Thursday, September 10, 2015

Stand Up Paddleboarding

We've been pretty busy using all our spare time to work on the house, but this last weekend we took some time off to have some fun for Grammy's birthday! For her birthday, she got stand up paddleboards, and so we headed to the lake! I had never been before, but I really liked it. Ben wasn't crazy about it, he said he much prefers kayaking and sat down on his board and treated it like a kayak. Ellie loved it. It's actually kinda hard to stand up on one of those things, but not for her. She could just pop up like a daisy whenever she wanted. Aiden liked it too, he liked getting on the board, and then diving off into the water. It was nice to be able to just enjoy the break and spending time with  everyone at the lake.

I was not expecting her to be able to paddle at all on her own but she actually did a little bit.  Look at her go! 

Two standing up on the same board-not an easy feat! 

Taking the kids for a ride

Kayak style

We're off! 

And here's how the house is looking. New paint everywhere, new floors on their way to being done (we have a lot more than this done) and lots of other work done. Yay! Getting there! 

Monday, August 17, 2015



Well, we should be closing on our house on Wednesday, so WAHOO!!! Now comes the craziness.....before we move in, we're painting the entire house, putting in hardwoods in all the main areas, re-carpeting the master bedroom and knocking out the brick fireplace and replacing it with tile. Should keep us busy, eh? But, when we move into it it will be ours...our style, our space, our home!

Here are our wall colors

I'm really excited to decorate it. Currently, it's painted brown, red and blue. Not my favorite.

Yesterday we went to the park that's closest to us and took a few family pictures, so that was fun. The kids weren't super cooperative (surprise!), and we got cut a little bit short when Ben got stung by something in the grass, but we got some good ones still.

We also have been on a dinosaur kick at our house lately. Ellie and Aiden are both really into them right now. Here's what bath time looked like today.

That's it! Happy Monday!

Butterfly Festival

This last weekend we had the chance to go to a butterfly festival at Dunwoody Nature Center. It's about 5 mintues from where our new house will be, which is awesome, we're going to be spending a lot of time there I'm sure.The festival was lots of fun, they had crafts for the kids, we got a yummy snowcone, played in the river, saw some cool animals,  and we got to spend some time in a butterfly tent. We had a great morning spending time as a family and learning about nature.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Kennesaw Mountain

Yesterday the weather cooled off about 20 degrees, and we took full advantage! We headed over to Kennesaw mountain to go on a nature walk! Kennesaw mountain is a National park/battlefield that's really close to us and the great thing about it is that you can access it from several of the main roads around here, so it's easy to stop by on the way to/from other things.  It's a gorgeous place. We spent a couple of hours just mozying around and exploring, and it was really nice day, especially since we were in shade the whole time.


We spent some time spelling with nature. And by "we" I mean Ellie and I. Aiden played with rocks. We did his name for him. 

Found these hanging about. I'm really excited for fall if the leaves are this color!

She fell and scraped her arm and spent several minutes just sitting here looking at it. 

We found a turtle on the trail. And by found, I really mean I almost stepped on it. 

So glad I have nature-loving kids!