Sunday, April 26, 2015


A bit late, and a short post but at least I'm documenting it.
For Easter/Conference weekend we went to my parent's house to watch with them. Ellie dyed eggs with Ethan. We did an egg hunt. We tried to watch conference while chasing the rascals around. We ate lots of muffins (a conference weekend tradition). The End.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Moving: The Story

It's an exciting time for us deLeons! We're MOVING to Atlanta in 8 days!
Man, that's soon. It's going to be a wild ride!
It's kind of been a wild ride getting to this too. Ben graduates in April with a Bachelors in Finance, emphasis in Real Estate, so he's been looking for jobs. For every other major in the BYU Marriott school companies hire BYU students about 6 months to a year in advance, so Ben has been looking for a long time. Along the way, however, he discovered this is NOT true for the positions he's looking for (analyst and acquisitions positions in commercial or multi-family real estate). These positions are quite the opposite in fact. Rather than hiring WAY in advance, when they hire you, they want you immediately. 

So, that's meant a few things for us. Since most schools don't have graduation until June, most companies aren't looking to hire until around now. That means that all the applications and interviews for Ben that have gone somewhere before now have been REALLY drawn out. He'd apply, then weeks later get a call about his application, then weeks later have a first interview, then weeks later have a second......etc. It's been really frustrating! I'm a planner, and so to have all these huge changes coming, and to not be able to plan in advance has been driving me mad. I've developed more patience and faith along the way though, so that's a plus! 

About two weeks ago, we thought we FINALLY had a plan. Ben got a call from a company in Atlanta that wanted him. They offered him the job over the phone, and said they'd send the official paper offer in a few days. We were so happy to finally have something, and it was a job that Ben was excited about. We were thrilled to be near family in Atlanta, and started working out details. 

Well...when the paper offer came it put a halt on things. The salary offer was almost $20,000 lower than they had indicated it would be, and about $20,000 lower than any of the other jobs he had been applying for. It was really low pay for the work he would be doing. We didn't know what to do! We had already set our hearts on Atlanta, and it was really hard to think about turning down a job, but the salary was just too low! 
We prayed and prayed. Ben went to seek advice from his professors that had worked in the industry. From them, and from everyone he talked to, he was advised not to take it. It was a terrible offer, and he was advised that starting out working for much less than he should could handicap his whole career. We felt like it was right to go ahead and decline the job. 

Back to square one. No job, no plan. Graduation just a few weeks away, and we also had to think about putting our house up for sale so we could be ready to go whenever we needed to.

We listed our house officially on a Wednesday. Within a few hours, our real estate agent had scheduled SEVEN showings, which is nuts. We cleaned the house like mad and went to Salt Lake and stayed with my parents for a few days so we didn't mess it up! By Friday, we had an offer at asking price, which was $40,000 over what we paid for it. By Monday, it was under contract. Things were going VERY quickly, and ver smoothly with the house, If only the job search was the same! 

Well, the same weekend (last weekend) that all the house stuff was happening, Ben had a few recruiters from Atlanta reach out to him because his resume is pretty awesome. With lots more prayer, we decided we were going to move to Atlanta anyway, even though he doesn't have a job yet.

 We really would rather end up there then somewhere random, wherever Ben would happen to find a job. Currently he has two recruiters working to find him one, and there is a pretty high concentration of the type of jobs he wants in Atlanta, so we're going for it! Ben has also had lots of people (with experience) tell him it's much easier to get a job somewhere when you're actually there. We feel confident that he will get a job there in the next little while.  

For the first few months, we will be living with Ben's family, they have a separate basement with a kitchen and all, so we'll be comfortable.  It will be really nice to be near family through this whole thing. I'm definitely going to have a hard time leaving my family here in UT behind. And the rest of my family is all on the west coast, so moving so far away to the South will be hard. I'm super grateful we'll have the deLeon half of our family near to make the transition easier :) We're REALLY excited to be near them! 

After we're settled with a job and after we get to know the market a little better, we're going to buy a house, which will be possible because of the equity we made from this house. This house has been such a blessing for us. 

So...that's our story. 
The movers are coming NEXT SATURDAY! 
Ben will leave on Sunday and drive the car to Atlanta....28 Hours baby. 
The kids and I will fly, leaving Wednesday, so we'll get there the same day as Ben. 

Let the adventure begin! 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Calming the Crazy

My kids have crazy hair. Both of them. Ellie's is flighty and tangles easily, and so silky it never stays in anything. Aiden's is curly and flippy, and had gotten pretty long. Today we took a trip to the hair salon to calm the crazy and try to get their hair to be a bit more manageable.....for the next little while at least :)

For Aiden, it was a first cut. For Ellie, it was a first cut not at home. I have cut her bangs many times, but I've never cut any length off, so it was a semi-first-cut for her.



Before. She wouldn't hold still, naturally, so you can't see how long it was. 



Ben got a cut too. Here are the three clean cut cuties. 

Easter post coming soon.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March March March

Goodness,  March has been busy! We've been working hard (starting the process of packing up our house and getting it ready to's officially on the market TODAY!) and playing hard.

Here is a picture summary of what we did in March.

Ben and I went on a Skiing date. Night skiing.

We went to the Lego Americana Road Show. It was pretty cool, they had ten national monuments replicated in legos. They were huge too. The Capitol building was 30 feet long, and the Liberty Bell was true to life size (it was my favorite.) There was so much detail too. The Lincoln Memorial even had the Lincoln statue inside! Also, they had a zone where you could build your own cars and then race them down a ramp. Ellie and Aiden both loved that.

We also celebrated a few birthdays! My Dad, Ben, and Logan all have birthdays in March. Here are a few pictures from Logan's party.

Haha. This is the present Ellie wrapped for Logan. The present inside is a roll of wrapping paper :) 

Apparently we were all on the same brainwave. The six of us all showed up to the party wearing the same color. 

Other things we've done include: Making LOTS of messes, and taking LOTS of baths. 


Aiden got a new car seat, and can now face forward. 

Haha, this one has a great story behind it. So one morning I was upstairs putting Aiden down, and Ben was down with Ellie. Well, in the two minutes he went to the bathroom, she decided to turn our kitchen into an ice skating rink. She dumped out a container of sprinkles (the round kind that roll everywhere and reduce friction!) all over the floor then put plastic sandwich bags on her feet and skated around the room. Pretty funny :)  This is what Aiden's feet looked like when he woke up and stepped on some of the sprinkles that we hadn't cleaned up yet. Our feet all looked like this :) 

We found a new giant slide. Ellie loved it! So did Aiden! 

Ellie and I went on a mommy-daughter date to get cupcakes and pick out some flowers to plant in our yard. 

Ells really likes to watch the rain. 

She also really likes to use herself as a human canvas :) 

For some reason, Aiden LOVES the broom. No idea why, but every chance he gets he'll sneak into the laundry room and snatch it. Then he'll just walk around with it for as long as we let him. 

Snuggles and loves. 

This is how Aiden likes to go to sleep. Finley in one arm, Oakey in the other, and his softie by his head. 

Ellie and I "sleeping" on the stairs. She really wanted us to pretend to take a nap there for some reason. I LOVE her pretend sleep face :) She scrunches it up and half closes her eyes. 
Please excuse my ridiculously messy hair! 

Aiden found some chocolate during nap time and made a mess!

He's just getting toooooooo big!! 

We've been going on a lot of walks lately. We've gone on a few around campus. This is Ellie relaxing under a pretty tree. 

The above-mentioned pretty tree

Checking out the ducks and turtles. 

A couple weeks ago we went to check out the magnolias on campus, something I do every year. I love those trees. SO much. Ellie liked them too :) 

We also recently re-did our floors. We did the entry way, downstairs bathroom, and also the upstairs bathroom. We painted the upstairs bathroom too. It was a cheap project, because we got the flooring FREE! How awesome is that. We were looking in the remnants section to see if we could find something cheap, and we did. We went home to make sure the color would work. By the time we came back it was gone. Ben asked the guy if he had any more remnants, and he said no, but he said had had a bunch of stuff in the back he just needed to clear out because he needed the space, so he just gave it to us! Sweet. Also, the paint was a mis-tint at lowes, so it was $3.00 for the gallon. 

Before. (ugly blue, laminate floor; and the two parts of the bathroom were different colors.)

During. Daddy's little helper.

SO much better. 

We LOVE our new floors!  

I don't have pictures of the downstairs bathroom or entryway. 

Blowing bubbles. 

Reading at Grandma's house. 

Ellie really likes to take pictures with my phone. Here's one she took of Tyler and Monica. Not bad for a 2 year old! 

Horsey rides

Ellie set up her Sofia figurines to watch Sofia with her. Silly miss!

Caught sneaking cake!

sweet sleeping man

Making muffins

Playing in boxes

Festival of colors! For Ben's birthday date we went to the festival of colors. We've been meaning to go for years, but every year something has come up. We were so glad we got to go finally! 

This was great. Ben was taking a picture of my back, and a little boy came and threw color at me at just the right time. Made for a cool picture :) 

This poor tree! Most colorful blossoms I've ever seen though! 

Now what are the chances of this? There we were, in the midst of a color festival, and a white butterfly lands on Ben. Very cool! 

I thought this was cool....Ben's eyelashes were pink! 

We had a great month!