Monday, June 25, 2018


So aside from my family visiting, here are a few things we did in May. May is basically the start of summer weather here, and school got out May 23th, so yeah, May counts as summer :)

For Mother's Day Ellie's class put together a cute little program for the mothers, it was so fun. They made us big huge hats, served us snacks, serenaded us with the cuteset songs, gave us roses and made us cute art posters and books. I had so much fun :)  Ellie LOVED being in Ms. Donnell's class, she has a wonderful Kindergarten year :)

  The book was about ten pages long, this was my favorite page/picture :) 

A few days later there was a Kindergarten awards ceremony and both Ben and I were able to attend that :) We're proud of our hardworking little girl :) 

Our neighborhood has a longstanding tradition that on the last day of school at the bus stop there's a huge water fight! It was lots of fun, and parents and kids alike got SOAKED! This is a terrible picture, but it's all I got :) 

Memorial Day weekend: Saturday we went to the mall, and then met up with Grammy and Nicole to take them to the Botanical Gardens. Then Monday Nicole and I went to lunch and went shopping! Nice relaxing weekend.

FINALLY tried Mod Pizza. LOVED IT! 

  Trying some things on the little guy :) 

Lexi had puppies in April, and we saw them when they were 2 days old but then we weren't able to go over for a few weeks. In May, we went over almost every weekend and therefore we spent lots of time playing with the puppies! 



Aiden lately is obsessed with combing his hair up in the front. He just went into the bathroom one day, got a comb wet and did it. Now he does it every day and the best part is that he calls it "blooming his hair". "Mom, I haven't bloomed my hair today!" "Mom, can you help me bloom my hair?" "Mom, do you like my hair? It's bloomed!" It's hilarious! 

Aiden calls these spiky balls that fall everywhere "porcupine poop". Oh dear. 

The Hydrangeas started coming out, Hydrangeas make me swoon! 

Gardenias, Magnolias and honeysuckle started coming out too! All three of them perfume the air so nicely with a sweet, heavenly smell! 

This is what happens when summer starts and your sister is home a lot more 😂

We went to the farmer's market and they have this program that runs at the market called little diggers. Once a month they have a kids station where you can do fun things. This month, they got to plant their own tomatoes! 

In our ENTIRE yard there is not one sunny spot of dirt that gets 6 hours of sun. We just have way too many trees! So.....the deck is higher up and gets just BARELY enough sun for vegetables, so I guess our veggie garden is going to be in containers this year! I've never grown a container garden, we'll see how it goes! 

Strawberry Picking

We have gone Strawberry picking every spring since we moved here (so three springs in a row) and with how crazy our calendar was, it was looking like we weren't going to make it this year. The places we've been before are all pretty far away (our favorite place being 2 hours away and only doing u-pick on the weekends)  and it was just looking like it wasn't going to happen. However I found a place only 40 minutes away that did u-pick on weekdays and the kids, Grandma, Grandpa and I snuck over one morning while they were here. It was hot, but it was threatening rain and it was actually the coolest weather I've ever had for picking so yay. Ellie was a hard worker and definitely picked her share, while Aiden was the oppisite. He pretty much ate. Every picture I have of him he's standing and eating. He wouldn't even pick his own, he ate the ones we picked! That's pretty much been true every year :) I took my good camera (the only time I picked it up the whole time the fam was here) and I'm really happy with some of the pictures I got :) I'm glad we got to go!

(some phone pics)

(the good camera pictures) 

  (a beautiful field on the side of the road near the strawberry patch) 

AND---- Proof that Aiden does the SAME thing every year!

  YEAR 1


YEAR 3 (I only took like 4 pictures total this time (who knows why!) but you can still see he's holding strawberries to eat while someone else is doing the work! 😂)

Ellie is my picker. Aiden is my eater :)