Wednesday, February 14, 2018

December and January Part 2

Alright, here we go, the better part of December and January :)

Buying our Christmas tree :)

Making a gingerbread train with Grammy and Papa

Aiden looking handsome and older with his new haircut

Also early December , luckily before I got sick Grammy graduated from PT school! She worked INCREDIBLY hard, and it was an AMAZING accomplishment when she finished. Grandi and Grandpa were able to come from Utah for a few weeks for graduation and so it was wonderful to see them too :) 

 Some of the decorating we did before the craziness hit 

My mom helped me make these stockings and boy am I glad they are finished! They turned out awesome, and I am so glad to have them even though it turned into quite the project! Thanks Mom for all your help!

We've seriously had some CRAZY weather here in GA the last two months. It snowed enough to stick TWICE. We even got several inches the first time! Grammy and Papa out in Kennesaw got 15 inches! That's totally absurd for Georgia!!!

  Our backyard after it first started sticking.

School was canceled for a few days because of the snow. Poor Ellie was sick the first day it snowed though, so she missed out on the fun. 

Aiden and I went out to play. It just kept snowing and snowing and snowing! It snowed for like a day and a half straight

Poor thing! But dad came home early, so that cheered her up!

The next day she was feeling better, and the sun had come out so we went on a family walk around the neighborhood

Our attempt at a family selfie :) 

 Those were all before I get sick, then there's this time jump from the second week of Dec to Christmas Day :)

Ellie woke up and was SO excited, but she waited SOO patiently for Aiden to wake up, which took nearly two hours after she was awake!

Ellie's Christmas list

Fairy Garden
My Little Pony
Shimmer and Shine
Mer(maid) tail
(paw patrol)
I guess I don't have a picture of Aiden's, but I wrote it anyway so it's not as fun. His was trains, Sea turtle, Thomas stuff and that's it :)

Come January it snowed again! Snow day, take 2. Again, Ellie had several days off school :)

 Warming up after being outside. It was CRAZY cold, like 15 degrees with a "feels like" temp of -2!

 So the first half of January was spent sick, the last half was spend healing and trying to get back to normal for me, but sick for everyone else. Between mid-jan and the first week of Feb, we went through strep, flu, some really nasty coughs, two ear infections and a sinus infection. I'm SO SO glad January is OVER. It's been a really rough year so far and I just want to move on!

 My mom sent me these beautiful flowers after the miscarriage because she knew they would cheer me up :)

We spent a lot of time just snuggling and hanging out in January because I was still recovering and because it was dang COLD! 

Poor sick little guy :(

Being a unicorn :) And he definitely wore his paw patrol pajamas to the dentist, because that was a fight I just wasn't going to win so I gave up :)

Love these big, brown eyes :)

At the end of the month, on one of the only decent days we could go outside. She was coloring with chalk and then just dissapeared inside and came back out like this. Dreaming of summer much little miss? 

I just love when this little missy gets home from school :) Hanging out at the table with her while she
eats her after school snack and chats about her day is one of my favorite parts of the day. This particular day was the 100th day of school, so she came home with a necklace with 100 fruit loops and her 100th day hat. For hundreds day, she also made a project at home the week before to share with her class. They had to make something that had 100 items in it. She made a house with 100 marshmallows.

This is one of my favorite things :) Often when she laughs she puts her little hands up here by her mouth like a little squirrel eating a nut. It's the cutest thing :)


One particularly hard morning I was sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast with Aiden when my emotions just got a hold of me and I burst out crying. I feel like the emotional healing process is going pretty well in general, but I definitely have moments like this quite a bit still. I was just so sad, and all of a sudden the mailman knocks and leaves a package at our door. It was from my sweet cousin, Alana. She sent me the sweetest card and a grief care package complete with all the yummy ice cream sundae toppings you could ever want (I ate a few before I took this picture!). It was such a blessing to me, and Alana was totally an angel delivering a hug from Heaven that I so dearly needed at that moment. Such a wonderful blessing! Thank you Alana :) 

 More of the sweet, sick little guy.

Good Riddance December and January. Seriously. I am so grateful it's February and things are looking up and life is moving on!