Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sweet Ells

I was taking Aiden's 9 month pictures, and Ellie slipped in his spot. I just loved this picture, and I decided I needed an Ellie post to go with it! 

So, Here's what the little sweetie is up to lately. 
She talks a LOT, her vocabulary has exploded and she's really getting good at using words she learns in correct situations without being prompted. Her pronunciation is quite rough still though, she's hard to understand. She recognizes and can name all the letters of the alphabet, is getting better at counting. She LOVES her stuffed animals and does everything with them. Tip Top gets buckled into a high chair for lunch every day and given a bib and a bowl to eat from. Oakey gets read to and then put down for naps each afternoon. DubDub (her puppy--I asked her what we should name him and she went straight over, picked him up, looked at the "W" on his foot and said "DubDub", which is how she says "W") gets rides in her car and gets his diaper changed when he's "stinky". It's so fun to watch her imagination grow and her caring little nature showcase itself in different ways :)  The downside to that growing imagination is she's been having nightmares for the last two weeks or so, there have been nights where she's woken up every hour. It's heartbreaking, and exhausting. Did I mention heartbreaking? Poor little thing! When she wakes up we just snuggle her and tell her she's safe and we're just right across the hall, and tell her to snuggle with Tip Top and he'll keep her safe in her crib. It seems to help most of the time. We're going to make a dream catcher to put in her room, and teach her about how it works. I don't know what else to do though. It's tough! 

She loves to dance. We turn on the toddler station of Pandora everyday and dance in the living room. She loves songs with actions, and the list of ones she knows is growing rather long. Before nap time and every night as part of bedtime routine, we read a book and then sing a few of her favorites. 

She has springs in her feet. She hops everywhere.  A little hop here, a random hop there, the girl just can't help herself! She absolutely loves monkeys, they're definitely her favorite animal right now. She loves her monkey pajamas, and gets upset if we give Aiden the monkey bib, or if it's dirty because then she can't wear it. She still loves cooking, especially the cracking eggs part and when she gets to pour anything. She still loves sneaking tastes of everything as she cooks. She loves getting her hair braided and trying to brush Aiden's hair. 

She loves getting new clothes and she loves her boots. She loves picking out her outfits each morning , although she doesn't keep one outfit on for long! She changes her clothes several times a day. We've been working on potty training, and she just finished filling up her sticker chart today! It had 4 rows of 5, and she got a potty prize at the end of each row. We just go to the dollar bins in Target, and she picks something. So far she's picked Halloween window stickies, a package of glitter glue sticks, and some glow in the dark ceiling stars. 

Lets see, what else? This is random, but she's happy as a clam that pomegranates are back in season! I bought 10 the other day (for $5, sweet!), de-seeded them, and ended up with about a gallon of arils to freeze. She LOVES them. She also loves clementines. She calls them "baby oranges." Yeah for winter fruits! She also loves walnuts. My aunt gave us a ton of walnuts recently, and we've been shelling them. She's liked nuts other times she's had them, but she's never had access to as many as she wants before. Now that we have a HUGE supply, she asks for them several times a day. She eats them like candy. She's a walnut monster! 

That's all I can think of right now, but that's a pretty good portrait of Ellie at this age. 

What a sweet, silly little miss! 

A few pictures: 

(Buckling Tip Top in for lunch. She's also really into dressing up lately, in case it's hard to tell :)) 

Showing Oakey the first snowfall of the year

Diapers for Tip Top and Softie. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

9 Months

Alright. Here goes. 9 months. SO not ready for Aiden to be that old already! And worse, I'm late posting, so really he's 9 1/2 months!

But he is, and as a result, these are the big boy things that he's doing!

-He can stand up on his own. He does it just like Ellie did. He just pops up in the middle of the floor. He started that at about 8 1/2 months.
-He got his first ear infection and his first sinus infection, at the same time!
-Definitely doing the whole separation anxiety thing right now.
-He and Ellie are starting to play together more, which is tons of fun!
-He's eating like crazy still. All sorts of food. He loves big people food!
-Learning to clap
-He's a  chatterbox!
-Weight : 18.6 lbs, Height 28"
-Not a great sleeper right now. He had been sleeping through the night for several months, but the combo of being sick for several weeks and separation anxiety kicking in has been rough for his sleep.
 -  bnvbvb    bvvvvvvvv                                  b   nnnnnnnnbbbbbbbbbbbbnbnbbhbn nnnnn         b        ytfg           x xfffffxdxf
- (apparently likes to blog-he typed that)
- LOVES being chased, He'll randomly squeal and start taking off, then stop and look to see if someone's chasing him, then squeal again and run!
-Hates diaper changes. Not sure why, but they make him MAD! If often takes 2 of us to change him (one to hold, one to change!) because during the process he tries to buck himself off the changing table!
-He's 18 lbs 6 oz , 28 inches tall, and has a big head. It my fault. It's those Brady genes- Brady's have BIG heads!

He wasn't much interested in sitting up for pictures, he was more in a lazy, hang out sort of mood.

An example of him LOVING big people food

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

All Things Halloween, Plus Some

Well, we had a fun Halloween week!

For costumes this year, Ellie was a Peacock and Aiden was a Lion. We had planned to do a family costume (a herd of zoo animals!), but we had a really really busy few weeks and didn't end up with any time to breathe, let alone get Ben's and my costume ready! He had planned on being a zoo keeper and I was going to be a zebra. At least I got Ellie's costume done early. And Aiden's (just a mane!) I was scrambling to make last minute.

Anyway, we started out celebrating our festivities by going to the Pumpkin Parade at the Riverwoods the week before Halloween. We love going there for all the fun things they have going on! Ellie went trick-or-treating at the shops, made s'mores, got her fingernails painted purple, and went on a carriage ride.  It was her first trick-or-treating experience, and she loved it. She was so funny, after saying "trick-or-treat" she'd look deep in her bag to see what she got each time. All she ended up with was a few tootsie rolls ,which was perfect. We had a great time.

Look how BIG he looks!! 
(I didn't have his costume made by this night, whoops! )

Making s'mores

The carriage ride

It just so happened that our timing was perfect for the carriage ride, we got to ride off into the sunset! And a mighty fine sunset it was!

Wednesday we went to our ward carnival/trunk-or-treat, which is always fun.
Ellie decorated a cookie, did some crafts, a cake walk, and of course, the trunk-or-treat.

We turned her tail feathers around so you could see them in a picture of the both of them! Also, she got her face painted at the carnival. 

Thursday we carved our pumpkins. Or rather, Ben carved one. Ellie painted some. I wasn't really feeling like hacking away with a knife so I took a drill to one and a marker to another. Here's what we ended up with. Nothing fancy, but we liked them :)

If you look at the first picture, you notice that her pumpkin wasn't the only thing Ellie painted!

On Friday Ben's sister Nicole came down to spend the weekend with us, which was awesome. Friday we went on a nice fall walk down the river trail, made homemade root beer and creme soda, and then went trick-or-treating in Ben's grandma's neighborhood. Ellie was over-the-top excited, and had so much fun. She now LOVES Halloween! Funniest/most embarrassing part of the night was a few houses in. She had gotten the hang of it--you knock, someone opens the door and gives you candy. We would wait a few steps away from the porches and let her go knock herself. So, she knocked, waited, and then decided to open the door her self because no one was coming! She was fast too! The door was one of those latch ones that you just pinch down the little handle, and boom! Super easy to open. We were up there pronto closing that door back up! (And dying of laughter.) Trust little Miss Independent to do something like that!  We discovered that her favorite candies are Almond Joys.
After eating one the previous night, she picked an Almond Joy at every house she had the chance to pick herself and there was one available. And she gobbled them up so fast! Somehow, I forgot both my phone and camera. Sad! The only pictures I have from when we were out trick-or-treating are two from Nicole's phone (thanks!).

She'd blow some of the smoke up.....
...and then make this face! 

The morning after Halloween was great. Ellie woke up asking us if it was Halloween again, hoping it was.  We did some shopping that included a stop by the grocery store for cheap-day-after-halloween candy. We got a package of sixlets (I love them!) and when we got home, she opened the package, got a plastic bag and started filling it with the sixlets. Then she gave Ben, Nicole and I several packages each so she could come trick-or-treat from us! So funny!

Here are a few of the Halloween crafts Ellie did.

Her painting of a pumpkin patch. She did it totally herself. I gave her a balloon to dip in paint, and showed her how to push it on her paper to make a circle. She picked it right up and went to town. The stems she liked drawing through the middles of the pumpkins :)

When she was done, we threw in a few other colors and she attacked the paper with the balloon. Then she got fingers involved!  She loves to paint.

Halloween morning Ellie got a package from Grandma, a foam monster magnet kit. She did it the next day and loved it.

Thanks Grandma! 

To finish off, here are just some random pictures from the last month or so of things that have been going on.

Working on potty training. 

Daniel and the lions' den FHE. We told Ellie the story, then dressed up with tutus and crawled around growling like lions for a bit. She loved it. The week before we told her about David and Goliath then launched paper rocks at dad and had a paper fight. FHE with toddlers is great!

 Personally, I think we're more scary than the boys! 

The littles started playing footsies during snack time one day. Cuties. 
And here is Ells being cool. 

We also went back to the pupmkin patch. Second time at this particular one, third total. We had to go back and pick a pumpkin since we ran out of time the time before. A few pictures from that. 
These two are cute :) Ellie and Aiden sure have an awesome Dad!!

Phew! Done. October sure was busy! Busy but wonderful :)  Now I just have to get Aiden's 9 month post up. Still. whoops!