Wednesday, January 4, 2017

New Year's Eve

For New Year's Eve, we had Ben's family over and snacked on appetizers all day and played games. After they left, we watched an early New Year's countdown with Ellie and watched our One Second Everyday video. One Second Everyday is an app I have on my phone, and it's fantastic. I take a one second video each day, and it complies them all together into a sweet little reminder of our year :)

I was pretty terrible at keeping up on my vidoes the last few months of the year, and then my phone camera broke which didn't help matters, but it's still pretty darn sweet :) I love looking back at our year like this, and I love having it as a New Year's Eve tradition!

December Highlights

December Highlights

-Ellie was Student of the Month at school! Yay Ellie! The theme of the month was caring :) Of course our sweet little hearted girl would earn Student of the Month during caring month :) We're so proud of her!!!! 
-Cutting down our own Christmas Tree and then decorating for Christmas 
-Holiday arts and crafts galore! 
-Reading Christmas books each day and playing with the plastic nativity
-Early celebration of Christmas with Grammy and Papa before they left town
-Cookie Exchange party
-Celebrated our 6th anniversary! The kids went to sleepover at Grammys and we had an entire weekend to ourselves! We went out to dinner, went shopping, saw a movie and slept a good long solid night's sleep!! 
-Continuing the tradition of scones and hot chocolate night. My favorite Christmas tradition! Since we weren't with family this year, I threw a scones and hot chocolate party and invited friends over. 
-On Christmas Eve, we made cookies for Santa, opened one present early (soft cozy christmas blankets!), made enchiladas for dinner( I decided this is going to be a new tradition because who doesn't want enchiladas every Christmas Eve, right?!), watched a Christmas movie together and read the story of Christ's birth out of the Bible. 
-Had a fantastic Christmas morning complete with Church, gifts, lots of time to play with new toys and game night at the Winegar's. 

(pictures not in order) 

Christmas Eve

The kids playing with Ben's one gift he opened early, a VR set

Cutting down our tree! We chose a Virgina pine that smelled like an entire forest all on it's own :) 

Aiden spent most of his time looking for ants

The only picture of me from out in the tree field. Blurry, but still, at least it proves I was there!


Celebrating early Christmas with Grammy and Papa


 Ellie sleeping under the glow of her twinkle lights

This post is getting shorted a bit. All it's getting is a quick summary because I'm not much in the mood to blog tonight, but I just finished adding the music to our One Second Everyday video and so I'm REALLY itching to blog about New Years! Can't blog about New Years before the December post is up, so here it is. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Suprise Trip to Utah

We found tickets for ridiculously cheap, so Ellie and I decided to fly to Utah and surprise Grandma.

and Grandpa!

Ellie was so excited to ride the train!

I've never seen anyone look so comfortable in the airport!

She did amazing on the plane ride, it was so easy traveling with just one child!

Since my parents didn't know we were coming and my siblings were working, my bestie picked me up at the airport :) Thanks Jenelle!

We headed over to meet up with Brooko and went to Jamba and went shopping, and then Jenelle dropped me off at my parents house to surprise my mom when she got home from work. It was fantastic, we got her pretty good!

Then we spend the rest of the time having fun! Picking the garden and watering outside with grandma, collecting fall leaves, eating Cafe Rio, shopping for Christmas presents, etc.

We scheduled the church gym one night so eveyrone could have space to play! Kim and Sully came, Bri and family, Ty and Monica, Nicole, Danny and Emily. We had pizza, played on Kims virtual reality set, played beanboozled, shot each other with blaster guns, and ran around being silly. It was a blast!

We had a lot of fun, I'm so glad we had the chance to go!

I had planned on covering the rest of November in this post, but between my Utah trip, Ben's NY trip, and and going to Charlotte for Thanksgiving, that pretty much covers it! Also, my camera phone broke and so the usual day to day pictures are nada this month.