Monday, September 15, 2014

Chalk the Block and a Sunday Walk

So this lovely weekend, we soaked up some outside time while we could! I know we still have some nice fall weather, but it seems like the impending doom of winter's cold is WAY too close.

Saturday we went to Chalk the Block at the Riverwoods. It's cool, they get a bunch of street/chalk artists to come and they each create a masterpiece in the space of a parking stall. It's amazing the talent people have. They also have chalk out for kids to draw their own art all over the sidewalk, and they even had a chalk bus to write on.

Sunday evening we went to a park here in Provo and went on a lovely walk. Sunday walks are my favorite, because there's never any hurry! No homework to get back to, no laundry or housework, no work or classes for Ben, just a beautiful Sunday to mozy on for as long as we like (well...sort of...depending on kids :))  and appreciate the beautiful creations around us.

Ellie's favorite thing EVER is to run free! This picture is the epitome of Ellie right now. Look at those feet go!

My snuggle bug (I never thought I'd say that about Ellie! If you know her, you know why!)

Ellie liked reading the sign. 

She just HAD to show Aiden, so she pulled him closer, pointed to the sign and said "Look!!"

She really wanted to push him all by herself (and did for a good while).  

Love that sweet little face!

Making a scrunchy face at something

Again, showing Aiden something. Her beloved yellow leaf. "Look!"

Lest you think Ellie is serenely enjoying reality she's throwing a fit! It made for such a cute photo though, am I terrible? I also took a picture of Aiden the other day when he was crying with all his might, I couldn't resist documenting his cute mad face! 
Maybe this photo should go on a list of "You Might be a Bad Mom When....."

My snuggle bug

After our walk we headed down to Springville to visit Ben's grandma and grandpa's (fondly known as GG and G-pa) for a bit then headed home for nap time(for Aiden), dinner, and we made cookies. In case anyone needs a new good cookie recipe, these are delicious!

I also have to put up a few pictures from our last trip to GG's, they have this amazing deck that looks out on the valley. They can see all the way from Spanish Fork up to Provo. With the west-facing view that looks straight out to the lake and the mountains, it's a BEAUTIFUL place to be right around sunset.

And a few random photos from the last few weeks

Ellie watches Ben get ready for school each morning, so one day she decided she better get ready; backpack, keys in hand, motorcycle helmet and all!

And that's a wrap.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

6/7 Montheroos!

So I sorta missed six months, so I figured I'd combine with with 7!

6 months: Getting more wiggly, decided he was too big for his rock and play and hates it now, loves to play with Ellie. I didn't ever sit him down and take pictures like usual, so here are are just a few random ones for 6 months :)

This one was actually taken on the 24th, so he's exactly 6 months here

6 1/2 months: He has started crawling. He first mastered the army crawl and would only get up on his knees and rock, , but now he's got the whole arm-leg coordination thing down and he's crawling for real. He loves his new mobility! To his liking(and to Ellie's dismay!), he can now go over to where Ellie is playing and snatch her toys! It makes her mad, it makes him proud (that he can get things on his own!), and it makes us chuckle. It's hilarious to watch. Yay for siblings!

He also started solids. We had tried giving them to him maybe a dozen times previously, but he just wasn't interested or ready. All of a sudden, he decided he was and he downed some rice cereal. Good thing I got a bunch of baby food made over the last few months and have it frozen and ready, because I'm pretty sure this boy is going to be an eater!

Aiden's first tooth also broke through! I forget how sharp those little suckers are, my goodness. They're tiny razors!
The poor little guy, not only did all these things happen this month, they all happened in the same week. Big week for a little guy!
I didn't ever sit him down and take pictures like usual, so here are are just a few random ones. :)

oh yeah, and I forgot to mention he LOVES puzzles. I'll often turn around from whatever I'm doing and find him like this. He gravitates to the puzzles in the room, no matter where they are

and here's a video of his army crawl

7 months:  In the last few days he's started to growl, which is hilarious. He also LOVES to roughhouse with Ben, he plays right along and just smiles and giggles like he's having the best time in the world. He's getting more and more chatty; faster and faster with his crawling; and eating like a lion! He also loves to torment his sister. I actually took pictures this month! His second tooth came through. He sticks EVERYTHING in sight in his mouth, he especially loves to find small random bits of things on the floor, it's great! Not! I'm pretty sure this is his thinking process: "Hmm, I see something small and random on the floor. It's not a toy. What is it? Better eat it to find out. In it goes!"  Ellie was so opposite, she hardly stuck anything in her mouth so it's fun to get used to a baby that sticks everything in. Also something new (and adorable!)is now that he crawls, anytime he gets sad, he comes crawling straight for me with the cutest sad and pouty face. "Momma, I'm sad, where are you?"  I love it. He's SUCH a momma's boy. His hair is also growing back, which is great. I love his soft little fuzzy head.

There are his two new teeth!

He can stand up against things now too. He pulls himself up, but not quite to standing yet. He usually stops half way and settles for sitting straight up on his knees. 

Love this round little face :)

He often crawls with his bum up in the air. 

Oh those eyes

Playing with Ells

Holding hands

Cute squishy soft man, it's such a joy to be your momma!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

For Labor Day weekend, we spent a good deal of time outside, and we couldn't have asked for a better weekend to be out! The cool, overcast weather was divine.

This is how the weekend went.
Saturday I helped my aunt take some pictures of her son. We went to the Riverwoods to do that, and between the overcast sky and the surprising lack of people, it was a perfect spot.
Later in the day, we went up Provo Canyon and met my parents and brother for a nice picnic and walk. We went to Nun's park, right below bridal veil falls and picnicked, and we walked up the river trail to the falls to play in the water for a bit. Great evening. Afterwards we were driving home and decided we couldn't resist a stop at Rita's for some italian ice. They even had my favorite flavor (they change flavors daily, you never know when the good ones will be there!), coconut creme.

(pictures from the canyon)

She always squats like this when she plays, and she'll sit in that same position for a LONG time, it's amazing. This time though, she tipped backwards once and ended up with a wet bum! 

Wet bum.

Grandpa, grandma, and uncle Ty

Aiden was tired, so while we were eating he just sat like this, perfectly still, and just relaxed for a while. 

Eventually though, he got up to play!

Ellie loves to hold Aiden all the time now, and requests it quite frequently

A few panoramic shots...

This one I didn't plan well and had to move the camera over a good bit at the end to actually get Ben and Ellie in the shot, whoops! Still fun though

Monday we continued enjoying our time off by taking a nice walk along the river trail. We seriously love how close it is, makes for great walks whenever we want one! We helped Ellie make a nature collection along the way. , and she had quite the stash of leaves and small flowers by the time we got home She kept them on her stroller tray, and just sat and twirled and played with them as she rode comfortably home. Cutie.

When we got home we layed them all out on the porch to see what we had and talk about them

After our walk, we ventured out to the mall. We didn't go for any particular reason, but as we were looking around we found one good deal. Downeast had a 50% off clearance items sale, and we found several shirts for Ellie in the little girls part of the store. They were cute, well made shirts and we got them for only $2.50. Love getting good deals on kid clothes! When we were done we ventured over to get some yogurt at Yogurtland. If you can't tell, we're suckers for cool treats.  We also went to Kohl's hoping to find some good kid clothes deals, but struck out.

Great weekend. This morning it's back to the grind as Ben started school. He's had the last two weeks off (ish) since his internship ended. I say off (ish) because he's still been working his other job (his real estate research job), but he was mostly working from home and he could basically work as much or little as he wanted. That job has been the biggest blessing. It's flexible nature has served us well time and time again in the last year and a half he's had it. So, we were able to sneak time with him whenever, and we got some great family outings out of it! (like all our trips to thanksgiving point, the splash pad, walks, and lots of fruit and veggie picking)