Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Aiden's First Birthday Party!

This little man had a great birthday! He was silly and happy all day. He took a GREAT nap. He spent most of the morning just cruising around the living room and being proud of himself for how fast he is getting at walking.
We had a birthday party for him with family. I made a coconut cake which actually turned out really delicious. I was nervous because it was a recipe I hadn't used before but had been wanting to try for a long time. We gave Aiden a big piece with a candle in it to cake smash, but he was rather dainty with his eating. He didn't actually make much of a mess!

He did a really good job blowing! Ben actually blew it out for him, but the little man got the idea and was blowing well, just not hard enough. 

Love this little face

The little kids table. Ellie picked the car as her seat. 

Thanks Ty for taking pictures while we helped Aiden open his presents

One year post coming soon!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

"Wanderlust Part 2- Alaska"

Another really cool place we went was to the Knick river.  Some of the guys went fishing, we played on the ATV's, and spent most of the day just goofing around. 

The white in the center of the picture is a glacier. 

Just look at that sky! 

After spending a large part of the day at the river, we topped it off with something even more amazing. Flying! Ben's uncle is a pilot, and he owned two planes. He actually took us up in both of them. One this day, and one another day. There are pictures of both. 

The first time was in a plane that only accommodated one passenger, so I went alone. 
I remember thinking while I was up flying this first time, "WOW. This is unbelievable. Is this seriously happening right now?" 

We saw several moose from our lofty vantage point

While each of us took our turn in the plane, those of us left on the ground played on the ATV's some more. 
This is Ben with a few of his cousins and Emily

Mom, you should make sure Dad sees this, I took this picture just for him :)

The second flight up was in a 2 passenger plane so Ben and I got to go together

Watching Emily take off from inside the warm car

And lastly, to end the post, my favorite part of the trip. Spending time with this guy. 
Handsome and Amazing. 
How lucky am I! 

Wanderlust and Alaska

Some days, I feel a strong sense of wanderlust.

 I just want to go everywhere and see everything! So, usually on those days, I'll read cool articles about some place I'd like to go, or I'll search for travel blogs and drool over gorgeous pictures of this incredible earth.  Or sometimes, like today, I'll go through old photos of the beautiful places I have been blessed to see.

Today is one of those days.

I was going through the pictures of the trip I took to Alaska with Ben and his family while we were dating. I thought I had done a whole post about it, but I can't find it so I'm wondering if I actually didn't. I sort of did (on my old personal blog that I don't use anymore), but that only included a few sentences and few pictures.
Well, I've decided it's time to more thoroughly blog our Alaska trip, because it was AMAZING.

So, let's start with my favorite part of the trip. We went hiking near Mt. Alyesky on a trail called Winner's Trail. Just driving there, I felt like I was in a different world. It was so breathtaking. I tried to take a few pics out the car window, but they don't do justice.

I think this is Mt. Alyesky in the background...but I'm not sure on that one so don't quote me. 

Once we got to the trail head, the most gorgeous hike I've ever been on began!

At one point in the hike, we had to pull ourselves across the river on this little contraption. It was kinda scary to be hanging in this little basket over a raging river far below. 

Looking down to the river from inside the basket

Sometimes the beauty was in the details.....

And sometimes it was in the bigger picture.

But it sure was EVERYWHERE!

Just look at that color! 

Okay, moving on from Mt. Alyesky. While there,we took a ton of walks just through the neighborhood. We'd walk down to a nearby duck pond almost every day, we walked to the science center, and we walked just because with no destination in mind. 

These are twin baby moose we saw in someone's yard while walking around the neighborhood. 

And this sign was on the way to the science center. Only in Alaska. 

I love these ferns, just look at all that texture!!


Hanging out at the duck pond

One day we went to the Anchorage Zoo, which was pretty cool. 
Here are some of the animals we saw.

This guy is looked wild. Look at that mess! 

Another wild animal we spotted at the zoo. 
This is what my hair does when it's humid. 

We also spent some time at the Saturday's Market on a day that was rainy and freezing! Found a few good souvenirs there, so definitely worth it! These two are the only decent pictures  I have from it. 

I also got to celebrate my 21st birthday while I was there. Pretty cool place to spend a birthday!

 Lastly, this is the street corner where Ben's grandparents lived. (Lived past tense, they recently moved to UT after just about 50 years in Alaska!) 

I took a picture of this sign because I remember thinking as we pulled up
"You  know you're in Alaska when...you stay at the corner of Glacier St and Northern Lights Blvd."

I had to split this into two posts, so look for "Wanderlust Part 2- Alaska"