Thursday, January 23, 2014

Coming Soon!

Yep, Aiden is coming soon! Really soon in fact. Really really soon. Tomorrow actually!
I'm scheduled to be induced tomorrow, the hospital will call us sometime between 5:30 and 7 am tomorrow morning to tell us when to come in. They will either say "come now", or give us a time later in the day to come.

So, I figure this is my last chance to blog before he comes. I've been totally slacking on blogging this pregnancy. With Ellie, I kept really up to date on how things were going. Not so this time, I imagine having a crazy 1 1/2 year old has something to do with it :)

Anyway, here are a few things I wanted to blog about.
First of all, I'm rather proud of myself. I'm not a very great seamstress at all, but I made Aiden a bunch of blankets and burp cloths! Granted, they are just plain old recieving blankets and really all the sewing they require is a straight line, but still! They turned out cute. Some of the burp cloths I sewed and some I ended up doing crochet edges on. That was another big accomplishment for me, I've never crocheted anything in my life. My mom made these awesome burp cloths for Ellie when she was born, and they're my favorite ones, so I wanted some for Aiden. She taught me how, and low and behold, I managed to make some myself. Here's a picture of most of the stuff I made

So for a while, we were thinking we'd put Aiden in our room for several months, and then as he got older move his crib in to share Ellie's room. After a bit of re-thinking, we decided to change our plans. Aiden is actually now going to take over half of the office as his room. It's a tight fit, but for several reasons it's going to work out better for us. We rearranged the room over Christmas break, got rid of a bunch of stuff, put up the crib, completely emptied out the closet and filled it with a nightstand and rocking chair, and tada! Now Aiden has his own room.......okay, not really......but he's not sharing with Ellie.  Here are a few pictures, it's nothing too exciting and it's DEFINITELY mismatched but for the space we have, it's going to work out great.

 (and don't worry, the bins aren't as pink as they look!)

And the rocking chair wasn't in the closet yet when we took this, but it is now and the rock-and-play that's folded up isn't. The nightstand we've actually been using in our living room before now, and I've been meaning to paint it white forever. I never got it done though, but I came home from Young Women's one night to find it painted by my dear husband! What a sweetie! It looks SO much better now.

Lastly, I haven't really taken any pregnancy pictures along the way, but I figure I better take at least one here at the end. So this is me today, at 39 weeks exactly. The day before I go in to be induced. I got way bigger this time around than with Ellie.  It was definitely nice the first time around not to be as big, but I guess you don't realize your blessings sometimes without contrast! Now I realize how lucky I was last time :) 

(this was me last time at 39 weeks)

I think that's it! Here goes another great adventure!

Monday, January 6, 2014

A Second Dose of Holiday Happenings

Well, holiday happenings have been in full swing this past week (naturally) and here's a report!

Starting with Sunday. We went up to Ogden to grandma deLeon's house and got to see all of Ben's family who had just flown in over the weekend. We just spent a nice Sunday together chatting and snacking and playing with Ellie. Also, Ben and his siblings went out and had a good old snowball fight, and built a snowman. Being from Georgia, they'll take fun in the snow anytime they can get it!

On Tuesday we were back up in Ogden again for Christmas Eve. Playing games, eating (and LOTS of it! We had lunch, then snacking, then 1st dinner, snacking, 2nd dinner, snacking, and finally 3rd dinner. Having three dinners is a Guatemalan tradition. For first dinner we had Paches, second dinner a turkey, and third dinner tamales) and opening presents were the matters of the day. We also did a deLeon family Christmas program, where we all went over to the church and we each had a reading part in between beautiful piano music played by Ben's mom, Danny, Nicole and Emily. 

Wednesday morning we went to my family's house for Christmas. There we did more snacking, and more present opening. Also, we were able to skype with Tyler for a while for the last time. He'll be home in less than 2 months!

Ha, so my parents got an atari from my uncle's family, it was kinda fun to see some of those old games again.

Skyping with Uncle Ty

Ellie and Ethan are the best of cousins, they like to give each other kisses :)

Cousin snuggles!! 
"Mom....Ellie thinks I'm her pillow."

In the evening, we came back to our house and deLeon's came down from Ogden, and we did a third Christmas at our house. Ellie was asleep already, so we all opened presents and saved hers so she could have her own little Christmas the next morning.

Friday, we went up to Salt Lake and Ben and his family went skiing. Being 8 months pregnant, I wasn't able to go but I had a fun day anyway. I hung out at my parent's house for the day, and I was able to spend time with Jill's family, all of whom were in town. Yay for big family get togethers!

Here is a picture we took of the great grand kids, all except baby Lindsay who was sleeping. It's amazing how hard it is to get those 4 to sit on the couch and look at a camera. The picture below it is of the last time we tried to get a picture of the great grand kids, which was a year and a half ago just a week or so after Ellie was born. 

Playing in grandma's kitchen

And I just can't believe how BIG she looks here!

Saturday was another ski day for the deLeon's, so Ells and I had a relaxing day at home, and then spent the evening with everyone when they came home from their big outing. They were a little battered and worse for the wear, but not too bad all in all and they had a fantastic day out on the slopes.

Sunday was busy, I gave the lesson in Young Women's, and Ben gave the lesson in Sunday school,  so we spent the morning preparing for that. The deLeon's went to another ward for sacrament, then joined us for the last hour of our ward. After church, Grandi and Grandpa (Ben's grandma and grandpa) came over along with his cousin Jessica and her family, and we had dinner and a chance to catch up.

Monday following Christmas (so the 20th) we ran a whole bunch of errands and then had tickets for the Carl Bloch Exhibit at BYU. Unfortunately I was feeling pretty sick that day so I didn't go but everyone said it was nice and they had a good time. Then Ben's family headed up to Ogden, and that was that!

Other highlights of the week while the deLeon's were here:
-Organizing/rearranging rooms so we have a room ready for Aiden!
-Dollar Movie night
-Our traditional bake-off. We have one every time we all get together. This time the teams were a tad different. Ben and I were a team as usual, and so were Emily and Nicole, but Ben's parents are usually a team, and they split up this time so Danny could be on Dad's team. However, he didn't really end up helping, so it was basically each parent on their own  :)
Our theme this time was caramel, and here's how it went
1st place went to a delicious caramel cheesecake made by Ben's mom
2nd place went to Ben's dad with a caramel cake
3rd wend to Ben and I with snickers oreo caramel bars
and 4th to the girls, with a layered chocolate caramel tart
-Crock Pot cooking day- We spent about an hour, and with all of us helping, we made up 15 or so freezer meals that you can just throw in the crockpot so that when Aiden comes, we won't have to worry about cooking so much. It'll be awesome! Our freezer is now stocked with healthy, hearty meals that will take no effort to prepare, which will be a lifesaver.
-Snowshoeing on New Year's day at the Solitude Nordic Center. I called my parents to borrow their snowshoes (they have 5 pair) and it turns out they had planned on going that day too, so we ended up all going together! It was a beautiful day, and we had lots of fun. Ben carried Ellie in a front pack, and she did pretty good for a while. After that though, she all of a sudden didn't want to be held by anyone but me, and not in the pack either. In my arms. Silly girl! So, at that point, everyone else continued on and I took Ellie back carrying her in my arms. My mom was concerned about us going back, so she came with us, dropped us off at the lodge, and then went backwards on the loop to met up with everyone again. Ells and I hung out in the lodge (which is really a rental building, not much of a lodge) and had some lunch and after a while, the troops came back. Of course, they were bursting with news that Ben had fallen in the lake! Why was I not surprised?! Really, he just stepped in it and got his foot stuck, and my dad ended up getting his foot in too helping Ben get his out. Silly hubby :) I'm just glad it wasn't more serious, and that they didn't really fall in, yikes! (a bunch of these pictures are from Ben's dad, since I wasn't there for the whole trip around)

 Ben falling in.

Whew! I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting a few things in this list that second week, but that about covers the holiday break! What a fun whirlwind, and now it's back to the grind! Ben is back to school this morning, and Ellie and I are spending our last bit of time with life as we know it with just the two of us. Soon it'll be three of us here at home while Ben's gone during the day, that'll be a change!