Friday, November 9, 2018

Uncle Ty

Well, we lucked out and my brother Tyler was able to come visit us for a week! Yay! Sadly, Monica wasn't able to come with him :( 

(anyone know this movie? :) 

He arrived Friday night and Saturday morning we were off to the races!

Starting with a delicious breakfast, of course at Stilesboro!

Then it was off to good old Lake Alatoona to give Ty an introduction to paddleboarding. He did great! It was a beautiful day, and we all enjoyed being out on the water!

Just getting his sea legs! 

A few Sunday pictures :) 

In the week he was here we took a few walks around the neighborhood

Went to walk around the temple

 Caught a gorgeous sunset

We took a quick stop by Lost Corner, it was a pretty hot day 

Went to Fat Matts, our favorite BBQ place, on account of their heavenly pulled pork sandwiches

We spent a day in Helen, GA. We wore our swim suits because we had planned to tube the river, but somehow missed the memo that it was closed that day :( Oh well! We still had lots of fun! Went to Nora Mill, a fun antique store, and wandered the town. We had lunch by the river and also headed for a hike up to Anna Ruby falls! The rain somehow held off until the very last 5 minutes of the hike when we were done with the day and heading home. Couldn't have had better timing!

Went to the botanical gardens

We happened to be there when they were releasing some lemur tree frogs in the high-altitude greenhouse. They were pretty cool little guys! I was taking a picture of one and it definitely jumped on my arm. 

I took my good camera, but I only took an entire 3 pictures with it. Whoops. Here's one. 

Another evening we went over to the riverwalk along Azalea Drive and spent some time hanging, walking and playing on the playground. It was a great way to spend the evening.

We loved having some time with Ty, especially Aiden and I who got to spend the most time with him!