.

Some of this stuff is old news, but I haven't posted in a while about her and want to remember it!

Ellie, we love you and that happy, silly, BEAUTIFUL, JOYFUL smile.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Fourth of July!

Happy 4th y'all! 
(I feel obligated to say that now that I live in the south)
Minus poor Ellie, we had a great day. Poor little thing was sick, sick, sick. She is carrying on my tradition apperntly; I ALWAYS get sick on at least one holiday a year. That has been true since I was a little girl. Not a great tradition to carry on Ellie! Not a great one. Poor thing hit two holidays in one year: birthday and 4th of July. So needless to say, she missed the festivities. 

We decided to go to Marietta Square for the parade and fair. Ben opted to stay home with Ellie so I could go since I hadn't been before. My hubby is a gem :) Well, when we woke up it was raining pretty hard, so they canceled the parade but the fair was still going to go so we headed to that. The weather truly was delightful. It was pleasantly cool, plus the rain kept a lot of people inside so it was less crowded. Perfect. We wandered around the shops and enjoyed the general ambiance, took some pictures, and then stopped for lunch on the way home. Great morning. 

Aiden got a haircut in the morning before all the fun from one of the ward members who lives in the  neighborhood. He looks SO handsome with his new little cut. 

Watching the train go by

He had this concerned look on most of the day. Not sure why. 

There are some really cool little shops at the square. 
This one was not little, but it was one of our favorites. It was this HUGE antique store. I normally don't love antique stores, but this place had some really neat stuff. 

Including about a zillion chandeliers. They were all over the store. I couldn't resist a picture. 

I loved this wall simply for it's visual appeal. 

There are  really cool alleyways all over the place. This one used to be a side entrance to a theatre. The awning was where the box office was. It was closed up and gated off though. I wonder how long it hasn't been in use. 

Walking around the shops and fair

My cute sisters-in-law. 

I thought this made a rather perfect fourth of July background


In the evening we went to watch the fireworks over Lake Acworth. 

My favorite part of the show was the reflections in the water! 

I love that this one looks like a flower

So funny story. We had no sooner gotten to our spot then it started raining. Really pouring is more accurate. Pouring buckets. We were soaked through in less than a minute. It wasn't quite dark (hence not time to start the show yet) and we were afraid they wouldn't be able to do it. All of a sudden, BOOM! We figured they were trying to get off at least a few before they were too soaked to continue. Well, turns out the rain only lasted a few minutes, so we sat and watched the rest of the show looking like wet dogs. I, for one, LOVED the rain. It was such a cool experience to be standing there in the pouring rain watching a  beautiful display over the lake. The others weren't as enthusiastic (or should I say crazy) as I, so it's good it stopped. 

We did sparklers on the 5th when Ells was feeling better

Once again, Happy 4th Y'all!!!
(maybe the more I say it the more I'll get used to it?)

Birthday Girl

My sweet baby girl turned three this past week. Since her birthday is on the 4th, we decided to celebrate a day early. We had a lovely birthday party, opened presents, and we had planned on going blueberry picking but we got to the place you pick and it was closed.  We were a week early, I guess they don't open until this coming weekend, so she still gets to go, just not for her birthday :( We ended up going to the park instead.

Sadly, the next day she was sick as a dog and throwing up all day. Poor little thing had no fun on her actual birthday. She missed all the Fourth activities we did.

As for her party, Ellie said she wanted a pink party. She wanted a pink cake, pink decorations, and pink presents. Since I am planning on decorating her room with pink and gold and was already making some things for her room(vases and the banner), I used those as party decorations. We found some pink flowers in the yard, and found a magnolia to top her cake and colored some milk with food coloring and voila! A cute party set up that's cheap and easy :) That's my kind of party planning.

Nicole had the idea of re-creating this picture from a baby shower Ben's mom threw for me when Ellie was just a few weeks old, so we did. This was to celebrate her birth....

...and this to celebrate her 3rd birthday! 

These are some pictures from the park. We actually went the day before too, so there are a few from both days I threw in. 

Happy Birthday Ellie Girl!

(3 year update post on Ellie coming soon!)