Sunday, May 25, 2014

100 Days of Summer- Week 1

so this summer between Ben's internship and the time he spends commuting to Salt Lake and back every day we're going to have a LOT of time with just the three of us, so I decided to start a project. I'm calling it my "100 Days of Summer" project, and it's basically to keep us busy and doing new things all summer. So, each day for 100 days we're going to do some sort of fun activity. Going somewhere new, making something, exploring a cool spot, etc. Each day I'm taking a picture of the fun activity we did, and then I'll post them a week at a time.

Here are this weeks.
( We didn't start till Tuesday, and we aren't doing Sundays, so there are only 5 this week)

Day 1-We made a socktopus. Ellie stuffed it, I sewed it. She got a little zealous with the stuffing, so he has a really big head. And I put his eyes in the wrong spot. Whoops! We'll just have to make another one sometime.

Day 2- Ellie decorated a pot

Day 3- Ellie planted Zinnia seeds in her pot. She put the dirt in, helped cover the seeds, and watered them.

Day 4- Air Hockey!

Day 5- We went to Yogurtland. She really liked the strawberry and carrot cake flavors.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Three Months

Aiden at three months:

-Super social, he just LOVES people! He gets so very happy when anyone plays with him, comes over by him, makes eye contact with him, etc. 
-laughs a lot, we get at least one REALLY good laugh out of him each day, usually more, and many smaller laughs
-Slept until 4 in the morning, twice! 
-Found his toes :)
-Squishy! I love his squishy feet. hands, thighs and cheeks
-getting more and more wiggly
-very ticklish :) 

(technically, he was 3 1/2 months here)


Here's a quick sum up of May

Family Pictures
So several times we've gone out and taken our own family pictures. It involves a tripod, and me running back and forth. It usually works pretty well, and mostly we just enjoy spending the time together as family. Well, we need some new family pictures with Aiden in them so we got all dressed up and headed out to take pictures. It was a giant fail. For one, it's much harder with 2 kids. I had to get Ben in position holding a squirming/wanting to be free Ellie and set Aiden down in the carseat right by my feet, set the camera, grab Aiden and RUN! As if that isn't hard enough, I also got a new lens recently and it's not an auto focus. It's a manual focus, and it's getting the best of me! I can never seem to get a focused picture. It looks focused in the viewfinder, it looks focused on the screen after I take it. Somehow, though, when I get home and get them on the computer they're never focused! are the FEW focused ones we managed to get. Of course, none of the ones with the whole family were good. For that reason, and because some of them are still cute even though they're blurry, I'm putting up a few bad ones too. We'll try again sometime. 

We also saw deer. Ellie kept calling them dogs. 

City Creek/Temple Square
Ben and I went on a fantastic date to city creek and temple square. If you haven't been, go! Temple square is BEAUTIFUL right now, and it's so fun to just walk around city creek. We picked a gorgeous night, the weather was perfect, and we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. (pics aren't the best quality since they're all from my phone)

PS Ben got an internship!!!!!! He will be working HERE, at Zion's Bank in their corporate real estate department. (It's the tall one). Lucky boy, he'll have an endless supply of nice places to sit outside and eat lunch since he's surrounded by temple square and city creek!

Now the fun part. We spent a solid week fighting stomach flu! Ellie had it the longest, she was the first to get it and the last to get over it. Poor thing! She couldn't keep anything down. We went to the doctor because she was getting dehydrated (she wasn't real willing to drink anything, and when she did, it just came right back up!) and they gave us syringes to force feed her fluids and a zofran prescription so she could actually keep something down. Also during the week, Ben and I had it for a few days. Luckily, we had it on different days and LUCKILY Aiden didn't get it. Whew!
I have to say though....Ellie makes the cutest little sickie ever! And she was SO good, she carried her bowl around all week so she had it if she needed to throw up.

New Earrings Ellie got her ears pierced. I had no idea this was coming. Ellie was kinda driving me nuts one afternoon, so Ben took her out to give me a break. I thought they were going to the park. Turns out I was wrong! They came back, and Ellie had her ears pierced. Ben wanted to surprise me and well, he sure did.  I was shocked.

River Trail Walks
We live just 2 blocks from the Provo river trail, which is awesome. We've been taking LOTS of walks lately. Here are a few pictures from one of our walks.

Little man just hung out in the stroller while Ells explored

(notice the earrings)

Saturday Drive/Visiting the Temple
Yesterday we decided to just go on a drive. We went up from Alpine over the mountain to Draper. It's GORGEOUS driving through there! We had fun looking at the houses on the way too. There are some insane houses up there, it was fun just to drive around a few of the neighborhoods and oogle. We stopped at the Draper temple and just spend a little time sitting on the grounds, and then rounded off our trip with a stop at IKEA. Fun evening.

Ellie had a blast playing on the lush grass of the hill we were sitting on. And she learned to say temple. 

Aiden enjoyed just chilling. He's always so good when we go anywhere.

The view of Utah county when you're driving over the hill

And of course, the beautiful temple

Lastly, here are just a few random pictures from May.

Ellie's new favorite thing- painting

She was mostly better this day, but still getting her energy up after being sick, so she just snuggled a lot

He crashed in the middle of tummy time.

Aiden loves Oakey, they're best buds. 

Saturday, May 17, 2014


I'm really trying to catch up on the blog this weekend, so hopefully there will be several posts to come! 

This is basically April, in picture form. 

We LOVE having a park across the street

I love how she holds on, with her arms curled under Ben's neck

She LOVES hanging out with Aiden. She asks me every day if I can put him in her crib with her, and she always coversthem both up with her blanket. So sweet. 

And any time he does tummy time, she does it with him. In this picture, she had just tried to put her own pants on, so you'll notice they're inside out and not pulled up in the back :) 

the first time he rolled over, she immediately started saying "more!more!" She wanted him to do it over and over. He complied about 5 times, then he was done. 

Grandma's boys! Ells is outnumbered. 

Gotta watch conference in your PJ's! Anyone else do that or is it just me?