Saturday, February 15, 2014

Introducing Aiden!

Well, he's here!
Aiden Matthew deLeon was born Jan 24, 2014 at 10:13 in the morning. He must have been rather anxious to come, because even though I was induced a week early it was a super fast and easy labor and delivery.

My doctor recommended I be induced early for a few reasons. For one, my blood pressure was a little bit high, and they didn't want it to get higher. For two (and this is the main reason), my first labor went fairly fast for a first child and the doctor said the second time around is often much faster. That, combined with how ready my body was made her think Aiden was going to come really really fast, and she wanted to make sure I got to the hospital and I could get an epidural since I wanted one. At my 36 week checkup, I was 3 cm dilated already, and 80% effaced. Each progressive week's checkup I was about 1/2 cm more dilated, and by my 38 week checkup his head was so low and my cervix seemed so ready they weren't sure I wouldn't go into labor before I was scheduled to even be induced. I didn't though, so the morning of the 24th (when the induction was scheduled), they called us at 5:30 am and said to be at the hospital in the next hour.

We met my aunt in the hospital parking lot and transferred Ellie to her for the day, and off we went! By the time we got checked in and settled, it was just before 8. Ironically, I started having some decently painful contractions right before they started the pitocin, and then as soon as they started it (like 5 minutes to 8), my contractions started getting intense fast. I asked for an epidural pretty quickly, and it turns out it's a good thing I did. Had I waited much longer at all, it would have been too late!
Anyway, contractions started picking up super quick so my doctor came and broke my water at about 9:00 (I was dilated to a 5 by this point...I checked in at a 4), and then left thinking it would be a while that I would be waiting while things progressed. Well, at about 9:30 the nurse checked and I was at a 9 already, so she called the doctor back and less than 5 minutes later I was a full 10 so they started getting everything ready. As soon as the doctor came, I pushed through one contraction, threw up through a second, pushed through a third, and Aiden was born! It took less than ten minutes. At 7 lbs, 8 oz he was exactly 1 lb heavier than Ellie, and a bit longer too at 19 inches.
They put him right on my chest while Ben cut the cord, which was awesome! They didn't do that with Ellie because she had a meconium delivery and had to be whisked away immediately to be cleared out. She was then taken right to NICU for several hours, so I didn't get to see/hold her till she was about 5 hours old! I thought the same thing might happen with Aiden, because he  had a meconium delivery too, but he did much better with it. I got to hold him for a minute before they took him to clear him out but this time, it only took ten minutes and then he got to stay! I got to hold him for about an hour, and he started eating right away with no problems. That was AWESOME because I was expecting more of a fight. Ellie we fought for about 3 months to get to breastfeed, then we gave up and I resigned myself to pumping for another 2 months.

So far, Aiden has been SUCH a wonderful baby with a sweet, calm temperament. He is SO SO calm, and SO SO snuggly! This boy seriously LOVES to be loved! A cuddle is all he needs to make him happy, and a simple touch will calm him down so fast! He loves having his head rubbed, and if your finger is anywhere near his hand, he'll latch on to it so fast! He also sleeps really well, 3 hours at a time for a brand new little one is pretty darn good, I'll take it!  The last few days he's been really congested, so he's been a bit more fussy, and he's had a harder time eating, and sleeping not quite as well but overall, he's been very easy.

Ellie's done pretty well adjusting too. She can't resist giving him kisses whenever he's near, she loves to  rub his head, she loves to rock him when he's in his rock and play, she loves to hold him, she loves to play with his hands,she gets terribly concerned when he cries, and if she finds his blanket anywhere she'll bring it to wherever he is and cover him up. She also likes to pretend like she's burping him. She'll put the burp cloth over her shoulder, tap it and say "burp, burp burp". It's so funny! She's had a few epic tantrums as expected, but overall she's really the sweetest big sister you could ask for! Every morning when she wakes up, the first thing she says is "baby" with a questioning note in her tone, and then she takes off to find him. She loves her little brother so much!

Actually, I maybe shouldn't say little. He's growing like a weed, and I'm pretty sure he's going to pass her up really quickly! So he was born 7 lbs 8 oz and at his 5 day appointment he was down to 7 lbs 4 oz. They want them to be back to their birth weight by 2 weeks. Well, at his 2 week appointment, he was 8 lbs 9 oz! It took Ellie months to get to that weight!

Now is the part where I overload with pictures.

Just waiting!
And eating ice which is by far my favorite thing about hospitals.

Aiden getting cleaned up in the nursery

 snuggling with mom

family picture

Ellie loves giving him kisses.....but I'm not so sure he liked receiving this one :)

\my cuties :)

love this little man with his hairy arms and a  swirly cowlick on his forehead! (it's hard to see in the picture)

family picture on our first day home!

handsome little man!

Love my littles!

Beautiful head of hair

Just had to throw in a few of Ellie bean :)

She just plopped herself on the floor, rolled over and snuggled up by him

Throwing in another one of Ells, this big girl is 19 months old! 

Such a sweet big sister!

I just LOVE this picture! What a perfect, beautiful little face!
you can just ignore her bangs :) I may or may not have tried to cut them myself, and it may or may not have worked. Luckily, they grow out fast :) 

And I'll just end with this.
Being a mom is awesome :)
So grateful for our new little guy!