Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Silver Lake

Yesterday, my friend Selina was in town from DC for a week before she moves to Vietnam for a year (or more!). We got our group of friends (minus 2 who are in California) together and headed up Big Cottonwood Canyon to Silver Lake to have a picnic. At first we didn't know if we were going to be able to go because of the weather yesterday, but it stopped raining and looked like it was starting to clear up before we were scheduled to meet, so we decided to go for it, and I'm so glad we did! It was GORGEOUS! The weather was nice and cool, it was overcast for a while and then the sun came out. Perfect day to be up the canyon. So much more comfortable then the scorching hot sun! Plus, because of all the rain, the colors were SO vibrant! It was crazy green! 

We got there a bit before everyone, so she spent 20 minutes or so chasing a squirrel around and I spent 20 minutes chasing her around trying to take pictures with my phone

Since I was carrying Aiden and only had one hand to take pictures, a bunch ended up blurry which is so sad! Here are a few of my favorite blurry ones. 

She loved this log, and spent a good deal of time just sitting on it. 

The crews arrived! (and from here on are the non-phone pics)

The three littles had a fun time just running around while we picnicked

Jenelle and  little Miss Lilly

She's off! She LOVED running these boardwalks.

We tried so hard to get them all to sit! But as SOON as we got them, the two boys climbed down

Love this picture  :)

such great faces from all of them

I loved this one of Ellie, but it was MAJORLY overexposed, so turning it black and white was the only way I could save it. 

And one last one of the group from Selina's phone

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Second Half of July

Pioneer day was great. In the morning we took it easy and spent some relaxed time as a family. We have been so  busy lately that we haven't had much time together, and we decided the best way we could spend the morning was taking a break from our busy life and just enjoy doing nothing! In the evening we went up to my family's house and had dinner and played in the sprinklers.

Right after dinner, Ellie decided the first thing she wanted to do was ride Aiden. She ran in the loving room after we got her down from the table, and a few seconds later when I rounded the corner behind her, this is what I found :) She was even saying "Ride ride!" (she pronounces it "rye, rye")

Cutie cousin Logan

Ethan loved sitting on the sprinkler

So Ellie decided to try her hand at it!

They also decided they wanted to lick the water...sillies!

My handsome men!

After dinner and sprinklers, we sat around and played games and watched our neighbor's fireworks out the window. 

Great day!

The next day for my birthday, we met Ben at work, he got off early and took me to the cheesecake factory for a late lunch. This place has fond memories for us, he took me there for my birthday before he went on his misison. he took me here the day he proposed (it was where the scavenger hunt started)...we just love it! I got a dish called chicken bellagio, and it was heavenly!

and of course, so was the cheesecake!

Danny was also able to come celebrate with us, and he stayed the weekend so he got to come with us to our next fun thing!

On Saturday we went to a pick-your-own farm in Orem and picked some ingredients to make fresh salsa and fresh tomatillo salsa. Also, every summer I make a huge batch of ovenroasted tomatoes to use in pasta throughout the winter. They didn't have very many ripe cherry tomatoes at the farm, so I decided I'm going to try ovenroasted sun sunsugars. Sun sugars are just the yellow version of cherry tomatoes, but they taste quite a bit different so we'll see how they turn out!

Here are a few pics Danny took

And a few I took

She did so good picking! She was so careful to only pick the "yeh-yo" ones, and not the green ones :) She loved it!

And that's a wrap!