Thursday, May 30, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

Was anyone else glad it didn't rain this Memorial Day weekend? I swear, every other year it has rained, and it always makes planning difficult!
Anyway, I'm just glad we got to enjoy the sun. 
So, to start off the weekend, Thursday night Ben's brother and sister (Nicole and Danny) came down from BYU-I to stay with us. 
Friday was a pretty normal day, Ben was working and had the car, so we were kind of stuck at home. We did spend some time at the park, and we made home-made cold stone and just enjoyed the day. 
Saturday was our fun day. We first decided to go up the canyon and do a little hiking. I hurt my foot earlier in the week, and it happens that Ben also did something to his foot and it was bothering him, so we really took more of a short walk than a hike. We went to Bridal Veil Falls and just enjoyed the view, the sun, and the fresh mountain air. 

Ellie was full of cute and silly faces 

Sweetest face ever!

The boys, being boys, decided to launch a grass fight

from which no one was left unscathed......
...not even Ellie. Oh boys. 

Just enjoying life to the fullest :)

We decided to stop at the Riverwoods on the way home to play in the splash pad, but Ellie decided promptly she didn't like it. So quickly that this is the only picture we got. 

So then we just decided to wander around the shops, and ended up in this really cool toy store, complete with:

an Ellie sized chair

A sweet book nook

and a strange bike.  You alternate pushing your feet against the bar and it moves you around. 

Ellie got to try it out too

We also got to help with the world's largest crossword puzzle. It was about three times as wide as you can see here, and  about 6 1/2 feet tall. 

On the way home, we stopped and got a redbox, and some ingredients and went home and made tin-foil dinners and s'mores. We were in a we-wish-we-had-a-campfire mood. Instead, we had to settle for the oven for the tinfoil dinners, and we ended up saving the s'mores for another day.  We finished off the night just relaxing with our redbox. 

Monday ended up the most boring of all the days. Ben, Danny and Nicole all had lots of homework to finish before Tuesday, so most of the day Ellie and I just played while they worked, worked, worked. I have to say, all day I was thinking how nice it is to not have homework anymore, especially on holiday weekends! Why professors, WHY? I'm pretty sure most students would be willing to cram in extra work/material in the weeks before and after the holiday weekend just to keep their holiday weekends homework free! 

It was still nice to have a fun weekend though, even if the homework did show it's face to steal a day of it. 

Saturday, May 18, 2013


Well, we had another adventure with taking Ellie to the ER Tuesday night. And again, she ended up being just fine thankfully.

Tuesday all day, she was grumpy and not sleeping or eating great, and I thought it was because she was teething. She was also kinda sweaty all day, and getting chills, but she didn't have a fever. Then late afternoon, she just started crying, crying, crying. After finding that none of the usual things would calm her, we just chalked it up to the teething and decided it was going to be a long night. And so it was. After hours and hours of crying and seeming like she was in pain (and she didn't respond to tylenol, which usually works wonders for teething pain, or ear infection pain) we were starting to wonder if we should call in to the doctors. Well, as we were debating, suddenly her eye started swelling up. It got pretty big pretty fast, so at that point we got on the phone ASAP with the after hours nurse at our pediatrician (it was 9:45 by this point). She asked if there were other symptoms besides the eye, so we told her the other things we'd seen (the inconsolable crying for the past 3-4 hours now, chills, not responding to tylenol, etc) and she said those weren't concerning on their own but combined with the eye, she was pretty concerned. She said to go to either the Instacare or ER, but the Instacare closed at 10, and we wouldn't make it in time, so ER it was.
The doctor's weren't sure what was going on since her symptoms were all over the board, and nothing they could think of would have those symptoms together. A severe allergic reaction made the most sense with the eye, but she didn't have any of the other symptoms that are usually present with that.  So they started testing.

The hardest thing about babies is they can't tell you what's wrong, and everything could be serious, hence all the tests for what was a no big deal ending.

Anyway, first they did blood work. They stuck an IV in her arm, so that if they had to keep drawing blood they wouldn't have to keep poking her, and oh boy......was that fun. They crazy swaddled her with the one arm sticking out, then 4 of us (me, Ben, and 2 nurses) held her down to get it it. She's a fighter. If you knew how hard she fights just for routine diaper changes, you would have some idea of how hard it was to get that thing in. Oh yikes. Well, the results of the blood work showed nothing so next they needed a urine sample. Here we go again. How do you get a urine sample for babies since you can't hand them a cup and say "restroom's that way!" Well, you use a catheter, so poor little thing had to be held down by 4 people again, and have a catheter put in. Fun stuff. Final step was an x-ray to make sure there's wasn't something wrong in her gut.
As we were waiting for the results of that and the urine, the doctor comes in and says they're still puzzled, but he had one idea. He said that perhaps all the other symptoms were inconsequential, and it was just that she got something in her eye that scratched her cornea. He said a scratched cornea can be really painful, and although it's easy to check for in an adult (because they can just put them up to one of those devices the eye doctor uses to look at your eyes during an eye appointment) checking in an infant is nearly impossible. The only way he could think of to figure out if that was what was wrong was to give her numbing eye drops and see if that changed her behavior at all. Well, about 10 minutes after she got them, all of a sudden she starts moving around and playing and talking instead of just crying and snuggling. Yep, problem found. Scratched cornea.

After that, we just had to hang out to make sure the tests came back fine, and then the nurses took the IV out and we were heading home at 2:30 after a long night.

Oh the joys of being a parent :)

The good news is that she slept well when we got home. She didn't wake up until noon the next morning, took another nap from 1-3, and was in bed by 6:30 so her little tired body was able to catch up on sleep and  sleep off some of the trauma of her hard night.

And no pictures in this post.  I didn't have the heart to take a picture of her sad, red from crying, tired face with an eye so puffy was nearly swollen shut, or the little IV in her tiny arm.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

10 Months

Yes, this is a bit late but goodness I had a hard time getting her usual monthly pictures in her rocking chair this month! First, it was rainy and overcast day after day, so I didn't get enough light up in her room, then I couldn't for the life of me get her to sit still enough in the chair like she usually does so well! Really, this shouldn't be a surprise. With her wiggly nature, the real surprise should be that all the months previous, I did get such good pictures, and she was so cooperative each time. I'll just post one or two from her usual chair spot that worked alright, and the rest will just be pictures from this month so far.

Playing with her cousin Ethan

Hanging with Grandpa

Playing in Grandma's flowers

In Jail. She put herself there by climbing between the couch and the railing

Crawling out of Jail
Chowing down on homemade Cafe Rio baby style; cheese, bits of homemade tortilla, beans, lime cilantro rice, and mini pieces of sweet pork

An epic, after-bath look

Ellie at ten months:
Well, lately Ellie has become an independent little soul. She lies to feed herself much better than having someone feeding her. Also, every once in a while when I'm on the floor playing with her, she'll just go off in her own little world and play around me, like I'm not even there. She's very good at entertaining herself when she wants to be. 
She still loves to eat. She likes our food more than hers, because she loves trying lots of new flavors! Even strong flavors that a baby might not normally like, she loves. For example: she likes onions (from our pizza),  pesto (on bread or tomatoes from our paninis), southwest seasoning (on chicken in our quesadillas), etc. For lunch today she had about 1/4 of my avacado, a bunch of black beans from my nachos, and some homemade cinnamon applesauce. 
She loves being outside, but hates the grass. I think I talked about this in a previous post (maybe?) but when you put her on it, she sticks her bum high in the air and lifts her knees and as many limbs as possible off the grass. It's hilarious. 
She's a vocal little thing. Often she'll just sit and chat, chat, chat. She can say a few words. Mom, Dad, hey and yay she says really good. She also says more, ball, button, and a few others, but they're less clear. You can certainly tell when she's trying to say them though. 
She LOVES to clap and wave, and when she claps, she always accompanies it with a "Yay!" 

This past Sunday, she randomly started playing peek-a-boo at church with the people behind us. It was hilarious, and something we hadn't seen her do before. She was standing up facing backwards, with a death grip on the bench behind us, and all of a sudden while still holding on, she bends her knees and lowers herself below the top of the bench, where they people behind us couldn't see her. Then, a few seconds later, she pops up and says "Hey!". She waits for a reaction, then goes back down, then up again with a "Hey!" She was doing it over and over for quite a while, so funny! I felt bad because it was quite distracting for those behind us but like I said, she had a death grip on that bench, and we couldn't get her to let go so we could sit her forward and distract her with something else. Plus, it was so dang cute, I didn't really want to :) 

She's 29 inches tall, and finally almost 15 lbs. 
She still has just 2 teeth, but I think more are starting to come, because she's been gnawing like crazy the last few days.
She doesn't seem to have any interest in walking yet, she's content with being able to stand and cruise along furniture.  
She loves her cousin Ethan,  and loves to follow him around. The other day we were at my mom's house for a family dinner, and both Ben and Nate were asleep on the floor in the living room. Someone told Ethan to go wake up his dad, so he goes over to Nate and says "Dad" and taps him to wake him up.  Well, a few seconds later, Ellie crawls over to Ben, says "dad" and crawls up on Ben to wake him up. It worked! And it made us all laugh. 
Summary of Ellie at ten months: active, and silly as ever :) We love our little Ellie Bean!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Toilet Paper, Cape and Crib

Just a few pictures from recently.

Yep. Guess what Ellie found today?

So the other day after her bath, she just decided to leave her towel on as a cape. She left it on there while she was playing for about half an hour, then we took it off to get her dressed. 

And I just had to throw this one in there. This is what we get to see several times a day when we go get her in the morning and from naps. It always makes you feel so good when the second you open the door, she just gives you this HUGE smile and gets SO excited to see you!

10 month post still coming.....we just haven't had a chance to take pictures yet :)

Sunday, May 5, 2013


Yay! Yesterday, we were able to put a garden in our backyard. First, we dug up our backyard. It's currently just gravel and rocks. Then, my dad brought his truck down, we went to the dump and got a load of compost, we made a wooden frame, and ta-da! It's ready for planting. I'm so excited!


DURING      (when we were digging, we discovered there used to be a sandbox in the corner. It was buried under the gravel.  There were even toys still in it
AFTER    well, almost after, we still have to re-place the rocks that used to be where the garden is now.

Don't worry, a ten month post for Ellie is coming in the next few days