Friday, February 22, 2013

We've Got Ourselves a Crawler!

Well, it's official!
We have ourselves a crawler!
For the first time today, Ellie crawled while on her knees, rather than the army crawl on her belly that she's mastered in the last few weeks.
She still alternates between the two, but as the day went on today she started to be more heavy on the knee crawling than the army crawling. It's hilarious, she goes on her knees until she gets so excited to get where she's going that she just wiggles her legs too much, and they fall out from under her, and all of a sudden she's on her belly. Then she goes a little ways like that, gets back up on her knees, goes a little ways more, and then repeats the whole process. I love watching her learn :)
Video to come.
Also, pictures coming of her yoga poses. We call her Yoga Baby. She does yoga poses after she wakes up, so nearly every time we go get her, she's in some interesting pose. Usually downward dog, except rather than holding her weight up with her hands, she uses her head, and then uses her hands to play with her blankets. Must take after her grandma (Ben's mom) in that way, since she's a yoga instructor.  So funny :)

Also, I can't leave this post I'm using this post as a perfect place to put a bunch of random pictures from my phone that haven't gotten on the blog yet because none of them in themselves merit a post, but they're all fun!

Ellie looking cool in my aunt's sunglasses, we babysat my cousin for a few hours this last weekend, and so yes, that's an epic fort in the background. Well, a small portion of it.

Ellie's first experience in a fort, with Uncle Danny (who came to visit the same day)

Our little valentine :)

A few weeks ago, we (meaning Ben, Ellie and I) went on a double date with Kelly and Josh (and Jaden!) Here's some pics form that:

The parents:

The Babes:

Monday, February 11, 2013

7 months and counting!

Alright, I'm a little bit late but on the 4th, Ellie hit her 7 month mark! Oh how our little girl is growing!
She can now move around really well, she  army crawls/rolls/pivots very easily to get where she wants, and she's pretty fast when she wants to be! She's SOOOOO close to crawling, she can get up on her knees, and then she just rocks back and forth. It's so cute, and I just know that any day know she's going to get some movement in with that rock and take off!
Other new things:
I taught her to give high fives the other day, so fun! She does it pretty consistently, if you can get her to give you her undivided attention, which is a task. If you can though, you just put your hand up in front of her and say, "Ellie, give me five!" and she does :)  She spends most of her time on her belly these days, she loves to just sit on her belly and play with one toy for a few minutes, then army crawl a little ways to a new toy, play with that, then move to a new one again and again. She loves to move.

She loves solids, so far we have only come across one food she doesn't like...turkey.
We gave her little mashed bits of strawberry the other day, and she went wild over it! She also especially loves bananas, sweet potatoes, squash and carrots. Her favorite baby cereal is the mixed grains. They're by far her favorite over rice or oatmeal, though she'll still eat whatever you give her.

I tried to take some 7 month pictures of her, but she was SUPER wiggly, and also, I don't have my good camera so the picture quality isn't the best, but they're still stinking cute! I'm going to have to re-do the shoot when I get my camera back (it went in today to get repaired), especially since her outfit is my new favorite. I definitely need some really good pictures of her in her super cute outfit! (The scarf is mine, but it's smaller and lighter than most scarves, so it worked for her as a perfect accessory for the photo shoot :))

I have way too many cute videos of her from recently, so I'm just going to link to them all rather than uploading them all on here, because I don't think I have enough space on blogger. Here they are, just click on the ones you want to watch.

Silly Sounds

Reading the Ads

High Fives!

Slap Happy   (whes she's really tired, she gets mad for a little bit, and then she gets past that point to a slap happy point, it's hilarious. This is one of those times)

Ellie learns to make a smacking sound
(this video is longer than necessary, you only need to watch like a minute of it)

Her faces when you blow on her are epic

Sitting up in the Rock and Play

And I just had to add this video, for one because it's my favorite video ever, and for two, to show how much she's grown! She was 2 months in this one :)