Friday, October 24, 2014

10 Ways Aiden is Like a Puppy

This may seem like a silly post, but it's quite comical to us. Sometimes, the similarity between Aiden and a puppy are hard to miss. Most babies do most of these things, but he seems to do them all :)

1. He follows me around. Everywhere. Where's Aiden? There's no need to ask, because he's at my heels, like always!
2. He crawls all over me and sometimes even licks my face!
3. He eats scraps off the floor when he can find them.
4. He whimpers when I leave the room.
5. He has big puppy dog eyes.
6. Sometimes he smells bad!
7. He chews up everything in sight.
8. He's soft and fluffy!
9. He often has a wet nose (Especially lately with this cold he's got, gross!).
10. He's SO excited to see me when I come in a room! He jumps on me and attacks me with love. Every time. Which I love!
Have to add one more that I forgot so...
11. He begs! Because he loves people food! Big people food, I should say. Anytime we are eating, he stares us down and begs with those big eyes.

Okay. Just had to write that down while I was thinking it.
Stay tuned for a 9 month post! The little man is 9 months TODAY!
I'll get it up hopefully Monday. Or maybe Tuesday. Or.....maybe Thursday! Sometime. But it's coming!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Pumpkin Patch-Round 2

Today we hit another pumpkin patch, and what a pumpkin patch it was! It was fully loaded! Some friends asked us to go and I guess they heard about it from some neighbors. We're sure glad they did, it was a really great place. I'm pretty sure Ellie could have played there for days!

Right when you get out of the car there's this huge pit of corn in front of you and let me tell you, there is oodles of fun to be had in that pit when you're two years old! Making corn angels, burying yourself in corn, running through the corn, hopping through the corn, slithering in the corn, diving into the corn, the possibilities are limitless! (as evidenced by the way too many pictures!)

At first when she was playing she had her shoes on, so they got filled with corn. She stopped to dump the corn out of them and right after she did so, she paused. You could just see the wheels turning in her head. All of a sudden, she started filling them with corn! She found a new tool to play in the corn with. I love the third picture right above here, how messy she was is a good indication of how much fun she had. It might be hard to see that small. Here it is a bit larger.

We did a few more activities before meeting up with our friends so here are pictures of those!
They had a small (as in short so you could see the kids go through it) maze, a slide into the corn, and lots of animals to see. We saw pigs, goats, sheep, geese, turkeys, horses, donkeys, llamas, and randomly......a wallaby! Who knew there'd be a wallaby sitting at a pumpkin patch in the middle of Springville, UT?  (you can sort of see it in the top left corner of the middle picture below). We also stopped to take a few pictures in the pumpkins.

Next, we climbed the straw pyramid. Ellie climbed it all by herself! Ben followed her in case she needed help, but she was an impressive climber and he didn't help at all!

Climbing up

Taken from the other side after she conquered it!

After we met up with our friends, we went through a taller maze, and then back to a few of the other activities, including the corn again :)  Ellie had fun navigating the activities with a buddy :)

Aiden was SUPER tired, so we headed home before we had a chance to pick out a pumpkin so we decided we'll be going back and do that later.  Makes a great Monday FHE activity!

It was such a great weekend! Besides the pumpkin patch, my brother came down so we got to spend time with him. We went to Slab Pizza (YUM! If you haven't been there...go!) and took a nice walk along the river trail while he was here. Ben and Ty also went golfing.

The only downside to the weekend was that we had fun dinner plans that got canceled! A couple families from our ward were coming over for Sunday dinner, but one of the families got sick last night and as it turned out, Aiden got sick just a few hours after they let us know!  He got a high fever out of nowhere.  Poor guy is miserable today.
Instead of getting the second family sick, we definitely opted to reschedule.

One more good thing about the weekend before we end. We went on a walk along the river this afternoon again, and the walking/bouncing motion of being in the carrier was the first time all day the poor little man slept for more than ten minutes.

A few pictures from our walk.

And yes, her shirt is both inside out and backwards. She dresses herself, and usually does an excellent job. Today must have been an off day :) Either that, or she was so excited to go on a walk (which she always is) that she made the mistake in her haste :)

Sad, tired little man :( Although he was happier on the walk than any other part of the day today!)

I asked Ben to take this shot right here for me and he did a splendid job. He captured all the beauty in the river I was hoping for! 

Think that's it......we'll be back soon with more fall fun stuff!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fire and Ice

Ben doesn't have class until 1:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays this semester so he has the mornings with us, which is awesome! A great change from last semester when we never saw him until who-knows-what time at night. We've been taking advantage of our mornings, and yesterday was no exception. We took a drive up the canyon to see the fiery fall colors. We wanted to get out and go on a nice walk, but that didn't happen. It was a little nippy down here in the valley, but nothing too cold with a coat. Obviously we knew it would be colder in the canyon, we just didn't anticipate how much. It was a near freezing 37 degrees! So, a bit to cold for a leisurely fall stroll.

Instead, we ended up just stopping a few places that looked cool, and getting out for just a few minutes near the parking lots so we could hop right back in the warm car when we were ready. Still had lots of fun :) Ellie loved collecting pretty leaves in her baggie, and we still got to see those beautiful colors. 

At one point, we were driving up South Fork and when passing South Park, we noticed a bunch of the trees were white. We saw the grass was white in spots as well, and soon realized the sprinklers had gone off and everything was coated in ice! So we stopped, got out, and had some fun. It was really cool to walk across the grass, it made the best crunching sound (not unlike leaves)! 

The grass kinda looked like seaweed. Cool texture. 

When we got home, we dumped out all the leaves Ellie collected, here they are! We're going to dry them in a phone book and do some art projects with them. 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Glorious Fall!

I've never loved fall all that much . I mean, I've always enjoyed the leaves changing and Thanksgiving is great, but usually I just think of fall as the gateway to cold, which I don't like. I also don't like Halloween very much, and fall just means I'll have to deal with Halloween one more time. (I know, I know Brooke and Brandy. Go ahead and shoot me now for saying that!)

However........the last year or two, I've changed my tune! Fall is growing on me. I'm falling in love with fall! Starting in late August, I even found myself getting excited that fall was coming, what?  There have been days when I've enjoyed the cooler weather, which if you know me, is just plain WEIRD.  It's possible I'm even excited for Halloween! No. Just kidding. Don't push it. I'm not sure that day will ever come.
Anyway, the point is I've really had an enjoyable fall so far this year! I think having kids may have something to do with it. It's just so AWESOME to watch them have fun new experiences. And fall has so many great activity possibilities for kids!
With that said, here was the first fun fall outing we took, with many to come. We've also done a few fun fall crafts/art projects, but I think I'll save that for a post at the end of fall when they're all done and I can post them together.

 Pumpkin patch with family
Every year for the past, 4 years already!....we go to this pumpkin patch up in Riverton with family. It's a fun little place with a mini corn maze and a few great photo opps. The best part though (meaning the biggest hit with the kids!) is the tractors. They have 8-10 tractors lined up that you can sit on and "drive" which,  when you're a little person, is VERY exciting. Last year, Ellie didn't care one bit about the pumpkins. She was much more entranced by the dried corn cobs on the ground. This year, she cared a little bit more. She even picked out a pumpkin, and it's a beaut! It was perfectly Ellie-sized too. Nice and small. She also really liked trying to push around wheel barrows that were much to heavy for her. She's never one to say no to a challenge! It was fun to have Aiden there because he would SIT STILL in all the places I wanted photos. How great is that? A subject that stays (for the most part) where you want them! Although, I got some awfully cute pictures of Ellie being busy :)

Without further ado, the most anticipated event of the night............Tractor Sitting! 

This is the pumpkin Ellie picked out. Ethan was informing me that this is the one she picked. 

Look at those hard workers! 

Putting her back into it! 

A little dance in the pumpkin patch? Why not! 

Or, ya know, maybe balancing herself as she walked om the rough terrain. 
Not as fun that way though. 

(Ellie's name for Logan)

After the patch, we went to a nice little park and had some dinner. 

They may or may not have been anxious to eat. 

Also wanted to add these links of my blog posts from previous years going to the pumpkin patch. It's fun to go back and see how things have changed over the last 4 years!

Pumpkin Patch 2013
Pumpkin Patch 2012
Pumpkin Patch 2011

That's it. More fall coming your way soon!