Thursday, March 27, 2014

Those Eyes

This girl has the biggest, prettiest eyes.
You can see right into her sweet soul through them

Two Months

Two months already!

According to the doctor, Aiden is now 12 lbs  2oz (53rd percentile) and 23 1/2 inches long (86th percentile).

Here are some things this month that I love about our growing, changing boy!

I love his big blue/grey eyes.

I love his smiles and coos. He started smiling about 5 weeks and now he smiles all the time! When you get him to look at you, he also talks to you. He's chatting away in this picture
and here's a big, happy smile

I love how wiggly his legs get when he smiles.

I love his sturdy thighs! They're rock solid and no real rolls yet. Just big, strong, baby thighs!

I love how devastatingly handsome he is!  I mean, seriously, look at this face!

Other pictures:

His hair is starting to thin

Friday, March 21, 2014

Aiden's Blessing

So, on March 16 we blessed Aiden.
What a beautiful thing baby blessings are, and how wonderful is the priesthood!

We were going to do it at church, and invite all our family and friends.
Well, it turned out we couldn't do it at church that week because we had ward conference. However, we couldn't change the date because that's when Ben's parents were coming to town so we decided to bless Aiden at home. As a coincidence, there was a funeral of a family friend on the Howlett side that weekend also so a bunch of Ben's family came in to town that we didn't think would get to come. It ended up one big old, squishy family party but we all fit somehow! Unfortunately we didn't get to invite friends or some of our more extended family, just grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. We still love you all, and wish you could have been there!

The sweet little fellow looked so handsome in his little suit, and we had a beautiful afternoon.

Bri, Nate and Ethan are missing from this picture because it just so happens that baby Logan decided to come today! My parents had a rather busy day, one grandchild blessed and another born!

Aiden's grandparents

All the priesthood holders that participated in the blessing


Here are some things that happened during March:

Ben competed this semester again, and he did well :) I was able to go and watch Saturday night, which is when he competed Amateur. I didn't get any pictures because I forgot my lens, Whoops! You can look at the pictures someone else took of Ben  if you click here. Or here's another one and another one and another one.

Grammy and Papa visited!
 They were able to fly in for Aiden's blessing and Dancesport. It was great to have them here for a week, and I'm glad they got to spend time with Ellie and Aiden

 Baby Logan
On March 16th, the same day Aiden was blessed, Brianne had her baby! Yay for a new nephew for Ben and I and a new cousin for Ellie and Aiden! Welcome to our crazy family baby Logan! Happy Birthday!
My aunt and I were able to go and visit him Monday. He's sure a cute little fellow!
Logan made Aiden look so big!  I can't believe how fast he's growing. 
These two are going to be best buds!

Gallery Wall
I've been working on putting this together forever. I kept changing my mind about what I wanted to do, and then I could never seem to find the time to work on it. It's still not done. I have to get the pictures and things taken and put in, and I still have to paint the board in the top corner, but at least it's on the wall and I love how it turned out!
The middle pallet sign says "Love is Spoken Here", it's hard to read in the picture though. 

And here are just a few more pictures from March

                                    Ellie got some new legos, thanks Grandi and Grandpa!

He smiles all the time now, but this is the first smile we caught on camera. 

This face cracks me up, and it's one he has on all the time :)

They were snuggling, and I happened to notice they matched 

We got to visit with Grandi and Grandpa a lot this last week, and they got to meet Aiden :)

At the end of the month, we're also supposed to hear back from 2 of the other companies Ben interviewed with several weeks ago. Here's to hoping we'll finally know what we're doing this summer!!!

Friday, March 7, 2014

February Highlights

Feb 8th- My nephew turned 4! Holy cow, can't believe how big he is getting! And soon  he'll be an older brother, and I'll have 2 nephews (which I'm so excited about!)

Feb 14th-Valentines Day (of course!)

 Ben's ballroom team had to perform this night at a stake dance (this particular stake has a hoppin' Valentine's dinner/dance each year and they hire the ballroom team to do a floor show), so we decided to make a date out of it! Ben's brother was here for the weekend, so we left him with a sleeping Ellie to babysit,  we took Aiden with us in a front carrier, and we stopped to grab some yummy dinner at Rubio's before heading to his performance. We got there and I took a seat while he got ready for his show. I ended up sitting next to this sweet old lady, and she was hilarious. Everything she said made me chuckle :) For example, as soon as the show started, she said "Now, which one is your husband? I'll watch him." As soon as I showed her, "Ohhhhh, he's handsome, he must be Italian!" 
Gotta love it! 
Anyway, when the show was over, Ben changed, came over where I was and we danced for a little bit. Fun evening :) The next evening we made a nice dinner together at home as an extension of our date. The beverage was my favorite dinner item; we made virgin pina coladas and strawberry daiquaris as a fun reminder of our honeymoon in Cancun. 

February  19th
Ty came home!! Awesome! I missed my little brother!!

The sign says "Welcome Home" in Romanian

Ellie and Aiden got to meet their uncle for the first time! Ellie was born just a few months after Ty left, and Aiden one month before he came home. 

Last thing for February. So for those of you who don't know, Ben is studying finance and has to do an internship this summer. It's a crazy process, mostly because we have no idea where we'll be this summer! Anyway, on Tuesday, the 25th, Ben got a call from HSBC Bank in New York City saying they wanted to fly him out for an interview. Since they were paying all his expenses, we found cheap tickets and I have a friend out there who invited us to stay with her we decided to go with him! I mean what other time would we be able to go to NYC for only the price of a cheap ticket?! So in a whirlwind, we spent the next day packing, then drove up to SLC to my parents house (they live really close to the airport) Wednesday evening so they could take us to the airport for our flight that night. Well, that's about when things got a little crazy :) So the way our tickets were, we were on the same flight to NY, but on the way back one of our legs was different. We were flying from NY to Charlotte, NC on different flights about an hour apart, then our flight from Charlotte to SLC was the same one. Not a big deal, but we figured if we could get on the same one we might as well. When Ben called them/went to the airport to see if they could change it, we found out there was a problem with our flights. Long story short, United screwed up and they actually had us booked for the wrong flights. We were so mad!  We had to pay to change Ben's flight to the right one (since he had to be there for his interview!) and then we had to pay to cancel mine! It was a mess and it ruined a perfectly good trip, which is a bummer. Well, so by that time it was already late so we decided to stay with my parents so we didn't have to drive home that night (Wednesday). Thursday morning, we decided to just go ahead and stay till Friday (when Ben was coming home with his new ticket. Originally we were going to stay in NY till Sunday) so we could spend some time with my brother, and so we didn't have to take an extra trip back and forth. It so happens that Ben missed his flight and they only had one flight a day back here from there, so he actually didn't end up coming home till Saturday night late. 

So while he was there, his interview went well. He was interviewed by 5 people. Three of the interviews were in English, and two of them were in Portuguese. They went well! Well enough that they said they wanted him! We had a very short time to decide if he would take it or not. Very short! 
The pros of accepting: The pay was great (great enough that we could not only cover the extra expense of living in NY for the summer which is CRAZY expensive but also come away with a really really nice pad on our savings account!) and the job would have been one he really enjoyed. Also, living in NY for a summer would have been cool. 
The cons: Though it would have been cool to live in NYC for the summer, it also would have been really tough with a teeeeeeeeny apartment and 2 kids, and only what stuff we could fit in a suitcase (meaning no toys and stuff to do!) Also, finding a decent would have been really tough. Ultimately, we decided not to do it because of the hours Ben would have had to work (70-80 a week+ commute time would have left us without a husband/dad for the entire time! Ellie would have never seen him!) and mostly, because after some prayer, it just didn't feel like the right thing for our family. 

So now we're back to waiting. Oh how I hate waiting! Especially for big things like this, I just want to know where we're going to be living this summer! He's had a bunch of interviews and he's still in the running for 2 companies, but neither of them lets him know until the end of  March. One is T-Mobile (still a finance internship :)) , which would put us at their corporate office in either Washington or California, and one is Zion's Bank which would be here and he'd just commute to SLC. There are also tons of other possibilities because internships tend to become available in rounds, so the next round of applications is just starting now. 

To finish off this post, here are just some random February pictures

Ellie loves to give Aiden his pacifier...the only trouble is when she gives it to him, as soon as he settles down she likes to yank it right back out and start the process all over again :)

Waiting in my parents driveway for them to get home with the keys :) Little man was not happy in his carseat, so we let him out!

We were trying to get a good picture of the three of us, but of course, Aiden was upset and Ellie had just stopped  for a second in between bouts of crying because she wanted "more" (as you can see by her sign language) of something she wasn't getting. 

Mom and Ellie both showed up to Ethan's party in polka dots! 

Aiden snuggling with Grandpa

and Kim. 
He sure is a snuggler!

Alright, well I think that about sums up February! 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

One Month

Okay, so we're a week and a half late for the one month mark, but at least I'm still getting this done!

I can't believe my handsome little man is growing so fast! He has the sweetest little spirit, and we're so glad to have him in our family.

Here are some things I love about our little man:

I love his delicate, wide little hands and how he holds them up in the air when he's sleeping.

I love that his chin quivers when he's really sad.

I love the concerned look that's always on his handsome little face.

I love his soft, fluffy, abundant baby hair!

I love the way he snores.

I love his goat sounds.

I love his rhino knees. (They have so much extra skin on them they seriously look like rhino knees!)

I love how his hair is curly when wet :)

I love the thick, soft miniature mullet of hair at the base of his head.

I love his hairy man arms :)

I love his girlish squeals.

I love the mohawk that automatically appears after he takes a bath, even though we don't style it that way.

I love that he's the biggest cuddle bug EVER!

I love taking naps on the couch with this little guy during Ellie's nap time. I used to take naps on the couch with Ellie when she was this little and I've missed it!

I love how he curls up like a potato bug when I put him up on my chest to burp him.

I love his huge cheeks and 3 chins :)

So I took some one month pictures today and wouldn't you know it, Ellie ended up in almost all of them
which I actually love. I finally have some good sibling shots :)
Here's the little man at one month!

He actually was sitting up against the chair really well. He'd stay there for a few minutes at a time before he started slowly tipping :) 

Okay, so I may have changed his onesie a few times

Ellie loves wrapping him up like a burrito, which made things tricky when I was trying to take pictures of him just laying flat!

This one's for you mom, since you said you love baby pictures where they're lifting their head up from tummy time like this

This one just cracks me up because they're both making such awkward faces!

Oh those cheeks!