Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter Activities

Here is a quick sum up in photos of some of the Easter activities we did with Ellie

Painting eggs

 doesn't he make a cute spectator?

Egg Hunt at Kims
We went to Kim's house for Sully's birthday party, and he had set up a surprise egg hunt for Ells and Ethan, isn't that sweet? 

Ellie finding her first egg ever

BYU Egg Hunt
We also decided to go to the BYU egg hunt, even though we knew it would be crazy. We were right :)

 Aiden's hair was blowing in the wind as we were driving home, and he was lovin' it!

Egg Hunt at Grandma and Grandpa's
The best part of this egg hunt was playing with the squirters they found along with the eggs. They had SOOOOO much fun, and so did we watching and getting squirted.  It was a blast!

See, told ya we had fun :)

(sorry for the poor quality, It's good quality on my camera, not sure why it doesn't translate to here)

Here are some pics of the hunt

These pictures were also from the same day, just inside after the hunt

Baby Logan

Logan and Aiden: cousins lookin' good in their tiger PJ's