Thursday, October 31, 2013

Beautiful Fall

Here is a brief synopsis (mostly in photos) of what we've been doing this fall:

Family Pictures.
We went up the canyon with a tripod and enjoyed a beautiful fall evening smiling and trying to beat the self timer and get in the frame of the picture :)

Playing in the leaves.
We don't really have leaves in our yard(or we didn't two weeks ago. Now we do!), so we went over to the church one evening and played in the leaves there. Ellie had fun for a few minutes while Ben was dumping leaves over her head, but overall she wasn't super interested. Next year I'm sure she'll be more so. After our short little leaf play time, we were heading home and the light was so beautiful that I couldn't ignore it. We drove west down Center street and found a nice spot to just take a few pictures.

I just love this picture.  Her expression in it just shows her truly sweet little nature. Most pictures we take of her show her silly or wild nature, so I love this one!

Ben's Trip.
Ben just got back from a 4 day trip to Silicon Valley. It was a business/networking trip he took with the finance department at BYU, since that's what he's studying now. He LOVES it. He had the chance to visit some awesome companies while he was there, and came away with some good connections that he's hoping will turn into an internship next summer. If it does, we'll be living in the San Jose/San Fransisco area for the summer, which would be fun. He visited Intel, HP, Google, Cisco, Intuit, Actelion Pharmaceutical  and a place that I can't remember what it's called but they make surgical robots. They got to play with one of the robots (which he loved!) and he also got to have dinner at this guys house (The previous CFO of the pharmaceutical company. He recently broke off to open his own company, and he's a BYU alumni so he invited the group over) who lives a block from where Steve Jobs used to live, and a few blocks from one of the founders of Google. Ben said the house was stinking incredible and he had a blast. He also got a lot of good advice about what working in the finance industry is like, and what living in the area is like.Coincidentally, he also ended up sitting next to this guy on the plane who was just returning from a business trip, and who also gave him lots of good advice. The guy looked over his resume for him, and said he was very impressed. He said if Ben had already graduated, he would have probably hired him on the plane because he was looking at that time for someone with Ben's skill set and qualities. He got the guys email to stay in touch, and who knows, maybe that will help him score a job after graduation.   It turned out to be a very productive and wonderful trip. 

Pumpkin Patch.
While Ben was in California, Ellie and I went to a pumpkin patch with my mom, sister, nephew, and aunt. The best part of the whole evening was when we got Ethan to walk Ellie through the corn maze. They were so stinking cute! The funniest part was that she kept picking up corn stalks and handing them to Ethan, and he was taking them with this "fine, I'll take it if I have to" attitude. She just kept handing him more and more, and he grudgingly took them, what a good cousin :)  After a while, he finally decided to stop humoring her, and he refused to take any more. So funny :) You can see the corn stalks in his hand in the corn maze pictures.

There are actually 6 people in this picture.....both my sister and I are expecting! Both boys too, Ellie will be surrounded. Good thing she can handle herself :) 

note the above mentioned corn stalks Ethan is dutifully collecting from Ellie 

Ellie's favorite part about the pumpkin patch was the corn cobs lying around. No interest in the pumpkins whatsoever, just interest in navigating around them to find more corn. 

26 weeks and counting! Next year we'll have another addition to our pumpkin patch trip :)

Sadly, some of the pictures are terrible! They're weird colors and the light (especially on faces!) is awful in some. I guess that's what happens when you try to shoot on manual but aren't able to constantly adjust because you're carrying a wiggly toddler in addition to a camera :) I learned a lesson......It's WAY easier to take pictures when Ben is around! 

Fall Carnival/Trunk or Treat.
So we went to our ward fall carnival/trunk-or-treat last night and dressed Ellie up as an elephant! She was the same thing last year, but the costume still fits this year and it's the cutest stinking costume on the planet, so we went with it. With her skinny little legs sticking out the bottom, and then the huge stuffed elephant hips and the little tail that wags when she walks, it was just too good not to do again!  Last minute, Ben and I also decided to dress up. I used my default pirate costume that I've had since high school, and Ben threw on some scrubs to go as a doctor. Maybe next year we'll plan ahead and shoot for a theme. Heck, it's possible I won't be able to resist the elephant costume again and so baby boy will wear it, and then we'll go as a family of safari animals or something.

We started out by decorating a cookie

Which she then happily devoured

Then she went to color a mini halloween puzzle

She kept going back and back and back to that station. We'd color for a few minutes, leave, she'd wander back and color some more, leave, and on and on. The best part was the first three colors she picked were yellow, black, then purple. VERY halloween-ey colors!

Back again! Still munching on that cookie

We also spent a good amount of time just following her wherever her cute little elephant legs took her

At one point she decided to wander in and try the cupcake walk. Mostly she just wanted to pull the spiders off the floor. 

She decided to skip most the activities, she just kept going back to the same ones. We had fun though, and ended the night outside for the trunk-or-treat. 

I think that's it, whew. Lots of pictures. What a great time of year! We love fall and all the fun activities it brings!