Wednesday, April 10, 2019


February! A great month. Weather started getting nice, flowers started blooming, valentine's day is always fun and my parents came to visit! I haven't been feeling particularly like writing a lot on these blogs lately, so pictures with captions are basically the go-to blogging method for me lately. Here goes! 

Ever since we went to Disney World, Aiden wears his hat all the time and spends a few hours a day talking about Disney. No joke. He's always making lists of what rides he likes, planning his way though the park by looking at his disney maps (which we had to laminate), and playing disney make-believe. He just loves Disney! 

Girls Spa day, our favorite mother-daughter activity :)

Ellie's valentine's stash from school

We also spent a lot of time sick in February, which was no fun. Between all four of us, we were basically non-stop sick the whole month. 

We found a new yummy place to eat, an El Salvadorian place with the most delicious pupusas!!! We may have gone three times in as many weeks :) 

When the flowers start blooming, I start clipping and arranging :) 

Lots of playtime outside

I kept my long lens on my camera just sitting around for a few weeks so
I was able to capture pictures of some of the birds that visit our yard. Bluejays and cardinals are everyday birds here.

These next two, though, were treats to find! Hawks and falcons are common here, but you usually see them soaring the skies, not perched in your yard! 

This guy is a red-shouldered hawk, we think

And this one is a falcon! Either a peregrine or Merlin 

This woodpecker is a friend of ours, he came to our front tree every morning last year during the spring and summer, and we would watch him as we ate breakfast. We named him Zippity-Do-Da (Zippity for short). We were so thrilled when zippity returned again this year! Our breakfast buddy is back! 

Took Em to the botanical gardens

Ant then Grandma and Grandpa came to visit!!! 

We took them to the gardens too....

And it was so wonderful to have them for a while :) Aiden spent a good amount of time chatting Disney, and telling Grandpa and Grandma all there is to know about it. 

I think that's it for February! 

5 Year Old Aiden

This is a few months late, but I just wanted to write a quick snippet of Aiden at this age; 
a quick snapshot into who he is. 

He's pretty awesome. 

Turtles and Penguins
Reading (Encyclopedias and Atlases, along with non-fiction animal books are his favorite)
Learning about the world. Landmarks, countries, new places, cool facts, etc
Food: Pizza, greek yogurt, and fruit (especially watermelon)
Planet Earth and the Magic School Bus
Trains. Always. 
Joy School.
Dinosaurs and Fossils. 
Music and singing. 
His family, and playing with Ellie
Hugs and snuggles
Ginko leaves
Saying "Actually....." and "Correct!" or "Incorrect!" 
Singing in the shower. 
His favorite place in the world is the Reference section at Barnes and Noble. 
Disney World. 

Going to bed. 
Any movies with scary parts or bad guys. (So...pretty much all disney movies and lots of others. ) 
Food! (haha....kinda, he's pretty darn picky these days) 
Putting on his socks and shoes
Babies. He really doens't like babies. If you ask him, he'll say "I don't like babies, except for baby Jesus" 😂

Wants to be when he grows up: 
A palentologist

He humms when he's happy. He LOVES to be silly and tease. He loves to ask alexa questions or ask for facts. He has absolutely LOVED joy school, and he's SO excited for Kindergarten! 

(running like a train) 

He's the best brother

(he's so excited to be a River Eves Eagle next year! )

(singing "Singing in the Rain" while outside playing and dancing in the rain) 

His FAVORITE place

He can identify the flag of nearly 200 countries. You point to the flag, he'll tell ya where it's from. He gets so excited when he sees international flags around town, he loves telling us which ones they are. 

Love this little man. He is so intelligent and so sweet. He is the most amazing little boy with the biggest heart and tender feelings.