Friday, June 21, 2013

Of Diapers and Duck Tape

**disclaimer...this story is about a lot of poop. If you don't want to read it, don't. I figured it needed to be recorded though, so that someday Ellie can read it and see how much her mother loves her, so much that she is willing to clean up TERRIBLE messes like the one described.
With that, we begin.

Thank heavens for duck tape.
Without it, I don't know how I would have survived these last few weeks.
Our clever little Ellie girl discovered how to take off her diapers at night/during naps.
We woke up several mornings to find a diaper-less baby. No matter what she was wearing, she could get her diapers off. She just pulled at them through her clothes, so when we thought we were brilliant putting her in long, zippered PJ's, it turns out we weren't. The night we "brilliantly" put long PJ's on her, we found her the next morning with her diaper hanging out in the leg of her PJ's, because she had still got it off. Anyway, we had been pretty lucky so far.  She had wet all over once, but nothing that was too big of a deal and we were just trying to decide what to do about it. As Ben was leaving for school one morning (and Ellie was just going down for a nap), he said, "just wait, soon we're going to have a blowout while she doesn't have a diaper."
Uh oh.
He asked for it.
10 to 15 minutes after he leaves, you'll never guess what happened.....
And the worst part is, he wasn't even there to deal with it! He lucked out on timing there.

An epic diaper-less blow out.
I hear her chatting and not sleeping, so I go in to get her and I was rather shocked when her crib looked somewhat similar to a pig sty. I instantly spot the cuprit; her diaper sitting free in the corner of the crib, no where near her.  The sheets were covered. The blankets were covered. The bottle in her crib was covered. The railings of the crib, you guessed it, covered. And our dear little girl, COVERED from head to toe. It was in her hair, it was all over her face. Her hands were caked. Her arms were caked. Her legs and feet and  her little toes were caked. She looked like she had taken a mud bath! No wonder she wasn't going to sleep, she had found new fun in painting her crib! SOOOOOOO disgusting!!!

 I whisked her off to the tub, spent like 20 minutes scrubbing her down over and over again, and then just closed the room to her door and waited. It just so happens that my parents were headed down to visit us that day, and they were due to arrive rather soon, and I was so grateful because that meant I had someone to distract her so I could clean up without her interfering. It took about 40 minutes, lots of lysol wipes, spray disinfectant, a tub, a sink, lots of detergent, and a few other cleaning products, and several loads of laundry but finally it all got cleaned up. Whew!

After that I learned my lesson. When your baby starts taking off their diapers, don't lollygag when trying to make up your mind with what to do about it!
Every diaper from that moment on got duct taped.
Too bad I hadn't decided to try it one diaper earlier, we could have avoided poopmaggedon all together!

Friday, June 14, 2013

One Giant Bathtub

So, I'm behind, but a few weekends ago, we took Ellie swimming for the first time! My aunt Kim told me that  the Scera Pool had a free swimming day, so we planned a trip!

Kim and Sully went with us, and for an early birthday present, they got Ellie this great inflatable mesh floater, that she can just sit in in the pool. At first when we put her in the pool, Ben was just holding her and getting her used to the water and getting her wet. He also was helping her learn to put her face in the water and blow bubbles. That would have made me crazy nervous except it was Ben teaching her. He used to teach swim lessons to kids when he was in High School;  his youngest student was 3 months so he's taught infants before. It's lucky for me (well...mostly for our kids) that I married him because I'm not a great swimmer, and therefore I'm definitely not good at teaching others to swim!

Anyway, Ellie did pretty well overall. She had several fussy moments, but I think it was probably a bit overwhelming for her. For one, it was really busy and crazy. For two, there was a slight chilly breeze that day, and it made swimming a little cooler than anyone likes it to be when swimming. We didn't stay in very long, because she got cold. When she was ready to get out, she snuggled with Ben for a few minutes while I hopped out and took a few pictures before I dried off and grabbed her.
I'm thinking she'll really like swimming once we go a few more times. It's in her blood. Plus, she LOVES bath time, and the pool is just like one giant bathtub, right?  :)

Ellie's cute swimming suit from Grandma :)

On the way out, Kim had the brilliant idea of stopping at the sno shack and getting slushies, Yum! The one I got was delightful, it was coconut vanilla with an extra shot of cream. Ben's was Dreamsicle with a scoop of ice cream in the bottom. 
Kim and Sully enjoying their slushies