Friday, February 27, 2015

Photo Collage of February

Here are all the other noteworthy pictures from February

Apparently eating applesauce is exhausting! 

she likes standing over the heat vents

She loves to put crazy socks on her hands and feet and jump around the room. In this case, she fell over and was waiting for Aiden to come and help her up :) 

She told me she wanted to go to school. Then she got all ready herself, and headed for the door to go to school :) 

She found a phone stand so she didn't have to hold it when she was watching Daniel Tiger. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Love, Love, Love, Love, Love

So, we really don't ever celebrate Valentine's on Valentine's Day. We usually do the week before or after. As was the case this year . This last weekend, Grandpa and Grandma babysat the littles and Ben and I went on out Valentine's date.

Here's what we did
First we went to this newer pizza place in Provo, pizza studio. It was yummy, I got a moroccan pizza that I LOVED. Right after that, we drove up to Salt Lake, dropped the kids off at Grandma's and went on our date!
We started by picking up dessert at this awesome bakery, Fillings and Emulsions. The week before I had actually won a contest on their facebook page, so we were able to pick up some treats for free! We got a dozen macaroons, 2 mac-a-bons (macaroon gelato sandwiches) and shared a cuban meat pie. The mac-a-bons were our favorite, dang they were good! Ben's was chocolate mint and mine was praline.

All their desserts were so beautiful!

After stuffing our face with deliciousness, we went to City Creek and browsed a few home decor/furniture stores. We love doing that :) It's one of our favorite things to do when we're out and about places.

Lastly, we drove up above the capital to this field where we had some of our engagement pictures taken and watched the sunset. It wasn't a super colorful sunset, but it was beautiful none the less. Great day :)

Here's one of our engagement pictures in the field. 

Now, here's a load of other Valentine's related things:

We went to our ward's Valentine's dinner on the 13th. It was a nice dinner, and then dancing lessons. Wouldn't you know it, Ben was asked to teach them....which means I was too! Yikes. I'm not a very good dancer. It worked out great though, he just taught 5 basic steps from the waltz, and I helped him demonstrate the girls part. Ben did a great job teaching, and we had a great evening.

When we initially pulled in to the church parking lot before the dinner, there were only two cars there. Since no one was there yet, we decided to drive over to the lake real quick and watch the sunset, then head back. We're glad we did.....what a gorgeous sunset! Plus, the water was perfectly still, so the reflection was amazing. These phone pictures don't do justice, it was serene. It was entrancing. It was breathtaking. It's nice being so close to the lake.

Actual Valentine's day was spent at a birthday party, and taking family pictures. Ethan has his party in the afternoon, so we went up to my parent's house for that. He's 5! No way! Bri told me she just registered him for kindergarten, and I died.

Here are the birthday crews. Funny thing, Brianne and I used to always dress alike. Every time we'd see each other we'd be wearing the same color, or the same style shirt, or even a few times, the EXACT same shirt. Lately, that hasn't happened so much, but now we've started dressing our boys similar.....indeed, sometimes even in the EXACT same thing. As evidenced below.

He had a really sweet dragon cake, and he loved the present we gave him (a submarine that you take apart and build and take apart and build)

In the evening, we went up to Library Square in SLC and took family pictures. Read the post about that here.

Also thought I should mention that Valentine's really is Ellie's favorite holiday. Why? Because pink is by far her favorite color, and for Valentine's you get to make all things pink! She had a blast making crafts and such the weeks before.

Here's what we did.

Ellie loves to help me sew, so we decided to sew some little hearts with some scraps I had.

Decorated sugar cookies (of course!)

And these crafts

We made a ton of these little hearts with beads and pipe cleaners

And stamped some paper with hearts

And for this one, Ellie collected and painted the sticks, I hot glued them on the page

And lastly, these were just a few fun pictures we took while we were all in our valentine's colors.

Happy Valentine's!