Thursday, March 14, 2013

8 Months this is quite late because I was waiting to get my camera back from the repair shop. It was supposed to take 2-3 weeks, putting it done around the 4th, but they called after 4 weeks to tell me they replaced the motor (which is what it needed) and it still wasn't working, so it would take longer to figure out what's wrong. Well, they did, and now I have to decide what to do. The circuit board is also fractured, and overall the repair would be around $220 plus tax. The repair guys said he wouldn't recommend repairing it, they never recommend if it the repair is over half of the current value of the camera, and since it's old, it is over half it's current value. Ahhhhh....what to do??????
Anyway, I took some pics with the point and shoot.

Here she is! Our big, beautiful girl :)

Silly little girl, she LOVES to blow raspberries recently

And I love her little dimple so much!

Things I love about Ellie at 8 months, and things she's learning:

She gets soooooo excited about things, she shakes her head back and forth and just kicks her legs like crazy, she just can't contain her excitement when she sees something fun!

I love how she just sits taps her feet when she's on her belly playing.

I love how often as she's crawling, or in crawling position just playing, she sticks her bum up in the air and plays so she's just balanced on her feet and hands. Kinds like a monkey :) Hard to explain what I mean...but it's so cute :) Maybe I'll include a video.

I LOVE that she has a name for me. She calls me Nih-Nuh. Quite often if I leave the room, or when people come over and she gets nervous, she calls for me. It makes my little heart SO happy!

She eats like a champ. She can eat a lot of food, especially recently. I think she's in the middle of a growth spurt. Recently, She loves squash and the blueberry/apple combo.

She likes plastic cups, mom's chap-stick  the straps on the diaper bag,her car seat, and anything that's not meant to be a toy better than her toys.

She's learning to wave, she flaps her hand towards herself every once in a while

I love her big, gummy, loving, sincere and abundant smiles :)

I love her little tiny tooth that's starting to interrupt that gummy smile, but I'll love it even more when it's done causing discomfort!!!!

I love that she sings with me! Anytime I start singing to her, she jumps in and starts singing along! She loves singing time, she gets SO EXCITED before singing time in primary each week! (Yes, Ben and I teach Primary now.)
My favorite song to sing to her is "Heeeeey, hey baby, I wanna knoooow if you'll be my girl". She likes to sing the Hey's with me, she's pretty darn good at it. It sounds just like a Hey!

Also, as of this week, she has learned to pull herself up to standing, and as of today, she has learned to open drawers! We're in trouble now! She seems to be at a peak time of separation anxiety, she hates when I leave a room or when visitors come. She also is developing object permanence, which makes sense to me that these two things hit at once.

Friday, March 8, 2013

The Living Room Plan

I'm so excited!!!

We just painted our living room, and I get to kind of start from scratch in that room (since we don't have much in there) to create a lovely living space!

So far, this is the plan, thanks to pinterest :)

Our walls before were a sage green sort of color, and we loved them, but the people before us covered up some holes when they left, and they color matched wrong, so we had these huge, unsightly spots where the paint was a slightly different color....which meant we had to paint. We ended up sticking to green, but went for a lighter minty color. Now our walls are painted "Sweet Mint" by Valspar 

(which is similar color to the biggest paint can lid  in this picture)
(pinned here)

From there, I knew I wanted a mint/coral-ey/peach-ey color scheme, so I found a picture that fit what I was looking for, and I can draw colors from it.

Here is the picture I found that fit the color scheme I was thinking of:

(pinned here)

I SO SO LOVE these colors! Aren't they gorgeous!!!! Add in grey and white for neutrals, and I'm SUPER excited to get decorating!
 I think my first project will be to paint, paint, paint things we have. I have a few furniture pieces that are wood that need to be painted white, and then lots of black frames to spiffy up and color for a gallery wall. Here are some other things I'm going to make for my gallery wall, all in shades of white, grey, mint, coral, and peach.


LOOOOOOVE this clock

(pinned here)

And I want to make one of these frames in grey or coral
(Pinned here)

And one of these mirrors
(pinned here)

I already have one of these made of Ellie
(Pinned here)

Love this subway art

(pinned here)

And of course, a letter D. I just love this particular one, you modge podge a copy of your marriage certificate onto it. My only dilemna with this is that our last name starts with a lower case d, deLeon, would that be weird to do a lowercase one? Any thoughts?
(pinned here)

Also, I want to make one of these, with white wood and then a peach heart and grey lettering. 

(pinned here)

And we're saving up to get a nice picture of the temple for the gallery wall as well, which will be the best part.

 Here are some other things I want to do with the room

Eventually, I want to end up with curtains something like these ones. Not the 4 panels, I just mean the striped pattern
(Pinned here)

And a table something like this one
(pinned here)

And I'm in the process of making some of these for the mantle

(pinned here)

Whoo! I'm in for a lot of work, but I'm excited :)