Friday, August 22, 2014

Thanksgiving Point, Etc

Here's a conglomeration of all the things we've done the past few weeks.

Starting with Thanksgiving Point. They have $2 Tuesdays in August, so we've been loving that. The first Tuesday we went to the Museum of Ancient Life with Bri, Nate and Ethan, and this last Tuesday Ben had off so we went to Farm County and The Gardens. We're hoping to go next Tuesday as well to the Museum of Natural Curiosity. 

I didn't take many pictures at the dino museum, because I had two kids to wrangle in a VERY busy museum. All I got were a few phone snaps, but I'll try to get some more pictures from Bri and put them on here eventually. For now it's just these. 

For the farm and garden though I had my hands free to take lots of photos! 

It was such a gorgeous day to be there! It was overcast most of the time, and the breeze was cool. It was one of those days you just want to spend every second outside.

We usually go every year in the spring with family, and without fail these fountains are always a hit with the kids. Playing in them is always the favorite part. Sadly, they weren't on! I've never seen them turned off before, such a bummer! So instead we let Ellie take off her shoes and splash with her feet for a bit. 

Ellie and Ben enjoyed hiding around corners and then scaring me. We did it several times over in one particular spot, and it brought fits of giggles from Ells each time :)

Now to the farm...

Other than that, we've been out to a pick-your-own veggie garden several times, we've been gobbling down Rita's italian ice whenever we get a chance,we spent a few days checking out drool-worthy, drop-you-jaw homes at the Parade of Homes, and Grammy was in town for a week! We also have spent lots of time watching little man practice his new crawling skills.


Hanging out in someones GINORMOUS shower at parade of homes

Ben's favorite parade house

It had some seriously incredible views

Family selfie at parade of homes (minus Ells who was at home playing with Grammy!)


our garden is a little wild...

Rita's again


The boys hung out in the shade while the girls did all the work!

Ellie went searching for the cucumbers. Last time we were there he had just picked them all for the farmers market, so he got us some out of the coolers. Ellie( miss cucumber monster) didn't want to miss out on them this time, so she took it upon herself to go find them. Silly little miss!

Playing in the rain (it was just a sprinkle, but Ellie loved getting drops on her face)

We found a new mexican place we like in Orem, and we got a groupon that you had to use all at once so we got a LOT of food. It was actually only two entrees- but we both got what was called "Tour of Mexico" so we got to try three things each. Tacos, tamale, flauta, chimichanga, enchiladas and a burrito. They were all delicious!

Aiden crawling

Plus, here are few random pictures from July that I forgot to put up

Hokulia Shaved Ice

She loves to play dress up

Whew, I think that's it!