Monday, June 29, 2015

ALL 100 Days of Summer

(So a year later (this was 2014, it's now summer 2015) I just found this uncompleted post. I love all the cute pictures, so I'm posting it but it's obviously unfinished. Oh well :)

Alright, so at the beginning of the summer I posted about our "100 Days of Summer" Project.  (see post here). It started out as a goal to do something new and fun each day, then reality changed the project. There was no way we were going to do something new EVERY  SINGLE  DAY. Instead, it turned into an effort to document our summer, so here's a picture-a-day snapshot of our summer. We did do lots of fun stuff, and we did achieve our goal of staying busy and having adventures. Here's to a great SUMMER!

discliamer--I took all the pictures with my phone, so they aren't the greatest quality.

Day 1-We made a socktopus. Ellie stuffed it, I sewed it. She got a little zealous with the stuffing, so he has a really big head. And I put his eyes in the wrong spot. Whoops! We'll just have to make another one sometime.

Day 2- Ellie decorated a pot

Day 3- Ellie planted Zinnia seeds in her pot. She put the dirt in, helped cover the seeds, and watered them.

Day 4- Air Hockey!

Day 5- We went to Yogurtland. She really liked the strawberry and carrot cake flavors.

Day 6- Family picnic in the park

Day 7-Color matching game

Day 8- Ellie helped me make her snack. They're like little granola ball type things. She loves these. Recipe here. Just roll them into much smaller balls than it says, and they're perfect for toddlers! I love the face on the bottom left. That was right after she got caught sneaking coconut from the bowl.

Day 9- Swimming

Day 10-Family walk on a BEAUTIFUL Saturday morning. 

Day 11-We found some tangrams in my teacher stuff, and spent the day sorting and making designs

Day 12- Built a fort, spent a good amount of time reading under it

Day 13-Splash Pad!

Day 14- Uncle Ty came down and we went to Rubio's

Day 15-Lake festival @ Utah lake. With uncle Danny! Lots of uncle time this weekend. She's wearing a fish hat she made. 
(and this is where I stop numbering days and just number fun things

16. Splash pad

17.Teddy Bear Picnic


19. Making smoothie popsicles

20.  Swimming @/kims

21. Carnival

22. Playing with Grandma

(this is where I started slacking off with my planning and picture taking . Blame being on vacation for a chunk of it.  I kept forgetting to take pics with my phone. I have some with my camera of some of the fun things we did, but I for a bunch of things I just plain forgot! Oh well! So here are just a few things she did while mom was slacking!)

23. Cooking breakfast
24. Petting Zoo!
25. Face Painting
26. Water Balloon toss with Dad
27. Swinging with Mom
28. Playing cars with Ethan and Kaitlin
29. Swinging with Graham
30. Playtime with Kaitlyn! Honestly, this is what she spent the majority of our time in Heber doing. 
31. Water fight with cousins! 
32. Hot Air Balloon Festival
33. Holding a snake
(okay, getting back on track here)

34. Movie with Ethan
35. Making ice cream in a bag
36. Exploring BYU Campus
37. Yogurtland


Lake Alatoona

Lake Alatoona is gem that's only 15 minutes away from us. For a $5 day pass, you can have a day at the lake, which is as good as a day at the beach! Between the wonderfully warm water, the gorgeous views and the really great sand, you can't beat it. This last Saturday we headed up there, and had a blast. It's also really shallow for quite a ways, and there aren't waves like the beach which makes this mamma less nervous about the kids playing in the water.

We actually went two times that day. Once in the morning before naps, and then we dropped back by in the evening after running some errands out that way. The weather was so perfect. It was an overcast day, and the temperature was great. It really wasn't hot at all, just comfortable. When we went back in the evening, it actually was a bit windy and it even started raining for a little bit, so it was more comfortable to hang out in the warm water. It was a REALLY great day to go out to the lake, and a beautiful day to be outside all day (which is nice, because we haven't had ANY days lately that haven't been unbearably hot).

Now comes the overload of pictures!

Ellie's favorite activity was burying and excavating dinosaurs. She was so patient and so carefully poured cup after cup of water on them until they were fully excavated. 

Love this sweet, sweet boy. 

She loved just hanging out like this sitting on the bottom. 

Looks like she's out swimming in deep waters, but really she's sitting on her bum just chilling. 
He really liked crawling around on his belly

Epic clouds in the evening. 

For the evening trip, Nicole came with us. We also brought our swimming suits this time and did a lot more actual swimming rather than just wading and playing. 

I found this gorgeous leaf randomly floating in the water, so I threw it to shore and asked Ben to take a nice artistic picture of it. This is what I got....with the lovely pampers container in the background :)