Thursday, December 17, 2015

Catching Up

Starting with Thanksgiving, I have some catching up to do.

For Thanksgiving this year, we went (With Grammy, Papa and Em) to Ben's uncle house on the outskirts of Charlotte in an area called Mint Hill. What a great trip! We were a little worried about the drive, because we hadn't really done a road trip with the kids before but it actually went pretty well. Well, after we bought some motion-sickness medicine. Ellie gets car-sick. We have had several instances when she was in the car for longer than an hour and she started throwing up. We suspected car-sickness, but were't sure. Well on the way to North Carolina, she threw up again. This time it was only 15 minutes in though, so we weren't ready for it. We finally decided for sure it must be car sickness, and the luckily the closest place to pull over and get things cleaned up was a Walgreens so we were also able to get some medicine pronto. It did wonders. No problems after that and none on the way home. 
Other than that the kids did great! We played the Alphabet game (Ben and I, Ellie tried to help a little) and we played I-Spy and they just enjoyed playing with their toys and reading books the rest of the time.  The drive was 5 hours, so with stopping it took us around 6 to get there. 

Charlotte was beautiful! The weather was AMAZING and the area was really quiet and beautiful. We took a bunch of walks, played outside, had a delicious thanksgiving dinner and did some shopping. It was really great to have Ben off for 5 whole days! 
We didn't take many pictures, but here are a few

On one of our walks we found this empty wooded lot to explore, so we collected some great leaves from there and came home to make a leaf crown. 

Black Friday shopping at this funny little bargain store called Ollie's. They had some seriously great deals on books! 

A sunset on the way home. 

Aiden's ready to hit the road!

Fred and Toni's beautiful house!

Setting for Thanksgiving dinner

Some great clouds we saw while driving

A few other pictures from the last few weeks that are non-Christmas-ey. 
I'll do a post of all the Christmas-ey things later :)

Ellie drew a family portrait! I was so proud! Left to Right- Aiden, Mom, Dad, Ellie

Both kids had a dentist appointment. They loved these chairs at the dentist office
Ellie snug as a bug

I've started to tackle the decorate Aiden's room project. This is the start I have, pretty wimpy but I'm really excited for the day that it's done! 

Ellie made a leaf suncatcher

Ellie: "Look Mom, I'm decorating my house!" 

Happy painting, as always

And as always, she can't resist painting herself

I love this cute little man who's not so little anymore. I'm totally ignoring the fact that he's almost 2! 

A beautiful sunset

These two love looking out the window ALL THE TIME! 

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Wrapping up October

Well, we've had a pretty fun October. Several big adventures, many days out exploring nearby forests and at the park, lots of leaf collecting sessions and to wrap it all up a great Halloween!

Ellie was hilarious deciding what she wanted to be for Halloween. she changed her mind a whole bunch. I started keeping a list of all the things she told me she wanted to be, but I definitely missed several. Here's her list:

-a house
-a butterfly
-a mermaid
-a mom
-back to a mermaid
-a stop sign
-back to a mermaid (thank goodness, because we already had her costume by this time) 
-This one was funny. She wanted to be "Chime Time" from Daniel Tiger. Not sure how that one would have worked! I guess she could have gone covered in clocks?? (For non-Daniel watchers, Daniel's dad works at a clock factory, and there's an episode where Daniel visits him at work and gets there just in time for chime time, the time when all the clocks chime at the same time). What an imaginative, silly little miss! 

We wanted to do a family theme, and I REALLY wanted Aiden to be Harry Potter, so I figured Ben and I could come up with something pretty easily to fit the theme and we'd just count Ellie as one of the merpeople, however Halloween snuck up on me and the last week beforehand, I just plain didn't have the gumption to come up with costumes for Ben and I. Maybe next year! (Ha, yeah right...I said that last year too. Points for at least thinking of a theme we could do, right??) 

As far as Halloween festivities, we started out on Friday with trick-or-treating at Ben's office. It was pretty fun. Three stories of his building participate in it, so you pick up a bucket and coloring book at the front desk, and then you go around to the desks on those floors to trick-or-treat. The whole place was decked out too...Ben said his department had a $500 Halloween budget so they went to town with the decorating. We had a lot of fun.  It was fun to get to see a glimpse of Ben's world when he's not at home. Ellie loved the trick-or-treating part, Aiden was pretty tired and mostly snuggled on my shoulder, getting down here and there to grab a piece of candy. The only part he got excited about was the windows. Ben's office is on the 24th floor, and the other floors that participated were the 25th and 26th, so we had a pretty good view. Every time we'd walk past a big window section, he'd get excited and wiggle on out of my arms to go look. He loved watching so many cars zoom around like little ants, and he also loved watching the construction. They're building another big building right next door, so there were cranes working, and all sorts of exciting  construction things to see. 

We hit traffic coming home, then I made a wrong turn (okay...or two) and so we got home a lot later than we had intended. We didn't get home until 5 minutes before our ward trunk-or-treat, which we had intended to go to.  Aiden was exhausted so we knew he wouldn't make it, and we definitely weren't ready to run straight out the door again, but Ellie REALLY wanted to go to the "church party" so we skipped the dinner portion of the trunk-or-treat and Ben just took Ellie later for the festivities. Aiden and I stayed home and slept, we both needed it :) 

Halloween day was pretty fun too! We went to Grammy and Papa's for a festive evening. We spent time playing outside on the trampoline and in the woods, had dinner in a pumpkin, went trick-or-treating, then came home and had hot chocolate and caramel corn. We had intended to carve pumpkins as well, but we just plain ran out of time. 

Aiden did pretty well with trick-or-treating. It took him several houses to get the hang of it, but then he knew just what to do. Cute story, the neighbors across the street had quite an elaborate set-up in their yard with flashing lights, etc. so when Ben took Aiden up to their door (he was carrying him in case he got nervous) sweet little Aiden said "sacred, scared, scared" with this cute pouty little look. Other than that one house, I think he had fun. He sure did make a dang cute Harry Potter! 

Alright, enough chatting, here are the pictures!

From Dad's Office: 

It is quite the view from up there

Harry watching some construction magic happen

A happy girl and a tired boy, waiting to head home

Getting All Ready: 

She was hilarious running around the house in curlers. She loved having them in, and they made her act just plain silly! 

Once she was ready, I tried to get a good picture of her in her costume...but this is what I got.....
Of all the shots I took, this is the one that turned out the best of her whole costume. Silly miss! 

I love this sweet face. She has tiny freckles now  (on her nose and cheeks) and I just love them. I was hoping you could see them in the picture, but it looks like not. 

Aiden wasn't much more cooperative for  the stand and pose thing...this is all I got!

Playing at Grammy's before dinner:
Their yard is divine this time of year. Simply gorgeous. 

Playing crack the egg with Grammy and Em

When we got there, Em's face was colored too, but Em said it was uncomfortable and it scared Ellie, so she took it off and went for eyeshadow instead. 

The curlers worked great, Ellie had "curly mermaid hair" as requested. 

Alright, that covers it for Halloween. 

Now, a few other fall pictures from October......

The rewards of one of our leaf hunts. Some of the trees here are absolutely exquisite! Those dark pink ones matched the magenta shirt Ellie was wearing perfectly, I've never seen such bold color in a leaf. 

A beautiful tree in the parking lot

And....a few moments too cute not to share. Ellie and Aiden sharing, and a bunch of Aiden and his beloved school bus. I always want to remember this cute little stage of his. He carries this bus with him EVERYWHERE, ALL DAY long. 

And that's a wrap.