Saturday, April 2, 2016

Exploring Spaces

I absolutely love where we live. 
Truly, it is fantastic. 
There are GORGEOUS places to explore everywhere you turn! Within 10 minutes, we have an  a few amazing parks, a nature preserve, a nature center , a national recreation area on the Chatahoochee river, and about a zillion little random places with great walking/exploring trails. Today we found one such place, a new one. We were on our way to another walking trail area for a nice Saturday morning walk when we discovered we were out of gas. The way we were heading there are no gas stations for a while, so we pulled into this parking lot to turn around and get gas at a place we just passed. Well, it just so happened that the place we pulled in was a perfect end destination with everything we were looking for. It's a new place they just opened a few weeks ago that has a community garden and nice walking trails....perfect for exploring! We had no idea this place was here (it's only 3 minutes from our house) and we were really happy to find it! What a gorgeous and peaceful place! I had a lot of fun taking pictures here, and the light was just amazing this morning. 

Haha, this is Aiden walking with his self-chosen too-small walking stick :) 

Oh these oaks!!! They're just too awesome. 

just a bit of puddle jumping


Well March was a bit of a blur for us, I don't know what exactly kept us so busy but it felt like we just never stopped running! My calendar is looking pretty empty this upcoming week and I'm quite excited about it. Ellie is gone for a week, so it's just Aiden and I and lots of calm spring mornings to look forward to :) Ben's mom and dad invited Ellie to go with them to Florida for spring break, so she's going to spend a week at the beach and have a blast! It's so weird not to have her here though!

Okay, back to March. Highlights include: Ben's birthday, Easter, soccer started for Ellie, and Ellie has been going to speech twice a week which is awesome.

Let's start with the birthday boy!
Ben's birthday was on a Monday, and because he would be working and we wouldn't have much chance to celebrate, we did all the fun stuff Saturday. Saturday morning we just did soccer and a costco run and a trip to the pet store. Pretty typical Saturday morning. Ben had a birthday coupon for Jason's Deli, so we stopped there for lunch, and then went home to put the kids to bed. After nap time, we wanted to go find some yummy, fun food place that we haven't been to before to celebrate. Ben was in the mood for BBQ, so we found a place that promised fantastic BBQ and off we went! Welp, it lived up to it's was DELICIOUS. We ordered ribs and pork sandwiches, and they were both divine. The kids had macaroni and cheese, which was also really good. We took our food to go, and headed to Piedmont park because we were so close to it. We spent a lovely evening eating and hanging at the park, which is pretty much our favorite thing to do :) 

(Ellie was covering her nose at the BBQ place because she thought it smelled stinky. I don't know why....the smell was HEAVENLY!

At the park....

Sand angels in the volleyball pit

The sunset was FANTASTIC. These are the best pictures I got and they're terrible, darn!

  On Ben's actual birthday, we had his family over for a birthday dinner. It was a fun evening, but somehow I didn't take a single picture.

Easter was about the same with the no pictures! I don't know how, but  I didn't even get one of us all in our cute Easter outfits! We'll have to wear them together another week just to take a picture :)  We went to sacrament, and then Aiden and I went home early because he had decided to pull an all-nighter randomly the night before and didn't go to sleep until 5:30, which meant neither did I.  By the time sacrament was over, the little man was screaming for a nap! Ben and Ellie stayed, and then came home after the block. We were planning on going over to Grammy and Papa's right after they got home for dinner and an egg hunt, but Ellie asked if she could take a nap. Now, Ellie NEVER admits she is tired, and if she asks to take a nap she must REALLY need one so we tucked her in and were just going to go a little bit later. When she woke up however, she had a super high fever that came out of nowhere and she started throwing up. We hid Easter baskets in the house for the kids to find when they woke up, and Ellie didn't even feel well enough to find hers. Poor thing :( Ben carried her around the house and she pointed where she wanted to check, it was the saddest thing :(  Needless to say, there was no way we would be able to get in the car and make the trip to Grammy's with a sick and throwing up sad little girl, so we called them and re-routed  Easter celebrations to our house.

Speech has been going well for Ellie. She's working on putting the ending sound on words, and so far she's made it through m, p, n, t and is working on F. She's learning quickly and we can hear a change already. It seems small because there is so much still to work on, but the change with the ones she has worked on is significant. I'm proud of her. Her speech teacher says she has a ridiculously good attention span and is a hard worker. She works her little tail off during her 45 minute sessions, and she's doing so well!!! Yay :)

Ellie and her speech folder

Some gorgeous azalea bushes we see when we walk to speech

Another notable item from March is that Ellie started soccer. It's just so darn cute! She goes every Saturday morning for an hour for 2 months and it's so much fun :) She has a lot of fun with it, and she's not actually not bad for a 3 year old!

It's pretty fun to be a soccer mom when the soccer player is just so darn cute!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Ellie Lately.

Just wanted to document this little cutie. I have gotten a lot of pictures of her in the last 2 months that I love, so I'm sharing them all in one place.  We'll just consider this a mini Ellie update.

This girl has the craziest hair! I pin it back and re-do her hair about a million times a day but it always looks like this. It's always falling out. It's just so fine it stays in nothing!
Anyway, she does this graceful swipe it out of her face thing a lot, and it's just so cute. Plus, she's really REALLY into dress up lately, so that aspect of this picture is perfect too. This picture is EXACTLY what Ellie looks like as a three year old :)

Her space. 

Her beautiful smile. 

" Mom, this is not a very pretty color. It doesn't look very nice. " Haha :) 

All week we've been playing "birds". This is a game in which we re-enact Dr. Seuss' "Are you my Mother?" book over and over and over and over. Ellie's version of the book at least :) Ellie will be the baby bird in the nest, and I am the mom who leaves to find food. She "hatches" while I am away and she walks around the house asking things "Are you my Mother?" Then, suddenly she spots me and runs towards me saying "Mother, Mother, Mother! Can you teach me how to fly?" Also, in her world, baby birds LOVE giraffes and so she has all her giraffes in her nest with her . I love watching her little imagination develop :) 

Here she is in her "eggshell" waiting to hatch

Another thing she LOVES (still) is cooking! Most of the time I am in the kitchen cooking, so is she. Last Saturday morning she wanted to make waffles and I couldn't resist the chance to document my cute Saturday morning bed-headed girl in her element :) By the way, she makes REALLY good waffles :)