Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Pregnancy #2-It's a BOY

So in case you haven't noticed, I haven't hardly blogged anything at all this summer. Well, that's mostly due to pregnancy # 2! I've been sick as a dog this time around! I thought I was really sick with Ellie, (and I was, throwing up daily for 9 months was awful!) but this time around has made last time around look like a walk in the park!   I'm 20 weeks along now, and just finally starting to feel like this morning sickness is manageable. Between 2 anti-nausea medicines (neither are swallowable, because I can't keep those down), a very careful eating schedule, and lots of rest I'm able to manage a day. Still feel crummy most of the time, but it's totally TOTALLY better than it has been.

The Details:
(This is mostly just so I have this documented, feel free to skip over it reading :))
 Let's just sum up weeks about 4-18 by saying this : most days I literally couldn't even keep down a drop of water. Throwing up 20+ times a day was normal. Every diaper change, every time I rinsed out a bottle, and basically every time I set foot in the kitchen I threw up. Even walking from one room to another was enough of a smell change often that I lost it. I didn't know it was possible to have such a  CRAZY CRAZY strong sense of smell. I feel like I have a superpower.....only it's one that works to my detriment!  Movement and touch also make me throw up. Like even small movement and Ben could not put his hand on my belly to try and feel the baby without consequences!
Also,  I took 4 trips to the ER.
Trip #1: One lovely Sunday morning, I started having back spasms every time I threw up and all 4 limbs were going numb. Anyone ever had back spasms? They're incredibly painful, and I basically couldn't move at all for a few days, and I couldn't hardly move for another week after that. Luckily my mom was able to come stay for almost a week and take care of Ellie while I was in such a state. The crazy part about this trip was that Ben was just about to go in to instacare when I started having spasms, and so because he had to take me to ER, he just checked in there. We had matching hospital bracelets, it was lovely. He went in because he got stung by a bee the day before, but he was having a delayed allergic reaction. Luckily it wasn't serious, just required steroids for a few weeks to clear up.

Trip #2 was for dehydration, shakes and weakness, and cold clamminess. Not normally an ER situation, but it was a Sunday and nothing else was open.
 Trip #3 was because I started throwing up blood. Can I just tell you how scary that is when you're pregnant!! Luckily, it was not a serious problem. WHEW!!!  Apparently because of all the violent, persistent vomiting, I tore my stomach lining and that's why it was bleeding.
 Trip #4: Yep, one more trip, for dehydration late at night.
 Also had LOTS of IV therapy, and plenty of utterly miserable days. Whew. Glad that's over with.
Anyway, needless to say, I haven't really felt like blogging. At all. Maybe now I'll start up again.

The blessing in all of this was that Ben has this awesome job that allowed me to be able to survive the summer.  He is a research assistant for a professor in the finance department on campus. His job is all on the computer, so he could work from home all this time and help me when I needed it. Also, there were a few weeks where he was working on compiling mass amounts of data, and entering them into a database. It was kind of monotonous, but it was something anyone could do, which meant I was actually able to work for him. It was great, because movement made me so sick, I was able to just sit in one spot not moving, and type this mass amount of data into the database, while he took care of Ellie. He sort of became the stay at home dad for several weeks, and I became a working mom, but I could work from bed, which is seriously exactly what we needed. Such a blessing. How many jobs, let alone student jobs, would allow for that? And to top it off, this job give him GREAT experience for a resume (since he's now studying Finance) and it pays great. It pays the max BYU will allow a student job to be paid, which is about $4 more an hour than the average student job. Sweet.

Anyway, So, our first bit of exciting pregnancy-related news......we had our 20 week ultrasound today and.....It's a BOY!!!!!
Here's some pictures of the little fellow

 (not sure why this one flipped upside down in blogger, it's not upside down anywhere else! )

We're so excited for Ellie to have a brother, now we just have to think of a name! That's the hard part.

Anyway, here's a little Pregnancy Stats questionnaire that I found to fill out.
How far along? 20 weeks 5 days
Starting Weight: 115

Total weight gain:   Well, I lost weight from being so sick, but now I'm up to 121 so  6 lbs since start weight, but I'm up 8 lbs from where I got down to  
Maternity clothes? Not yet
Stretch Marks:  Nope! Not yet!
Belly Button In or Out: In still
Sleep: I sleep pretty good, as a plus Ellie is finally starting to sleep consistently through the night, which means I can!
Best moment this week: Getting icked constantly. I love feeling the baby move inside me, and seeing my belly move on the strong kicks.
Movement: Yes! I started feeling the first movement when I was 13 weeks, and about a week and a half later, I started feeling defined kicks. Since then I've been kicked non stop. The kicks have been strong enough since about week 15 or 16 that Ben has been able to feel them from the outside. 
Food cravings: So far the big ones have been chocolate milk, orange chicken, peaches and chips and salsa. 
Food Aversions: The first several months, the things that sounded really horrible changed daily. Nothing at all stayed down well though, so maybe I had a food aversion to everything? 
Wedding Ring (on or off): On
Symptoms: bad back pain the first few months (which is gone now. I'm sure It'll be back), fatigue, the crazy morning sickness, and that's about it so far. 

Looking forward to: Seeing how Ellie interacts with this new sibling, and seeing if they look similar/how similar. 

ComplicationsHyperemesis Gravidarum, which is basically diagnosed morning sickness x1000.