Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Well, I gave Ellie her first hairstyle today! Her hair is pretty thick, and pretty long in spots but there's not much to do with it except stick it that's what we did. Dead center. Cute little bean.

She thought it was silly :)

I'm so sad, I had my manual settings wrong and I took several shots before realizing it so this picture ended up WAY too bright (thanks to the sun streaming into my room!)
I stinking love it anyway though, it's so funny! 

Play time!

So as a mostly stay-at-home mom (I still consider myself one even though I sub once or sometimes twice a week), I spend the vast majority of my time playing with Ellie. I have so many cute pictures from just sitting around playing, that I decided I'd make a post out of them.
Yes. I take way too many pictures.
Yes, most of them are of Ellie.
Yes, she has probably already had more pictures taken of her than most people do in a lifetime. Okay...maybe not quite...but it probably won't be too long before she beats the majority of people's lifetime picture count.
Yes, I probably should branch out and I'm sure doing so would help me to take better photos.
Anyone want to volunteer?

Seriously though, how can I not take so many pictures with this cute cute cute little squirt around all the time?
Without further Ado, pictures of playtime!

She LOVES to pull down her little boxes of headbands and bows from her dresser. You can see the second box on the dresser still, she got to that one shortly after this

Her new favorite "play time" is when I let her eat her own food....

She found my closet the other day.......needless to say she had a fun time in there

Taking a short rest, then back to play time!

I frequently see this....she'll start drinking a bottle, then abandon it to play for a few minutes, then go back to it, but she tries to drink it while she's sitting up so she can still play
She loves her play car

Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend Happenings

The last several months I haven't really blogged anything except monthly updates on Ellie, so here we go, a post that's not a monthly Ellie update finally!

This last weekend was a great one; filled with family, fun, and inspiration.

Friday evening was so beautiful, we decided to spend it enjoying the outdoors, so we went on a walk. It just so happens that we live about a block away from the Provo river trail, which makes a great walk! Here are some pictures from that. When we got home, we went to Panda to finish off our delightful Friday night.

There's a swing along the trail, Ellie loves swings!

The last few weeks she has gotten more snuggly, often when you pick her up she'll cuddle against your shoulder like this. I LOVE it :) Especially since Ellie has never been a snuggly baby! She's always just been wayyyyy more interested in wiggling than snuggling

This one cracks me up.......I love her squishy face

This is how she rode in the stroller for a good part of the walk, just chillin' with her feet up

She loves it when Ben would take off running and drive her in crazy patterns

Saturday morning, we were off to Salt Lake to go to my family's. We don't have a TV (Okay, we do.....but we've had it since we've been married...but we have yet to set it up because we pretty much never watch TV), so we always go up there to watch conference. It just so happens that both my grandma and Danny (Ben's brother) were in town to go to conference so we got to spend some time with them too. Because my grandma was over, my aunt Kim came up and my sister Bri and her family came up so we ended up surrounded by family.
Between sessions, we played air hockey (really we just put Ellie on the hockey table and let her play, she LOVED it!) and did some shopping.

Watching conference

This is how Danny chose to watch conference :)

I can't be blamed for the crazy patterned outfit, I had her in pants that actually looked good with what she was wearing, but she went through 4 outfits in a day, and this is all we had left. 

Snuggling with dad during conference

What a wonderful weekend it was!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

3/4 of a Year

Yep. Ellie is now 9 months old. I can hardly believe our sweet little girl has been with us for 3/4 of a year already, she is such a blessing to us!

As a 9 month old, Ellie is busy, busy , busy! Oh man, is she a mover! She started army crawling mid February (7 1/2 months) and started real crawling at the end of February (8 months) and since then, she's ALLLLLL over the place! I knew she would be once she got moving because since the time she was 2 months old she has been the most wiggly baby on the planet! Seriously. You should see us trying to hold on to her during church some weeks. It's completely comical. It takes all 4 of our arms constantly adjusting and restraining to keep her from falling. Anyway, with all that moving has come baby proofing everything! She also started pulling herself up to standing about two weeks ago (8 1/2 months), and she's starting to cruise along furniture. YIKES! Before we know it, she'll be wobbling along without the support of a couch or our hands. She's also a climber. Seriously, she'll climb over anything and everything. It's hard to block her off from places you don't want her to go, because she just climbs right over whatever obstacle is in her way.
In other news, separation anxiety is in full bloom, she hates it now when I even leave a room. She used to play on the kitchen floor pretty well while I was cooking, now she just crawls over to my feet, whines, and starts climbing up my legs which makes cooking tricky.

She got to meet her great grandma and great grandpa this last month, (Grandma and Grandpa Howlett--Ben's mom's parents), which was awesome, but it took her some time to get used to them! The first time they came over she would scarcely leave my arms  (and if she did it made her mad!), but the second time, she did much better and spent some good time letting them hold her.

She seems to (for some odd reason) be more clingy and stranger-weary when there's just us and one or two people she doesn't know than when there's a whole bunch she doesn't know. For example, when anyone comes to visit, she always has a hard time, but when Ben takes her to his dance class with him, she's totally fine being passed around, and she's a big ham about it. Also, we went to a big family dinner two Sundays ago when Ben's grandparents were in town, and she did really well there. So funny :) By the way, when I say big ham, I mean  BIG HAM. When her "Ahhhh! Someone's holding me that I don't know!!!" alarm doesn't go off, she seriously is the biggest ham ever! She smiles, and hides, and plays, and teases and it's so dang cute to watch. For some reason, she especially loves being a ham at church.  When she can snatch the undivided attention of whoever happens to sit behind us(which is pretty much always!), she is in heaven.

Her favorite food is still bananas, and she eats at least half of one every day. She's also starting to eat table foods. She LOVED Easter dinner because she got ham, potatoes,rolls, and asparagus. She loved it all. We have yet to come across a food she doesn't like. Her new favorite things are  those little baby puffs, and spaghetti. We just give her little pieces of noodle with sauce, and she devours it!
She's getting really good at her pincer grasp, thanks to the puffs, but once she grabs them she likes to play with them and smash them more than eat them. AT her 9 month check up, she was 27 1/2" long, and she weighs 13.4 lbs, which is crazy small! She's a skinny mini! The doctor says as long as she keeps growing at a pace that's consistent and normal for her, she's fine, even though she's in the 1st percentile for weight. I think she must have inherited the super fast metabolism that comes down from my dad.

She still is not the best sleeper, despite all of our sleep training efforts. It seems as soon as we start to get some sort of a normal schedule, something throws it off. The last thing that threw it off was an ear infection right  before Easter. Before that it was croup, before that it was the stage in which she was transitioning from 3 naps a day to two, before that she was teething,  before that it was another ear infection, before that it was a holiday trip to Georgia, get the idea.  It just keeps going! I'm convinced that having a "normal" schedule with a baby is impossible! Things change so quickly. She is starting to go to bed later though, which is nice (she's always been an early-to-bed, early to rise sort of baby. We tried to push her schedule back a bit, but it never worked so she used to be in be in bed by 5, and up by 5:30) because now she's sleeping in longer. I slept until 7:30 most days this last week and it was WONDERFUL!

She has also learned to climb stairs, and she's starting to wave to people. Half the time she ends up waving to herself, but we're getting there :) She also has 2 teeth now, both front and center on the bottom.

Okay, okay, this is getting long. To finish off, here are some pictures. I was able to buy a new camera body for less than the repair cost of mine, so I got that just a few days ago and I'm loving it! It's a Nikon d5000, so basically the same level camera as mine, just one version newer. I'm excited though, one of it's perks is that it does video, yay!

Definitely missed the framing on this one, but I just LOOOOVE that dimple!

She loves to climb on the banana chair

Her eyes are definitely in the steely grey color range. If you're looking close in person, they're  blue/grey with some brown in the center. In pictures and further away, they just look grey. 

This one is to show you her teeth, the one on the left has just broken through in the last week

Not crystal clear, but still cute as a button!